Google Chrome Older Versions Download (Windows, Linux & Mac)

Why use an older version of Google Chrome?

Google only provides an online setup file for Google Chrome which installs the latest version of Google Chrome. It happens frequently that a user upgrades to a new version of Google Chrome and gets upset by an unpleasant feature, a missing option or an annoying bug. Therefore, some users want to roll back to an older version of Google Chrome to preserve a useful feature, option or support some legacy technology. However, is it really wise to use an out-dated verison of Google Chrome? The answer is NO since out-dated browsers usually come with security issues. A better solution to the problem is to use Slimjet browser, which runs on the latest Blink engine while offering more flexibity, features and options compared with Google Chrome. With Slimjet, we give users more choices to tune their browser to their own personal preference instead of forcing a majority style on everyone. Slimjet also integrates more features internally in the most efficient way so that you don't have to spend time dealing with unstable and resource-consuming third-party plugins. Best of all, Slimjet syncs all your Chrome data and settings via your Google account and is compatible with your favorite Chrome extensions. There is absolutely no learning curve for you to switch from Chrome to Slimjet. Give Slimjet a try now and you will never look back!


For users who insist on using an old version of Google Chrome and becoming vulnerable to security issues, you can find the right version of Google Chrome to download for your platform in the following sections.

Support of Java, Silverlight and NPAPI plugins

Unfortunately, we only started to archive old versions of Chrome since Chrome 48. Chrome dropped support for Java, silverlight and other NPAPI plugins in Chrome 45. If you are looking for an old version of Chrome with support of Java, silverlight or other NPAPI plugins, you would have to use Slimjet Web Browser, which is based on Chromium and retains support of Java, silverlight and other NPAPI plugins.

Google Chrome Windows version

The old versions of Chrome before V58 are packed as 7zip self-extracting executable. Just run the executable and extract the files under any folder on your hard drive. Then launch Google chrome with chrome.exe under the extraction folder. After V59, the archived chrome old version files are official Chrome offline installers. Just uninstall any current version of Chrome first and then run the downloaded installer. It's a one-click installer without any interactive UI.


Version Size Date
71.0.3578.8052.7 MB2018-12-11
70.0.3538.7751.58 MB2018-11-6
69.0.3497.9250.36 MB2018-09-16
68.0.3440.8449.36 MB2018-08-1
67.0.3396.7948.57 MB2018-06-7
65.0.3325.18147.92 MB2018-03-22
64.0.3282.14047.5 MB2018-02-6
63.0.3239.10846.14 MB2017-12-26
62.0.3202.751.08 MB2017-10-28
61.0.3163.7944.35 MB2017-09-10
60.0.3112.7842.8 MB2017-09-11
59.0.3071.8643.67 MB2017-06-12
58.0.3029.9641.59 MB2017-05-4
57.0.2987.13341.03 MB2017-04-18
56.0.2924.8742.15 MB2017-02-8
55.0.2883.7542.53 MB2016-12-9
54.0.2840.7142.06 MB2016-10-21
53.0.2785.11644.7 MB2016-09-19
52.0.2743.11642 MB2016-08-3
51.0.2704.8441.86 MB2016-06-9
50.0.2661.7541.52 MB2016-04-15
49.0.2623.7541.1 MB2016-03-3
48.0.2564.9740.76 MB2016-02-2
66.0.3359.18148.15 MB2018-05-16


