Fully Customizable Toolbar

The navigation toolbar in Chrome has only a few fixed buttons, i.e., back/forward/reload/home. Slimjet has added a lot of additional buttons to the navigation toolbar so that you can access different features easily and quickly. The visibile buttons on the toolbar are customizable so that you can keep only buttons you need to avoid wasting screen area. To customize the toolbar, click the arrow button at the right end of the toolbar and select "Customize toolbar..." from the popup menu as shown below,

customize chrome toolbar

After that, you will see a dialog listing all the available toolbar buttons,

To add a button, drag a button from the left to right side. To remove a button, drag it from the right side to the left.

The toolbar buttons can also be placed on the right side or left side of the omnibox. To move it around, click the arrow button and select "Show toolbar buttons on left/right" from the menu. For example, here is a screenshot of toolbar buttons placed on the right side:

toolbar buttons on right


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Comments (13)

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4/5 (18)
Boris says...
"To add a button, drag a button from the left to right side." - I cannot do it! Buttons do not drag!
Yesterday 9:53pm
сергей says...
на этом браузере и остановлю свой поиск.
19th November 2019 9:22pm
Movie says...
Where is the Favorites Button in Linux?
In Windows is it there.
Cant understand this-
23rd October 2019 10:26am
P M G Nampoothiri says...
Nice Product
23rd August 2019 4:48pm
11th June 2019 9:49pm
11th June 2019 9:47pm
Pat says...
Can I plit the toolbar - some on the right, some on the left?
9th June 2019 6:03pm
Amar Singha says...
It's a great browser more than Chrome; however, I noticed that the Weather option integrated with this browser is not working for me. Although I specified my location, however, still it is not available for me. Does it not work for any location of India?
7th June 2019 8:09am
John L. Hillhouse says...
how do i get forecastfox to show up in the top bar?
4th March 2019 2:48pm
kamal hassan says...
سليم جت هو الافضل.سلاسة وسرعة وتنظيم. فية كل ما احتاجة..ولا اروع..
23rd February 2019 12:53pm
Gaius Gracchus says...
Well, the drag and drop to customize the Slimjet toolbar certainly is not working on MY machine. (Win 7 64 bit)
Buttons don't move at all.
20th February 2019 12:43am
Gaius Gracchus says...
Well, it seems it is not a slimjet issue - it is a windows bug.

Fixed drag and drop issue in OS, and now it works in Slimjet, too.
20th February 2019 1:30am
Сергей says...
Отличный браузер!Некоторых функций нет даже у Гугл Хром.Я доволен.
5th February 2019 9:46am
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