Photo Salon - On-the-fly Photo Enhancement and Framing

So, you like sharing photos online. Isn't everybody doing that nowadays with the popularity of social networking? I bet you would like to present the photo you took to your friends in the most beautiful way. If you want to do some touch-ups or add some decorations to the photo, you would most probably have to resort to professional photo-editing software such as Photoshop. That would cost you a small fortune and it's inconvenient as well. Or you are tired of the long time you have to wait while uploading a lot of large photos.

For all these problems, Slimjet has an answer for you with integrated on-the-fly photo processing. We call this feature "Photo Salon". The Photo Salon is able to do the following things:

  • Photo adjustments
    Changing brightness/contrast/hue/saturation, sharpening, blurring, converting to greyscale, etc.
  • Photo framing
    You can frame a single photo or multiple photoes together. A lot of beautiful frame templates for you to choose from!
  • Photo Paper Effect
    A photo paper border with drop down shadow can be applied around each photo so that the final photo image looks like a page from a beautiful photo album.
  • Random Tilting
    Input photos can be randomly tilted to achieve casual artistic effect.
  • Photo Clipping
    You can clip out only a selected portion of the original photo to be uploaded. This is extremely helpful if you want to make the main character in the photo stand out by removing distracting backgrounds.
  • Add your signature image
    You can design and add your own signature image at the right bottom corner of the input photo.
  • Photo tiling
    Allow you tile many photos into a MxN array. Perfect for sharing pictures on forums.
  • Fast automatic batch processing

What makes it so beautiful and elegant is that all these processing is done on-the-fly when you are just about to upload your photos. With only a few mouse clicks, the enhanced photos are created and uploaded with a much faster speed. The original high resolution photos are not at all impacted. You no longer have to open external software, do the editing over there and save it to a file one by one.

Here are a few beautiful sample photos produced by Photo Salon:

photo with random tilting

Photo Paper effect with random tilting option turned on

photo with signature

Photo paper with signature image

clipped photo

A portion of the baby girl photo generated with the photo-clipping feature

A dual-photo frame featuring two cute babies generated by Photo Salon

Rose in a landscape photo frame

Butterfly in a square photo frame


Cut baby face in a golden frame (With gray-scale adjustment added)

Four roses tied into a 2x2 matrix

Nine dog photos tiled into a 3x3 matrix

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