Version Size Date
71.0.3578.8053.51 MB2018-12-11
70.0.3538.7752.1 MB2018-11-6
69.0.3497.9250.77 MB2018-09-16
68.0.3440.8449.84 MB2018-08-1
67.0.3396.7949.03 MB2018-06-7
65.0.3325.18148.27 MB2018-03-22
64.0.3282.14047.95 MB2018-02-6
63.0.3239.10850.09 MB2017-12-26
62.0.3202.7548.95 MB2017-10-28
61.0.3163.7948.32 MB2017-09-10
60.0.3112.7846.56 MB2017-09-11
59.0.3071.8647.44 MB2017-06-12
58.0.3029.9645 MB2017-05-4
57.0.2987.13344.48 MB2017-04-18
56.0.2924.8746.3 MB2017-02-8
55.0.2883.7546.5 MB2016-12-9
54.0.2840.7145.89 MB2016-10-21
53.0.2785.11644.7 MB2016-09-19
51.0.2704.8448.3 MB2016-06-9
50.0.2661.7547.86 MB2016-04-20
49.0.2623.7547.15 MB2016-04-15
48.0.2564.10946.67 MB2016-02-18
66.0.3359.18148.58 MB2018-05-16

Support of XP and Vista

Please notice that Chrome dropped support of XP and Vista since Chrome 50. If you are using XP and Vista, please download Chrome 49 or earlier, or download Slimjet Web Browser, which is based on Chromium and continues to support XP and Vista.

Google Chrome Linux Version

64-bit deb for Ubuntu/Debian

Version Size Date
71.0.3578.8053.98 MB2018-12-11
70.0.3538.7753.46 MB2018-11-6
69.0.3497.9252.27 MB2018-09-16
68.0.3440.8451.57 MB2018-08-1
67.0.3396.7950.1 MB2018-06-7
66.0.3359.18149.91 MB2018-05-16
65.0.3325.18149.72 MB2018-03-22
64.0.3282.14049.29 MB2018-02-6
63.0.3239.10846.76 MB2017-12-26
62.0.3202.7546.47 MB2017-10-28
61.0.3163.7962.5 MB2017-09-10
60.0.3112.9055.65 MB2017-10-29
59.0.3071.8658.02 MB2017-06-12
58.0.3029.9651.44 MB2017-05-4
57.0.2987.13345.13 MB2017-04-18
56.0.2924.8743.77 MB2017-02-8
55.0.2883.7543.96 MB2016-12-9
54.0.2840.7143.42 MB2016-10-21
53.0.2785.11647.87 MB2016-09-19
52.0.2743.11646.98 MB2016-08-3
51.0.2704.8447.17 MB2016-06-9
50.0.2661.7546.12 MB2016-04-14
49.0.2623.7546.5 MB2016-03-3
48.0.2564.10945.84 MB2016-02-17

32-bit deb for Ubuntu/Debian

Version Size Date
48.0.2564.10945.42 MB2016-02-17

Note: Google Chrome stopped release 32-bit builds for linux since Chrome 49. If you are still using 32-bit linux and would like to be protected with the latest security patches as well, you can use Slimjet Web Browser, which is based the Chromium open source project and continues to support 32-bit linux.

Google Chrome Mac Version

Version Size Date
71.0.3578.8072.53 MB2018-12-11
70.0.3538.7770.4 MB2018-11-6
69.0.3497.9268.5 MB2018-09-16
68.0.3440.8467.26 MB2018-08-1
67.0.3396.7966.29 MB2018-06-7
66.0.3359.18165.49 MB2018-05-16
65.0.3325.18165.2 MB2018-03-22
64.0.3282.14064.73 MB2018-02-6
63.0.3239.10862.16 MB2017-12-26
62.0.3202.7563.06 MB2017-10-28
61.0.3163.7961.39 MB2017-09-10
60.0.3112.7861.39 MB2017-09-11
59.0.3071.8660.44 MB2017-06-12
58.0.3029.9660.78 MB2017-05-4
57.0.2987.13359.96 MB2017-04-18
56.0.2924.8758.08 MB2017-02-8
55.0.2883.7560.53 MB2016-12-9
54.0.2840.7160.44 MB2016-10-21
53.0.2785.11670.03 MB2016-09-19
52.0.2743.11666.21 MB2016-08-3
51.0.2704.8465.5 MB2016-06-9
50.0.2661.7564.48 MB2016-04-14
49.0.2623.7563.92 MB2016-03-3
48.0.2564.10963.1 MB2016-02-17




Related FAQs

Why You Need An Older Chrome Version?

