Slimjet Web Browser Download (What's New)

slimjet for windows Windows Version (32 bit)

Stable Release ( )

Web installer ( 0.34MB , 2017-02-3 )

Free web browser download

If you have trouble downloading the browser with the web installer, you can get the offline installer ( 42.22MB ) .

If the primary server is slow, try this link on secondary server.

free internet browser download

If you have trouble downloading the browser with the web installer, you can get the offline installer ( 42.22MB) .

Portable version ( 41.59MB , 2017-02-3 )

NOTE: If you are upgrading from a previous version of Slimjet portable, extract the new version into the same folder as the previous version to pick up the existing settings.

Compatible Platforms: Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Windows XP & Vista users, please download Slimjet 10.

32-bit Slimjet Web Browser is recommended for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. If you want to go 64-bit at the cost of more memory usage, you can get 64-bit Slimjet for Windows.

linux Linux Version

We recommend 32-bit slimjet for 32-bit linux and 64-bit slimjet for 64-bit linux. 32-bit slimjet might have missing libraries when running on 64-bit linux.

Stable Version (

Ubuntu & Debian:

64bit Deb Package(.deb) ( 49.98MB, 2017-02-3, MD5:48ED11E16352AD6EAEA12F24848A346B)

32bit Deb Package(.deb) ( 49.6MB , 2017-02-3, MD5:A2516A3082D4B41E9858C2E0B429FC04 )

Other linux distributions (SUSE, CentOS, Mint, Fedora, RHEL, Slackware, etc):

64bit Zip Package(tar.xz) ( 52.32MB, 2017-02-3, MD5:1BC8C5776EDD18440A7471BA3F38A117)

32bit Zip Package(tar.xz) ( 52MB , 2017-02-3, MD5:FE02D4EE64AC64F23460A7DBC43AFE62 )

NOTE (for zip package): Extract the archive into any folder you choose. Run the wrapper script "flashpeak-slimjet" from the terminal for the first time to enable the sand box (admin access required). After that, you can run the wrapper script from a desktop shortcut.

mac osx Mac Version

Beta Version (

64bit DMG Package ( 64.83MB)

Earlier Releases

You can download older versions of Slimjet Web Browser here.

External Download Mirrors

Note: the versions listed on external download sites might not be the latest

Windows version:

Download browser for free free internet browser downloadfree internet browser download

Freeware License

Slimjet Web Browser is released under the freeware license. It is free both for personal use and commerical use. It is free to be distributed over the internet and/or through offline distribution channels as long as it is kept in its original form without any change. Bundling Slimjet with other software in another installer is strictly prohibited.

For Software Download Sites

Please use this local download link which automatically balance traffic between different servers if you wish to offer our free web browser for download on your web site.

If your site supports PAD file, use the following PAD file to automatically check for version updates:

SlimBrowser PAD file - internet browser download

You can also find more detailed listing information about Slimjet here.

Thanks for spreading the words about Slimjet, the fastest free web browser for Windows!


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Comments (177)

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Fábio Padilha says...
There are some problems happening on internet pages like example: techtudo, globo, etc.
21st February 2017 6:35am
mark says...
Is there a Mac version? This looks awesome and can't wait to use it. How long will the Mac version take to be released (roughly)?

