Regarding support for Windows XP-Vista and 32-bit Linux

Slimjet will continue to support Windows XP for as long as technically possible. 32-bit linux will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future.

Google’s Chrome team has announced that they will pull the plug on the support of Windows XP and Vista starting from April 2016. We will continue to support XP & Vista for the Slimjet project until the Chrome team injects too much code incompatible with XP and Vista into the Chromium project.

Meanwhile, Chrome has stopped releasing 32-bit version for linux. Slimjet will continue to release 32-bit version for Linux for the foreseeable future despite the fact that there is only a small percentage people who are still using a 32-bit processor these days. It’s quite unlikely that the Chrome team will make the source code not compilable for 32-bit linux.

We don’t want to leave any people behind unless it’s really unavoidable.

10 thoughts on “Regarding support for Windows XP-Vista and 32-bit Linux”

  1. There are still millions of netbooks all over the world.
    Very handy and paid for.

    Thank you for your efforts to continue 32 bit support as long as possible.

  2. Well done. I find this a great alternative for Chrome for users who can’t upgrade from XP and Vista or don’t want to, because of various reasons. As for myself, I find NT 6.0’s performance (both Vista and Server 2008) superior to 6.1’s, especially with SP2 and some other updates like the platform one, which adds more Windows 7 functionality to Vista and makes it a great OS for everyday use.

    What I would like to ask for though, is, could you add Aero Glass compatibility for Vista? As you probably remember, Chrome 40 was the last version that had separate XP and Vista code, thus Aero being used in Vista and Server 2008. Starting from version 41 and above, the code was aligned together and therefore Vista uses the XP theme for it.

    Your work is still great even if what I said is not added, though it would be a nice addition and greatly appreciated if it is possible.

  3. I have now finally switched from Chrome to SlimJet. Still using Windows XP. I also have Windows 7 but it’s slower on my computer by all means. Please support these older OSes as long as you can.

    What about security fixes? How often gets SlimJet patched against critical security bugs?

  4. I have a well-oiled PC running Vista which functions as a family computer. My kids are comfortable with Chrome for school work, etc and glad SlimJet has a very similar feel. Please continue to support Vista as long as possible. And if the time comes when it will no longer be supported, please provide notice via the browser as Chrome has done (but hoping that day is a long way off). Thanks… love SlimJet!

    BTW – this is a perfect time and opportunity to promote SlimJet to XP and Vista users.

  5. Windows XP forever! I just switched back from Windows 10 and i think Slimjet is the right browser for this old awesome OS. Great Windows XP and great Slimjet.
    Never abandon XP support, please.

  6. I use Windows XP on all of my Hardware, which still support Windows XP.
    It is a gratifying decision, that slimjet will further work on XP.

  7. This is such a fantastic thing for me. I didn’t get my own computer until after age 60, and am not real techy but do love the computer and internet services. I love the chrome and was so upset about what to do, since I will not be able to get a new computer for a few months and this one (toshiba) works so well with the windows Vista. God bless you all for helping me find a solution that is seeming easy for me to understand.

  8. Thank you so much for the XP support. Please, please, please never discontinue it. Bless your soul.

    Thank you.

  9. Wersja Flash dla systemów 32 bitowych skończyła się na 20. Niepotrzebnie dodajecie nowego flasha 21 do instalek SlimJet Linux 32. Nie działa i tak, tylko wersja flash 20 obsługuje Linux. Nie trzeba go już aktualizowac pod Linux, jak możecie przywróccie w nastepnych wersjach flash 20 pod Linux.

  10. Hi, i’m new to Slimjet. just LOVE IT a lot better than MSN!!!!!! is there anybody who can tell me how to get Realplayer to download video’s on Slimjet……. Thank You in Advance ….Emery

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