Automatically optimize memory usage in Slimjet

Support for automatic memory optimization is added in Slimjet 1.2.0. The option “Automatically optimize memory usage” is located in  the misc section of the settings page. The option is on by default and the default optimization period is set to 10 minutes. This can help minimize the memory usage of Slimjet. Theoretically speaking, this memory saving comes at the price of some performance degradation. However, based on our testing result, we can’t barely notice any slowdown at the default setting. And it can save the memory usage by 30% on an average system.

You might further reduce the period or even set to the zero to do more aggressive memory optimization. However, that might increase the chance of performance degradation depending on your system configuration. If you experience significant slowdown after enabling this option or reducing the optimization period, consider increasing the period or disable this setting completely.