19th February 2017 7:49pm
tony says...
I use SlimJet on my Ubuntu machine and really love it. I also like to use it on my Mac, so I hope you release the Mac version soon!
12th February 2017 6:21pm
Dirt says...
Big issue with crashing and unresponsiveness on my 64 bit windows 10 anniversary version 8gb ram quad core processor When crash happens it locks up, nothing works and will not work until reinstall. Very good browser/crashing huge problem. Moving on to another browser.
10th February 2017 10:14am
please says...
Please CHROME 56
9th February 2017 12:30pm
drotex says...
Oh... sorry...I forget.. I use Slimjet on Linux 32bit sysyem.
5th February 2017 1:50am
drotex says...
I use it already more than seven months and until satisfied. Sometimes, but rarely, when many tabs are open browser doesn't respond to anything. Solution-only reboot system. It's not related to memory, I checked it. However, thanks again.
5th February 2017 1:42am
Mahdi Ameri says...
Hello Thank you very much is very good Only Best Software World Only Best
4th February 2017 10:27am
sam says...
if I installed Slimjet 64 bit in mi Ubuntu computer, to upgrade with this version I have to uninstall Slimjet 64 Bits first?
4th February 2017 4:36am
Stephen Cheng says...
No. Just override the old version with the new version.
4th February 2017 9:31am
Andy Gilmore says...
As a relative newbie to Linux, I'm not sure how to run the wrapper script "flashpeak-slimjet" from the terminal. Could you email me the exact command line to be entered in the terminal? I'm running Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.1 on a new HP laptop. Thanks!!
3rd February 2017 9:35am
fennie says...
I could not find the Slimjet app for Ipad, please help me.
3rd February 2017 3:32am
Al Sheeber says...
Bookmarks from Firefox do not transfer the way they appear on Fiirefox, for those who manage hundreds of bookmarks it is impossible to re organize all the bookmarks so that one can find the ones one needs for a specific look because the way your system works they are all over the place, so I have no idea where to find my bookmarks. There are issues with saving bookmarks, restoring menu at the top of the page, etc... The performance is better than Firefox, it is more stable than the erratic, ... Read More
1st February 2017 7:47pm
damn says...
CHROME 56 ?? CHROME 56 ?? CHROME 56 ?? CHROME 56 ?? CHROME 56 ?? CHROME 56 ?? CHROME 56 ?? CHROME 56 ??
29th January 2017 10:00am
howard says...
21st January 2017 4:08pm
howard says...
Where is the link for mac version?
21st January 2017 3:59pm
howard says...
Where is the link for mac version?
18th January 2017 5:40pm
Stephen Cheng says...
We are still working on it.
18th January 2017 7:55pm
steven b says...
Hi Stephen, I have been trying 5 times to install flash peak slim browser. However when I click on the SJ desktop icon my PC shuts down and a fatal system error is displayed each time.
I downloaded Windows 8, I am using Windows XP, and I have Firefox version 28 asy default browser.
Is the error because I have Firefox installed ???
Should I uninstall Firefox then try and open SJ ??
Thanks. Steven
28th January 2017 7:51am
DAMNDAMN says...
PLEASE ADD TO OPTION BLOCK AudioContext Fingerprint audiofingerprint.openwpm. com
18th January 2017 1:47am
Artem says...
Go-go Yahoo !
18th January 2017 1:04am
Robert Wiener says...
More features than Chrome especially opening new tabs.
17th January 2017 10:37pm
Nathanael Msipha says...
not yet sure
13th January 2017 7:52am
JJ says...
Much better than Chrome..
Any plan to launch Slimjet for android?
8th January 2017 12:33pm
damndamn says...
chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ? chrome 55 ?
8th January 2017 8:27am
Stephen Cheng says...
It will come very soon.
8th January 2017 9:46am
ade says...
just installed on Win 10 & Linux Mint - can't believe how good SJ is!

The Mac version can't come quick enough
24th December 2016 7:33am
habib says...
This program is the best browser in the world. Thanks for your efforts
23rd December 2016 3:58pm
Van says...
Love the security options and not having to highlight existing text in the address field upon startup.
15th December 2016 4:21pm
Harold Steffee says...
Good browser and very fast.
14th December 2016 11:28am
getpcsoftware says...
12th December 2016 6:17am
chrome says...
chrome 55 ?
12th December 2016 4:05am
Igor Kenbright says...
I would love to see a 32-bit version for iMacs.
9th December 2016 6:04pm
maryanne rivas says...
Harris Teeter in Long Neck De has the Greatest Staff.Helpful Courteous
7th December 2016 1:59pm
chrome 55 says...
Stable Channel Update 55.0.2883.75

2nd December 2016 12:17am
wobo chioma says...
I trust your browser
1st December 2016 7:18pm
Carlos Silva says...
Problem in portable version, 32 e 64 bits. Extract error.
22nd November 2016 8:27am
DAMN says...

