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Slimjet Web Browser Download, Released on Jan 27 2021, What's New
Run on Windows
& Linux

Fastest web browser for Windows & Linux Powered by Blink engine

fastest browser

Fast and Efficient

Faster browser startup, faster page loading, highly responsive UI powered by industry-leading Blink engine.

safest web browser

Secure and Stable

Automatic protection against phishing and malware, advanced privacy control options, robust multi-process architecture.

Save time

Powerful and Versatile

Loaded with convenient and powerful features, Slimjet does more for every user without relying on external plugins.

powerful web browser

Flexible and customizable

Flexible options and settings are available to customize Slimjet to suit personal preference and maximize productivity.

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Slimjet Introduction Video
Slimjet Introduction Video

   Major Features

Efficient Ad BlockerKill Annoying Ads with Ad Blocker


internet download managerTurbocharged Download Manager

  Fed up with all the annoying ads? Kill them all with the built-in ad blocker. Boost the performance of your browser by saving memory, CPU and bandwidth consumed by the ads.   Boost file download speeds by up to 12 times by making multiple parallel connections to the server. Also allows you to resume download jobs between different sessions.  


form filler and password managerQuickFill Intelligent Form Filler


Fast Download ManagerFully-customizable Toolbar

  Smarter and more convenient than the basic password manager in Chrome. Save page link and login data in a form file which lets you open your favorite online account with a single click later on.   Slimjet let users customize the toolbar and add/remove additional buttons to quickly access more features and functionalities.  

In-Browser Facebook IntegrationConvenient Facebook Integration


download videoYoutube Video Downloader

  In Slimjet, you can share the link you visited, a paragraph of text or an image easily on facebook with a single click on the facebook toolbar button.   Download any youtube videos to local hard disk in various resolution and format for offline viewing. You can also extract mp3 file from the downloaded video file.  

fast photo uploadingPhoto Enhancement & Photo Framing


photo shrinkingInstant Photo Upload

  Slimjet includes a Photo Salon in which you can apply different effects or add beautiful frames to the photos before they are uploaded.   Automatically compress photos to web-optimized resolution so that photos are uploaded up to 20 times faster.  

Integrated Weather ForecastWeather Condition & Weather Forecast


url aliasURL Alias Support in Omnibox

  Display currrent weather condition and weather forecast directly on the browser window.   Slimjet lets you define short aliases for long URLs which are slow to type and hard to remember. After that, just type the aliases from the omnibox to open the corresponding page.  

browser extensionExtensive Support for Plugins and Themes


quick-dial new tab pageCustomizable New Tab Page

  Slimjet is compatible with most plugins and extenions designed for Chrome, such as Adblock Plus, RoboForm, LastPass, Avast Online Security, etc. It is also compatible with all the chrome themes.   You can customize the number of quick-dial buttons and the background image. Multiple search engines and voice input are supported on the search box in the New Tab page.  

Built-in Web Page TranslationFlexible Web Page Translation


options and settingsFlexible Options and Settings

  Instead of automatically translating a full web page into the current UI language, Slimjet lets you translate a web page or a piece of text between any two specified languages.   Slimjet provides many additional options and settings so that you can customize the browser to best suit your personal preference instead of being forced to take everything as it is without any choice.  

quoteBest web browser among all the chromium-based browsers. Finally I get to make my own choices in my own browser. I'd recommend it to all the Chrome users.quote

-Lacey Patterson, Civil Engineer

quoteI just downloaded slimjet together with the recommended ad blocker. Got the pages I want in a blink with no annoying and distracting ads. Slimjet is officially my default browser.quote

- Christine Kirby, Fitness Trainer

quoteSlimjet beats every other browser I have tried in terms of speed and performance. And it comes with so many handy utilities to help me do things faster. Keep up the great work!quote

-Napier Norton, Post Office Worker

quoteSlimjet works great on my old Windows XP box. Finally I can ditch the Internet Explorer 8.0 that is no longer supported by Microsoft and has compatibility issues with many sites.quote

-Tyrrell Stanton, College Staff

quoteSwitching from Chrome to Slimjet was a no-brainer for me. I hate Chrome does many features via hidden switches. Slimjet lets me access great features with a few easy clicks.quote

-Morton Osborne, Landscape Designer

quoteI was always struggling between Firefox and Chrome. Finally, Slimjet has done it all for me. It is as robust as Chrome and as customizable as firefox. The struggle is now over.quote

-Kaiden Merrill, Translator

quoteHave used Slimjet for a couple of months and no complaints at all. These guys actually listen to my input and add the feature I suggested within just a few days. Got to love it!quote

-Nicole Royce, Office Secratary

quoteAfter switching to Slimjet, I have uninstalleld most of the Chrome extensions since Slimjet already does it out of the box. I can clearly feel it runs faster after that. quote

-Clare Banner, Hairdresser

quoteThe form filler is my favorite feature in Slimjet. The ability to pin a form file on the bookmarks bar and the new tab page is like a god-send to me. Saves time for me every day.quote

-Merrill Huddleston, Professional Blogger

   More Features and Options

Auto refresh web page

Auto refresh one or more web pages based on a preset period.

Enhanced autofill from predefined identity information

Added support of login id and preferred password to the autofill feature available in Chrome.

Bookmarks side panel

Get quick access to more bookmark links and folders with the bookmarks side panel.

Quickly switch search engine

A drop down button is available at the right end of the omnibox which allows users to quickly switch between different search engines.

Save webpage screenshot

Save screenshot of the entire page or selected region as an image file.

Flexible Tab Behavior Control

Options to control automatic tab activation, automatic tab creation, tab insertion order and more.

Stop all gif animations

A simple switch can be flipped to stop all gif animations (most of them annoying ads) from playing.

Allow mixed-mode http/https content

Option to allow mixed http/https content to run properly.

Option to disable desktop notification

A simple switch to quickly disable all desktop notifications that many users find annoying in Chrome.

Upload clipboard image

Upload image stored in clipboard quickly without having to manually saving it to a file first.

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