Gmail support in Slimjet 10 for XP

According to this blog post, Google plans to discontinue support of Chrome 53 or older with Gmail starting 2018. After the end of support, users using Chrome 53 or older will be redirected to a primitive version of Gmail using basic HTML. Since Slimjet 10 for XP is based on Chrome 50, it will be impacted by this decision of Google as well.

We believe for most users a basic html version of Gmail is actually sufficient. So there is no need to panic and ditch Gmail right now if you are a user of Slimjet for XP. Let’s wait and see how crippled the basic html version of Gmail will be before thinking about switching to a different email provider.

5 thoughts on “Gmail support in Slimjet 10 for XP”

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  2. Your attitude honestly leaves a lot to be desired. It isn’t just that MOST users MIGHT be happy (and I think if you bothered to ask you might find that MOST users actually want a properly functioning email) with a crippled half-working version of gmail, it isn’t just about gmail, it’s all the other features that will follow one-by-one as that version of Chrome gets more and dated. At what point will you decide that you have forced users into an increasingly crippled product before you do something about updating it?

    Trust me on this – users will abandon ship faster than you can say ‘gmail is broken’ – and I will be first. AND I will use whatever influence I have to spread the word whose fault it is.

    I will NOT stand for a crippled product where I can’t format emails, add photos, etc just because you can’t be bothered to update your product.

    1. Or you could find a way to use all of that vitriol and maybe spend $100 to get a newer computer

    2. Fuck off webclients! Try using an e-mail client on your computer. Slimjet is great.

  3. I think Google has had a recent change in human resource training. They have not been supporting as much of their older generation products. Although, that’s the most important for integration. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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