Slimjet for Windows XP & Vista Download

Stable Release ( )

Regular installer ( 56.04MB , 2017-02-7 )

Free web browser download

If the primary server is slow, try this link on secondary server.

Portable version ( 42.94MB , 2017-02-7 )

NOTE: If you are upgrading from a previous version of Slimjet portable, extract the new version into the same folder as the previous version to pick up the existing settings.

Freeware License

Slimjet Web Browser is released under the freeware license. It is free both for personal use and commerical use. It is free to be distributed over the internet and/or through offline distribution channels as long as it is kept in its original form without any change. Bundling Slimjet with other software in another installer is strictly prohibited.

For Software Download Sites

Please use this local download link which automatically balance traffic between different servers if you wish to offer our free web browser for download on your web site.

If your site supports PAD file, use the following PAD file to automatically check for version updates:

SlimBrowser PAD file - internet browser download

You can also find more detailed listing information about Slimjet here.

Thanks for spreading the words about Slimjet, the fastest free web browser for Windows!


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Comments (21)

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3/5 (26)
Marie says...
I hope this works I have windows 10.
12th September 2020 4:13pm
srinivas says...
Good experience
19th July 2020 7:48am
Jim R says...
I downloaded Slimjet and so far so good! I like it!
What is the latest version to download? All I can find is Version #10. I am running Win Vista
18th July 2020 7:39am
govindo says...
Please update the Slimjet for Windows XP.
12th July 2020 11:45am
John says...
Hi so if it doesn't work just give up using Slimjet. There aer a bunch of alterinatives. Like K-Meleon. K-Meleon is great and it can even display youtube with the old layout. Also it's fast and I can open almost any website. Also if you're getting privacy errors. I also reccomend installing TLS 1.2 for windows
22nd June 2020 7:48pm
alza says...
Wonderful browser yet to verify!
19th June 2020 3:02am
Waras says...
Im getting error on, doesn't work on win xp sp3
15th June 2020 4:09pm
Chrissy says...
When will a later version of Chrome be implemented in Slimjet for XP=SP3? Is there a beta version I can try? Or another workaround for videos/websites that have started demanding that I upgrade to a later version of Chrome?
13th June 2020 4:08pm
Zooey Mikkelsen says...
wonderful product
29th February 2020 6:27am
Dorothy Lang says...
I really hope this works on my computer. It is windows 10
Dell Intel
20th February 2020 2:24pm
Dorothy Lang says...
Where is the error? I don't understand what you want me to do...
20th February 2020 2:22pm
Dorothy Lang says...
Why do I have to keep adding a comment?
20th February 2020 2:19pm
Dorothy Lang says...
I really need this to work for me. What am I doing wrong?
20th February 2020 2:18pm
Dorothy Lang says...
Facebook game Farmville not working right..a friend told me about this site..please download. I'm missing my farm.
20th February 2020 2:17pm
Ananimaus says...
It is incompatible with windows XP 64-bit. Does not run ("AcquireSRWlockExclusive" not found in KERNEL32.dll). Seems like something exclusive to Vista or later.
5th February 2020 4:29pm
Pat rich says...
Perhaps you should try the portable version or reinstall your Os. In any case the problem is certainly with YOUR (installed) Windows Xp Sp3 and NOT with Windows Xp Sp3 itself...
28th November 2019 4:20pm
Pat rich says...
I can assure you that Slimjet runs perfectly well under Xp SP3, and w/o any add-on !!!
28th November 2019 4:09pm
Wm Neal Lewis says...
What would it take to make it work with XP Service Pack 3? Thanks for the help. Neal Lewis
28th October 2019 10:03pm
Pat rich says...
Pourtant Slimjet marche parfaitement bien tel quel sous Xp SP3 !...
28th November 2019 4:04pm
Fer says...
The XP version of this ***** doesn´t work with XP SP3
25th October 2019 7:02pm
DAN says...
I had to reinstall slimjet 10.0.13 on an older machine and I keep getting error after installation completes.
The pc is running XP, but another machine works fine.
I really like slimjet, would like to keep it...
1st October 2019 11:20am
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