17th November 2016 3:20am
Ron Nimmo says...
trying something new.
15th November 2016 8:19pm
Ron says...
how is this going to work?
15th November 2016 7:42pm
Ron says...
looking good
15th November 2016 7:40pm
Ron says...
looking good
15th November 2016 7:38pm
Ron says...
checking this out
15th November 2016 7:37pm
shafqatbadar says...
such a excellent work you done. i like your site
13th November 2016 9:47am
update please says...
chrome 54.0.2840.99 ????
13th November 2016 6:43am
H D Moody says...
Love working with slimjet great software
13th November 2016 12:26am
sunil kant says...
at this stage i have comment
10th November 2016 5:07pm
Mike says...
I've found what is causing slow SJ 12.0.1+ working. It's Microsoft EMET security tool with enabled "EAF" mitigation. Maybe this will help You fix that. Chrome and older versions of SJ does not have this issue. Something was broken after moving from SJ 12.0.0 beta to 12.0.1 this might help You also.
4th November 2016 3:20pm
George Burwell says...
I am trying this to see if I can get some decent service.
4th November 2016 1:33pm
George Burwell says...
I have no comment
4th November 2016 1:30pm
Mike says...
SJ 12.x is broken, last good version was 12.0.0 beta after upgrade to 12.0.1+ ( and any later ) creating/closing tabs and closing whole browser is much slower ( with lags, delays ). Tested on few strong PC with portable x64 version ( without any addons ). Please FIX it, because SJ was best browser of all.
4th November 2016 2:53am
Angela Ramirez says...
I upgraded to the newest version and I like the old one better. You cannot clear the browsing data in this version. There is a button for it but you cannot use it. I would like to go back to the old (last) version. I have been using chrome more but I would prefer to use slimjet. Fix the clear browsing data button! Please!! I used to love your slim browser but it is too confusing now the interface. Nonetheless I love slimjet more. It is the fastest browser. Faster than chrome firefox and safari. ... Read More
2nd November 2016 10:25pm
Stephen Cheng says...
What happens when you click the Clear Browsing Data button? No response?
6th November 2016 12:25am
David Kelley says...
Facebook video plays back in green and purple with slimjet only.
2nd November 2016 10:28am
Stephen Cheng says...
Can you provide the link to the video?
2nd November 2016 10:31am
David Kelley says...
Cant post a link???
5th November 2016 4:09pm
Blondie says...
When do you plan to develop for the Mac platform???
29th October 2016 9:17pm
Stephen Cheng says...
We are currently working on the Mac version. Might need a couple of extra months before we can make it ready.
31st October 2016 12:02am
annis says...
I've have trying numerous times to download 32bit Deb Package version stable release Each time download stopped at 88% with an error. Please fix Slimjet repository for Ubuntu Debian distribution and let me know.
27th October 2016 5:50pm
Edward Hayford says...
It is better you try to know something about everything than to know everything about something.
27th October 2016 3:50pm
attentiom says...
i am stupided) problem solved)
extract archive
cd slimjet/
then choose 2 option - su
and all
27th October 2016 12:53pm
attentiom says...
I also got this problem, fedora 24 and 25, please somebody help...
[root@localhost slimjet]# ./flashpeak-slimjet
LaunchProcess: failed to execvp:
Aborted (core dumped)
27th October 2016 12:41pm
nghia huynh says...
I think slimjet browser is one excellent one.
Already had my comment on GOOGLE+ .God job done.
25th October 2016 4:36pm
Deirdre Johnson says...
I like the Slim jet Browser. The only problem I have with it is, even with the Zoom at 110%, the print on the monitor is tiny-and I have a wide screen monitor! I have to increase the size to 150%, just so that I can read it.
If the print were a better size--double what it is at the moment--I would love to continue with this Browser. I tried this Browser once before, and stopped, because the print was too small.
24th October 2016 9:14pm
Talis says...
Why did you replaced (Backspace) with (Alt+←) ?
19th October 2016 4:08am
Al Andalus Attacker says...
Good job developer. Great browser this one. Already uninstalled chrome and started use slimjet. ThX for the webRTC leaks fix :D
14th October 2016 3:04pm
Bernard Untergasser says...
no comment at all
14th October 2016 2:57pm
Bernard Untergasser says...
i'am happy
14th October 2016 2:56pm
DAMN says...
14th October 2016 3:52am
Print says...
bestvpn. com/audio-battery-fingerprinting
14th October 2016 3:50am
Martios says...
I tried to upgrade Portable to accordingly to what's mentioned here (slimjet . com/en/faq . php) but my custom AdBlock Plus filters and AutoFill information stopped working.

