Download Youtube Videos to MP4 and MP3 file

Slimjet comes with a built-in video downloader to help you download youtube videos easily to your local hard disk for offline watching. Download youtube videos in Slimjet can't be easier. All you have to do is open a youtube video page and click the "Download Video" button at the left bottom corner of the video as shown below,

download youtube videos


After you click the button, you will get dialog coming up allowing you to choose from different resolutions (1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p) and formats (mp4, flv, 3gp),

choose resolution and formats to download youtube video

Choose the resolution and format you desire and click OK button to start downloading the video. If you want to extract an mp3 audio file out of the video file after the video file has been completely download, turn on the option "Extract mp3 audio file" before clicking the OK button.


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Comments (15)

Topic: download-youtube-videos.php
4/5 (13)
Heliio says...
tudo bem meu amigo
25th May 2018 2:55pm
Heliio says...
it`s ok
25th May 2018 2:54pm
Boyd Martin says...
When I try the "download audio" option, I get a message saying that the file can't be found or installed.
13th March 2018 5:27pm
My yutube selected vidios do not load. Vidio stops loading and does not show
2nd March 2018 11:47pm
This vid DL function/feature has disappeared on my 64-bit Version SlimJet; How do I get it back? TIA
20th December 2017 12:21am
tinyvast says...
Why are there so many different pages on this site that all say this same thing? Oh well, this one is linked to from the main page, so I will report my comment here. I cannot use the video downloader in XP. It says it's going to download the transcoder, but they it says: Can't download this file! ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH The required files must be kept in some area of slimjet website that uses an SSL version not supported in XP (the entire slimjet website was like that for a ... Read More
19th December 2017 10:51pm
Marko says...
I don't have a download button...?
2nd November 2017 7:05am
pl says...
What is the mp3 kbps options? And if there is an start and finish time for them to set !?
23rd October 2017 4:38am
mustafa says...
9th October 2017 6:42am
mustafa says...
thank you
9th October 2017 6:40am
mustafa says...
we like it
9th October 2017 6:36am
mustafa says...
9th October 2017 6:34am
vskull says...
The download Youtube video feature no longer works as of 8/2017. Maybe this will get fixed in later releases.
19th August 2017 9:19am
brian says...
where have youu been this is great. i love
3rd August 2017 9:17pm
أسطورة الكرة says...
23rd July 2017 8:02am
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Copyright disclaimer:

The videos hosted on youtube website have their respective copyright holders. We strongly advise you to use the downloaded videos only for personal viewing purpose. If you wish to redistribute the download videos, you need contact the original copyright holders. If you use the downloaded videos in an improper way, you will solely reponsible for any possible copyright infringement and associated legal consequences.

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How to Download YouTube Videos to Save on Computer?

YouTube clearly states in its terms of service that it doesn't take into consideration downloading videos, i.e. you'll have to look for third party websites and apps to fulfill this. There are websites, apps, and browser extensions which can be used for this purpose, including ClipGrab, Keepvid, TubeSock, and lots more. As far as the browsers are concerned for video downloading, you can count on Slimjet. The reason being it comes forth with in-built video download features, which allows the users to make a faster download, that too without any additional extensions.

Which is the Fastest Software to Download YouTube Videos?

Well, there are many sources available in the internet market, which are known to be the fastest software to download HD quality YouTube Videos. But Slimjet is one such platform which differs from others, offering some exclusive features. For example, its inherent video Downloader helps you download YouTube videos efficiently. All you have to do is open a YouTube video page, click the "Download Video" button in the left corner of the video at bottom, and you are done.

Which is the Best Way to Download YouTube Videos in MP4 and MP3 format?

Users often find it difficult to Download YouTube Videos directly to MP4 and MP3 file. Not anymore you need to use separate software. Slimjet simplifies things for you. Just visit using Slimjet browser and start watching any video. You will see a "Download Video" button on the upper right corner and click the "Download Video" button. A list of accessible formats and resolutions for the video will appear. You can select any of those and easily get quality videos in 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p or 240p resolution.

How to Download YouTube Videos without Add-ons or Extensions?

While you will find many online browsers which can be used to download YouTube videos without add-ons or extensions, yet the downloading speed is not guaranteed. To avoid such situations, you must try Slimjet browser. It guarantees users the fastest downloading of high quality videos, without add-ons or extensions. You can download Slimjet browser now!