Fully Customizable Toolbar

The navigation toolbar in Chrome has only a few fixed buttons, i.e., back/forward/reload/home. Slimjet has added a lot of additional buttons to the navigation toolbar so that you can access different features easily and quickly. The visibile buttons on the toolbar are customizable so that you can keep only buttons you need to avoid wasting screen area. To customize the toolbar, click the arrow button at the right end of the toolbar and select "Customize toolbar..." from the popup menu as shown below,

customize chrome toolbar

After that, you will see a dialog listing all the available toolbar buttons,

To add a button, drag a button from the left to right side. To remove a button, drag it from the right side to the left.

The toolbar buttons can also be placed on the right side or left side of the omnibox. To move it around, click the arrow button and select "Show toolbar buttons on left/right" from the menu. For example, here is a screenshot of toolbar buttons placed on the right side:

toolbar buttons on right


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Comments (33)

Topic: customizable-toolbar.php
4/5 (24)
Angelina says...
Your browser is incredibly fast. I have the latest updates to Firefox and during this last update my computer ran very slowly. My technician ran the speed test and said it was the browser not my computer. And he suggested another browser. So I went to Opera which is also pretty fast. But I don't like the fact that they have removed their menu bar and their toolbar for copy edit paste all of that. it's done manually with the keyboard shortcuts and for someone who dictates a lot and uses ... Read More
20th March 2017 11:15am
eddyivester says...
i like slimjet
3rd February 2017 9:45pm
JJ Thomas says...
Google chose to eliminate the Menu Bar at the top of their browser (and place all that functionality in the triple line icon on the right). Many people have requested the option to re-enable a top line menu bar rather than the right hand icon. This is for many reasons, but looking over feedback it seems that mostly it is just that some people are comfortable with that (please see this thread - productforums (dot) google (dot) com / forum / #!topic / chrome / TfCIsMvQTXY ) Interestingly the ... Read More
29th January 2017 5:10pm
Mar says...
can arrange icons - open the window for selecting icons on toolbar - then the right side - grab a mouse and move up and down places icons
19th January 2017 8:50pm
Mar says...
to move the toolbar icons in the left side - open the Settings -> Remove checkmark in front ,,Show tool bar buttons on the right side of omnibox''
To Display arrow next to the icon in tool bar - enter the settings, add check to ,,Show arrow button at the end of the toolbar''
19th January 2017 8:29pm
Marc says...
Firefox browser has been set way behind now. And only 2 browsers are competing on my Nix box. So Bravo guys for this surprising kick off. Keep it up !
12th January 2017 4:48am
علي كاطع ظاهر says...
رائع جدا جدا جدا
6th January 2017 3:53am
Imdad Ullah says...
My best Browser is slimjet
31st December 2016 11:08pm
Jamini says...
Slimjet is definitely faster than Google Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi .. Noticed 1 crash, the browser simply closed itself while I was still checking a secure link (bank). It's good & I will recommend others to try out this browser.
17th December 2016 9:46am
BelaBela says...
How to we get more BUTTONS (OPTIONS) on the top TOOLBAR--like DELETE COOKIES WITH ONE CLICK, TOGGLE IMAGES OFF/ON, TOGGLE COOKIES OFF/ON, TOGGLE JAVASCRIPT OFF/ON, ETC. We just started using Slimjet today and are a bit "lost" without the wonderful PREF BAR that is available in most other browsers. Can Slimjet please ADD a "PREF BAR" such as described above? It's too much work to drill down into menus and the buttons/options currently offered are way too limited. We ... Read More
4th December 2016 9:01am
BelaBela says...
Correction: First sentence should read "How DO"... :-)