Returned to and everything's OK.
7th October 2016 3:19pm
Derek says...
Atleast it installed.
But as soon as it finished installing, launching this web browser just does not even work.
5th October 2016 7:42pm
Attiq-ur-Rehman says...
I extracted the slimjet and run the lfashpeak-slimjet in Fedora 24, terminal shows the message below and wait for long
LaunchProcess: failed to execvp:

What should I do next? please help!
5th October 2016 9:27am
Print says...
PLEASE DISABLE AudioContext Fingerprint

audiofingerprint.openwpm. com
2nd October 2016 1:04pm
Steven says...
Please note that for the offline installer page: Sophos Home Antivirus and Web Protection reports that that page has a Trojan called Mal/Krap-I
30th September 2016 5:39pm
Vivek says...
I Used Portable ver in windows 7 64bit. No Problem Found in Eset Nod32. And Loading Speed Is very good. But Saved password Is not User friendly to me.
10th December 2016 1:42pm
Roni Goff says...
I'm not totally sure as I now use Linux
30th September 2016 8:32am
damn says...
DAMN. UPDATE TO CHROME 53.0.2785.143
30th September 2016 6:58am
William Ridlon says...
I'm new to this browser, so I hope it will be excellent.
29th September 2016 3:40pm
William Ridlon says...
I'm new to this browser, so I am hoping that it will be excellent.
29th September 2016 3:38pm
hashmi says...
you choose such great topic with unique content.
25th September 2016 11:51am
Min-Chel Kim says...
Absolutely the BEST browser in the world.
22nd September 2016 8:06am
ahmed says...
fair v
18th September 2016 2:21pm
ahmed says...
this pro are v. good
18th September 2016 2:20pm
chuck says...
11th September 2016 4:17pm
Richard says...
Making life easy
11th September 2016 1:57am
Heather LaBleu says...
Hope this is a good browser
4th September 2016 3:00am
Cesar says...
My library blocked the download because their security detected that the executable file or the service does behavioral analysis.
31st August 2016 5:19pm
Roni Goff says...
I am really happy with slimjet amd Linux
31st August 2016 4:02pm
stable says...
Stable Channel Update 53.0.2785.89

31st August 2016 3:05pm
dorothy saltel says...
I do not like the new version of google I just cannot seem to get through to report this to the people that can put me back on the proper version that I got used to and liked very much
31st August 2016 12:38pm
kotao says...
Slimjet is a very fast browser. Easy to set the cache location in dev/shm or ramdisk. I use in Lubuntu 16.04 .......GOOD
30th August 2016 4:01am
elana says...
works good
26th August 2016 1:04am
Hung To says...
I like Slimjet browser, using on Linux and it great. I can share everything - some web link to Facebook is easy! But why is not version for Android? Thanks to the Slimjet Browser Team!
24th August 2016 11:45pm
robert says...
14th August 2016 12:33am
Mubashir Ashraf says...
Testing if comments and reviews are real.
20th August 2016 3:24pm
John says...
Got fed up with firefox crashing, so did a google search for best browsers for Linux user.
Came across a blog on browsers and it listed SlimJet.

Just loving SlimJet BEST browser I've used on Linux
12th August 2016 2:30am
Marilyn White says...
When I first used Slimjet it was fast and quick to find sites on the web. Unfortunately for the past week it has slowed down a LOT. I live semi-rural, could it be because the kids are out of school and it is slowing down my broadband - due to kids on their computers now?
10th August 2016 10:09am
crackdoner says...
nice post.thanks for sharins.
8th August 2016 5:58am
Stable Channel Update says...
Stable Channel Update 52.0.2743.116
3rd August 2016 2:02pm
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