Photo Salon - On-the-fly Photo Enhancement and Framing

So, you like sharing photos online. Isn't everybody doing that nowadays with the popularity of social networking? I bet you would like to present the photo you took to your friends in the most beautiful way. If you want to do some touch-ups or add some decorations to the photo, you would most probably have to resort to professional photo-editing software such as Photoshop. That would cost you a small fortune and it's inconvenient as well. Or you are tired of the long time you have to wait while uploading a lot of large photos.

For all these problems, Slimjet has an answer for you with integrated on-the-fly photo processing. We call this feature "Photo Salon". The Photo Salon is able to do the following things:

  • Photo adjustments
    Changing brightness/contrast/hue/saturation, sharpening, blurring, converting to greyscale, etc.
  • Photo framing
    You can frame a single photo or multiple photoes together. A lot of beautiful frame templates for you to choose from!
  • Photo Paper Effect
    A photo paper border with drop down shadow can be applied around each photo so that the final photo image looks like a page from a beautiful photo album.
  • Random Tilting
    Input photos can be randomly tilted to achieve casual artistic effect.
  • Photo Clipping
    You can clip out only a selected portion of the original photo to be uploaded. This is extremely helpful if you want to make the main character in the photo stand out by removing distracting backgrounds.
  • Add your signature image
    You can design and add your own signature image at the right bottom corner of the input photo.
  • Photo tiling
    Allow you tile many photos into a MxN array. Perfect for sharing pictures on forums.
  • Fast automatic batch processing

What makes it so beautiful and elegant is that all these processing is done on-the-fly when you are just about to upload your photos. With only a few mouse clicks, the enhanced photos are created and uploaded with a much faster speed. The original high resolution photos are not at all impacted. You no longer have to open external software, do the editing over there and save it to a file one by one.

Here are a few beautiful sample photos produced by Photo Salon:

photo with random tilting

Photo Paper effect with random tilting option turned on

photo with signature

Photo paper with signature image

clipped photo

A portion of the baby girl photo generated with the photo-clipping feature

A dual-photo frame featuring two cute babies generated by Photo Salon

Rose in a landscape photo frame

Butterfly in a square photo frame


Cut baby face in a golden frame (With gray-scale adjustment added)

Four roses tied into a 2x2 matrix

Nine dog photos tiled into a 3x3 matrix

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Comments (3)

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2/5 (6)
tringuyen says...
stupid feature
28th September 2022 11:17pm
Peeved User says...
This feature needs a new feature... An OFF button! Even when you switch slimjet to not process photos, that stupid upload interface still wants to get in the way, every single time! Please, give an option to completely disable it. I don't want your processing 'feature', I don't need it as I prep every upload in CC and have everything as I want it before uploading to whatever site I'm on... More clicks per task, when I should just be able to use the native features of a site ... Read More
25th March 2022 10:01pm
Norm M. says...
I think it only works using Facebook.

Here's a YouTube video showing how Photo Salon is used:
23rd January 2022 9:24pm
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