Also (forgot) would like to be able to rearrange the ORDER of the Toolbar Buttons.
4th December 2016 9:07am
Mar says...
Bela Bela, You can arrange icons - open the window for selecting icons on toolbar - then the right side - grab a mouse and move up and down places icons
19th January 2017 8:41pm
alfaris says...
متميز جدا شكرا
22nd November 2016 4:05am
Richard says...
i like it
15th November 2016 4:09am
Richard says...
not sure yet
15th November 2016 4:07am
Ron White says...
What arrow on the right end of the toolbar? I don't have one there.
22nd October 2016 7:56pm
Algy says...
How to move the MENU button to the LEFT (where it should be!)?
If it's not possible Slimjet gets deleted!
25th September 2016 3:31am
edmon says...
5th September 2016 4:12pm
guest says...
"save page as" (=Ctrl+S) button is missing
1st September 2016 12:34pm
emilio says...
muy bueno
19th August 2016 11:42am
madjid says...
pour moi c'est le meilleur navigateur actuel avec ces options
22nd July 2016 7:11pm
Al Sheeber says...
On the version that I have there is no " arrow button at the right end of the toolbar " to click on, I have endless problems to pin bookmarks, to the left column, where I want them to remain, therefore, I am limited to what i can do and cannot use this browser as my main operational browser, but as a spare, a back up....
13th July 2016 10:37am
Aristides says...
Só não gostei de uma coisa nesse navegador. Transferi os Favoritos do Google Chrome e aparecem para mim, mas todos brancos. Não mostram coloridos e fica difícil procurar só pelo nome de cada favorito sem a imagem.
9th July 2016 12:28pm
jim says...

Yes, while browsing, I read something and want to search for a new topic, while leaving the current web page open.

Besides home, this is the second most important button I need. Third is copy (text like address I copy and save in a file, etc.)
8th July 2016 9:38pm
ScottFree says...
In the menu button (upper right geartooth circle) offers a 'new window' option. You can also use 'ctrl n' keyboard option. I use slimjet 10+ on an old 32bit WinXP machine, so your results may differ. Hope this helps
24th July 2016 10:28am
BelaBela says...
Opera used to have a RIGHT-CLICK to OPEN NEW WINDOW which was nice. (For some reason, the Ctrl-N doesn't always work on Slimjet.) It would be nice to have a BUTTON on the Toolbar to Open a new WINDOW. In fact, I'd love to have ONLY WINDOWS and NO TABS at all. Have never got used to tabs and don't like 'em. :) They tend to pile up and confuse whereas windows line in most browsers line up neatly at bottom of screen.
4th December 2016 9:11am
I do not see an arrow at the end all I see is the arrow at the edge of my bookmarks which goes to more bookmarks on my bookmark toolbar
3rd July 2016 4:42am
NJ.Dawood says...
I'd add my comment to those from people who commented about poor readability of faint/light-coloured text on text white backgrounds. It's ergonomically bad practice. Makes it difficult to read writing that has a low contrast with the background.
Black on white is too glary, but black on light grey or pale mustard yellow (not bright yellow) is much better.
1st July 2016 10:41pm
Gordon Thoreson says...
I have already commented
28th June 2016 10:48am
Gordon says...
You have some really cool features, but why don't you make your own screens easier to read. For example, when I was checking settings, the background is always white, and your fonts are small and gray in color....very hard to read. I had to should the zoom feature to read it. Why can't the background be a pale green or yellow or blue which is a lot easier on the eyes than white and the writing be in sharp contrast. It seems like this is not just a problem with your browser, but every ... Read More
28th June 2016 10:46am
Серж says...
For me in this browser lacks tabs settings for columns, when a lot of them in the folder, navigate to the same column rather uncomfortable, we have to wait for the scrolling to come down / will rise to the desired position. You can, as well, could be improved aesthetically icon view in your browser, to make, for example, transition arrows thinner transition house on the main page a more elegant and not as what it looks like now - animation (children's), the icon " menu "can also ... Read More
25th June 2016 4:33am
Серж says...
Для меня в этом браузере не хватает настройки вкладок по колонкам, когда их много в папке, то ориентироваться в одной колонке достаточно неудобно, приходится ждать, когда прокрутка спустится/поднимется в нужную позицию. Можно, так же, было бы улучшить в эстетическом плане ... Read More
25th June 2016 4:25am
Dennis Supancic says...
I love Slimjet. I do wish, however, there was a wider variety of toolbar buttons. Seeing innovation take place here makes me a happy guy.

Thank you for your time!
4th June 2016 8:36am
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