How to quickly share a screenshot on facebook

Slimjet includes two features, “Capture screenshot of selected area” and “Upload clipboard image” which can let you quickly shared a screenshot on Facebook.

Slimjet includes two features which, when combined, can let you quickly shared a screenshot on Facebook or other web sites. The first feature is “Capture screenshot of selected area” of the web page. The second feature is “Upload Clipboard Image“.

Let’s say you are viewing a web page which has some interesting content that you want to share. Sharing a link sometimes won’t cut it since some of the link might not be publicly accessible. So let’s capture a screenshot of it by selecting “Capture Screenshot of Selected Area” from the main menu. The captured screenshot will be copied into clipboard. After that, go to your facebook home page, click the link “Upload Photo/Video” to bring up the open file dialog. At the bottom of the dialog, you should see a button “Upload Clipboard Image”. Click that button and the image stored in the clipboard will be automatically uploaded to facebook.

If you do it in other browsers, you would have to manually save the screenshot image to a file first and upload the file manually.