Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will XP and Vista continue to be supported?

Please refer to this blog post.

Q: What rendering engine does Slimjet use?

Slimjet uses Blink engine, the same engine used by Google Chrome.

Q: How is Slimjet related to Google Chrome?

Both Slimjet and Chrome are based on the same Chromium open-source project. Therefore, Slimjet and Chrome will have quite similar user interface. Compared with Chrome, Slimjet adds a lot more features and options on top of Chromium, to be more powerful and flexible.

Q: Is Slimjet compatible with Chrome extensions?

Yes. Slimjet is compatible with almost all chrome extensions. You can install extensions for Slimjet from Chrome web store.

Q: Is Slimjet free for commercial use?

Yes. Slimjet is free for both personal and commerical use.

Q: What are the system requirements of Slimjet?

The latest version of Slimjet is compatible with Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 or later, Ubuntu 14.04+, Debian 8+, openSUSE 13.1+, or Fedora Linux 21+.

Q: Can I offer Slimjet for download on my own website?

Yes. Slimjet is free for redistribution as long as it is kept in its original form.

Q: How to uninstall Slimjet?

Select "FlashPeak Slimjet: Uninstall Slimjet" from the start menu shortcut to uninstall Slimjet. You can also uninstall Slimjet from "Control Panel->Uninstall a program".

Q: How to upgrade to a new version of Slimjet?

Just install the new version of Slimjet into the same folder as the old version of Slimjet.

Q: How to set Slimjet as the default browser?

Select settings from the main menu. Go to the "Default Browser" section of the settings page and click the button "Make Slimjet the default browser".

Q: What version of Chromium is Slimjet based on?

You can check the version of Chromium Slimjset is based on by selecting the menu "About slimjet". We will stay sychronized to the release schedule of Chromium with a lag of no more than three months.

Q: Will Slimjet have the same privacy issues as Chrome, such as sending data to Google?

Slimjet doesn't send any data to Google's servers if you don't sync your bookmarks and other data with your google account.

Q: My antivirus software flags Slimjet as a trojan, virus or spyware. What should I do?

From time to time, some antivirus software might throw a false alarm on Slimjet's executable files due to the advanced technologies used in Slimjet. Please report such false alarms to us immediately if you happen to run into one. Please also feel safe to add Slimjet's executables into the exclusion list of your antivirus software so that you can continue running it. It'll be helpful if you can submit a false positive report with the antivirus software publisher as well. That will make the antivirus software vendor resolve the issue more quickly.

Q: What is the difference between Slimjet, SlimBrowser and SlimBoat?

They are all web browser products from FlashPeak Inc but they are based on different engines. Slimjet is based on Blink engine (the engine behind Chrome from Google). SlimBrowser is based on Trident engine (the engine behind Internet Explorer from Microsoft). SlimBoat is based on the Qt-port of Webkit engine. The three browsers have a similar set of features. Slimjet is the most robust and stable of the three and is most suitable for people who prefer a simple and clean user interface. SlimBrowser is suitable for people who prefer an advanced user interface with as many options as possible. SlimBoat has the smallest memory footprint and run across multiple platforms but might have compatibility issues with a few web sites due to the QtWebkit engine. Slimjet is our top recommendation for Windows users.

Q: Does Slimjet collect any user's data?

Slimjet doesn't collect any data associated with the user's identity. We do collect some fully-anonymous usage statistics to help improve the software. The statistics is to measure how frequently a certain software feature is used so that we can focus more efforts on popular features and less on rarely used ones. Such anonymous statistics collection can be completely turned off in the Privacy section of the settings page if it is of concern to you.

Q: How to update to a newer version of Slimjet?

If you are using the regular installer, simply run the new version installer and everything will be taken care of. There is no need to uninstall the current version first.

If you use the portable version, download the latest version of the portable version archive and extract it into the folder where the current version of Slimjet portable sits. DO NOT delete the original folder before installing the new version. Otherwise, you will lose all the data and settings.

Q: What is the encryption strength of the quickfill form files?

All the quickfill form files that are protected with your master password are encrypted using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard ) with key length of 256 bits.

Q: Can Slimjet be installed together with Chrome or Chromium?

Yes. Slimjet will not run into conflict with Chrome or Chromium installed on the same system. The data and settings of Slimjet are independent from those of Chrome/Chromium. However, if you sync your data and settings with your Google account, Slimjet data and settings will be automatically synchronized with those of Chrome/Chromium since they use the same data server provided by Google.

Q: How do I migrate from SlimBoat to Slimjet?

Please visit this page.

Q: The ad blocker is blocking useful components from my site. How do I fix that?

You can disable the ad blocker on a per-site basis. Just open the site in a tab first. Then select "Ad Blocker->Disable on this site" from the browser menu. The tab will be automatically reloaded to reflect the changes. If you would like to whitelist the entire top-level domain, just select "Ad Blocker->Disable on enter domain" from the browser menu.