How to disable Chrome notifications

Disable Chrome notifications

Chrome introduced the feature of desktop notification center around m35. While it might be useful for some users, it is not really useful for most of us, at least not useful enough to take an icon's position from the premium real-estate on the system tray. What makes it even more annoying is that it is very hard to be completely disabled.

There used to be a switch in chrome://flags which you can flip in older versions of Chrome to remove / disable the desktop notifications. But the option has been taken away in the latest version. Obviously the Chrome developers believe everyone is going to love the tray icon and desktop notifications or choose to do that anyway for some business considerations regardless of the fierce crying from the users.

Disable Chrome notifications sent by web sites

The Chrome notifications can be sent by either websites or extensions. To prevent all the websites from sending Chrome notifications, we need open the chrome://settings page, click the button "Content Settings" under the Privacy section. In the content settings page, turn on the option "Do not allow any site to show desktop notifications" as shown below,

disable chrome notification sent by websites

Disable Chrome notifications sent by extensions

However, the tricky part is to disable Chrome notifications sent by extensions. You will have to wait until at least one notification comes up and the bell icon in the system tray is visible. When the bell icon is visible, left click on it to bring up the messenger center. Then click the "Settings" button at the right bottom corner to get to the page where you can disable Chrome notifications sent by extensions on a per-extension basis as shown below,

disable extension desktop notifications

We haven't been able to find a way to simple block all extensions from sending Chrome notifications. You would have to wait until they send notifications and then disable it. Quite a hassle, isn't it?

Disable Chrome notification in Slimjet

Slimjet is a chromium-based web browser which eliminates the annoyances associated with Google Chrome and add more powerful features on top of it. Removing Chrome notifications in Slimjet is much easier. All you have to do is to turn off the dedicated option "Enable desktop notifications" under the Privacy section of the chrome://settings page.

About Slimjet Web Browser

Slimjet is a chromium-based web browser which eliminates the annoyances associated with Google Chrome and add more powerful and handy features on top of it. It's compatible with all the Chrome extensions. We are very open to user's feedback and suggestions. If you find some annoying behavior with Chrome and miss an important feature, feel free to let us know and we will take care of it in Slimjet.

If you are not yet an existing Slimjet web browser user, Download Slimjet for FREE Now to start enjoying the "Disable Chrome Notification" option and a lot more other powerful features available in Slimjet.


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