Sometimes it can be just because you don't like a new update or the new version of your preferred browser. Different people have different reasons, for example, developers don't like the placement of tools and in other cases the favorite extensions might not appear so useful. In such circumstances, all you need is the same previous version. In case of Chrome, though Google doesn't provide you with any Source) to download older versions of Google Chrome, but if you are really comfortable with those you don't need to disappoint. Slimjet offers you all older version under one roof.

How do I Rollback/Revert to the Older Version of Chrome?

Google do not support any rollback to the previous versions of Chrome. But that doesn't mean, you cannot get the one. Yes, there is a simple way out to get previous version. Just uninstall your present adaptation, erasing each user's saved profile information, and then re-install the needed version. Here it is important to note that user may lose their bookmarks, history, and so on. Hence, be careful while you proceed with the same.

Where can I Download and Install Older Versions of Chrome?

Now getting and downloading the prior versions of Google Chrome is possible. Slimjet share the old versions of Chrome, packed as 7zip self-extracting executable file. Download the one you need, run the executable and extract the files on your hard drive. Simply launch Google chrome with chrome.exe under the extraction folder. You can scroll above for different versions, available in 32- bit and 64- bit.

How to Download and Install Earlier Version for Windows, Linux and Mac via Slimjet

We have made a video to help you and you can watch the step to step process here:

How do I Know what Version of Google Chrome I have installed?

You might need this information for varying reasons, but often people consider it important to check for whether they need an upgrade or not. So, if you are looking for way out to determine what version you're running, just visit the 'About' page for each browser. Click the Menu icon (≡) in the upper right corner and take the cursor on "help". The first option "About Google Chrome" will let you know the same.

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Comments (38)

Topic: google-chrome-old-version.php
3/5 (38)
Praveen Chandra says...
I want old version.thanks
18th May 2019 4:25am
Yish says...
it seems like the installation links are blocked for accessing via scripts.
I really would like to use the MacOs CURL command and/or the linux wget command to download the Wonderfull files you collected. but it seems to block any attempt of download not made by a human user directly pressing the link.
is it just me? or is it on purpose? if so, will you ever change it.
12th May 2019 11:41am
johnny says...
why do we need "updated" browsers with "enhanced" security features? what the hell is "security"????? I dont need it or "bug" fixes- Windows XP works just fine.... All GOOGLE chrome versions should be compatible with it...
10th May 2019 7:41am
Bas says...
I use old Chrome versions for testing apps for Smart TV (both WebOS and Tizen run on old chromium versions). It’s really useful for performance optimizations considering the differences in the compositor between then and now. Please keep it up!
3rd May 2019 12:23pm
MagmaCraft618 says...
We forget to add version 72 and 73 for Windows (x86-64), macOS and Linux!
20th April 2019 5:20pm
Alex says...
21st March 2019 6:34am
Robert McLean says...
It wont install on my XP service pack 3 machine.
Gives error message "problem Encountered" etc.
I have had similar messages trying to install other software that requires an SSE enabled processer.
Is that the problem with SlimJet ?
7th March 2019 9:38am
Paula says...
I need to get google chrome on my laptop soo I can get the app get out because my daughter is in jail and I can't figure it out
4th March 2019 4:21pm
Stranger says...
Hey Paula! You can download chrome from here.

Just click on it and keep following instructions after it downloads.
1st April 2019 11:16am
Paula eddy says...
I need to get google chrome on my laptop soo I can get the app get out because my daughter is in jail and I can't figure it out
4th March 2019 4:05pm
Paula eddy says...
I need to get google chrome on my laptop soo I can get the app get out because my daughter is in jail and I can't figure it out
2nd March 2019 5:04pm
rodel says...
thank you c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11th February 2019 3:46am
Elise says...
Only issue I have with slimjet is many extensions prompt for chrome on board before downloading/ adding to slimjet.
10th February 2019 9:31am
ryan says...
very thanks great
9th February 2019 10:06pm
Mhemet Demir says...
Great very thanks
8th February 2019 3:44pm
Danni Ward says...
TY TY TY tyvm ... You have just saved my life - I am an older geek on a medical disability income and hvn't been able to update my system from WinXP as yet - the "powers-that-be" have decided that my perfectly running engine is no longer good enough to cruise the info highway - grrrr - I am so grateful for your archive of old Chrome versions. Standing Applause! 8)
12th January 2019 4:41pm
Danni Ward says...
as a side note ... I hv your browser dnwldd but I will hv to do some research to get a cpl of my game extensions to run I think ...
12th January 2019 4:44pm
Gravatar says... AAAAL the way back to 2016 go to h.ll
8th January 2019 10:27am
13th December 2018 8:12am
savane yaya says...
Thank you very much Good Job
27th November 2018 9:27pm
Arshad Ali says...
hotspot for jio phone
18th November 2018 12:08am
Kevin says...
I just need to send email j pegs on my I pad 2 ... What version do I need? Thanks
3rd November 2018 4:45pm
TheFire says...
Establishing secure connection???
what is the problem? ERR_TIMED_OUT

fresh windows install - windows 10 x64, 32gb ddr4 socket 2011-3 intel i7.
UEFI bios, secureboot enable.
WTF is needed for this F. secure connection?
19th October 2018 3:43am
TheFire says...
Establishing secure connection???
what is the problem? ERR_TIMED_OUT

fresh windows install - windows 10 x64, 32gb ddr4 socket 2011-3 intel i7.
UEFI bios, secureboot enable.
WTF is needed for this F. secure connection?
19th October 2018 3:39am
xstep9966 says...
Why i'm doing this is because i just want the older version of YouTube
14th October 2018 5:59pm
Ezequie Partida says...

I been looking for google chrome version 33 for linux 32 bit.. It was the last one that did not required SSE2 to work.

I have on PC connected to my TV to watch netflix and I accidentally upgraded chrome.

Please help.
14th October 2018 2:33am
Mypdfbooks says...
You can also download pdf and epub for google <a href="">chrome</a>.
5th October 2018 12:05am
ziyaan says...
old versions are more easy to use! thanks!
4th October 2018 9:59am
fred says...
I downloaded an earlier version but how do i install in Android?
when I click on the file it just is me no option to install or execute
All i have is a dumb file

please explain how to run abd install the file for Android
1st October 2018 6:04am
D3Vx0PS says...
Are you stupid? This is only for desktop.
9th May 2019 2:54pm
wrestlingrebel says...
I have a website that doesn't work with Version 69 and I was able to install 68. Thx so much.
28th September 2018 2:18pm
Rekha says...
wants to install chrome 30
16th August 2018 11:40am
name says...
thank you, my cancer has been cured
28th July 2018 10:16am
Jhony says...
Very goood. Thank you
19th July 2018 11:28am
Mark says...
Trying to install Chrome 49. The EXE file does not work. It says, "No a valid file." I guess this site is no longer updated. Should it be taken down?
8th July 2018 12:17am
Stephen Fox says...
Mark, please download the final version of Google Chrome for Windows XP from my website. It is version 49.0.2623.112.
22nd August 2018 12:14am
Sandi says...
Which is compatible with Android? It seems that these are the versions for desktops/ laptops. I could be wrong, but I would appreciate any help.
7th July 2018 10:28am
zahra says...
which is the best version of chrome on slimjet archive that i can install?
and how can i avoid installing flash player and how can i disable multiprocess feature?
does slimjet and chromium also enable and support multiprocess feature by default?
thanks for your help, God bless you all!
3rd June 2018 10:52am
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