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In Slimjet, the New Tab page has been greatly enhanced to increase both flexibility and usability, compared with what's available in the Chrome browser. Here is the list of enhancement we've made to the Slimjet New Tab page,

  • Customizable rows and columns.
  • Customizable background color, image and video (indepedent from the currently-applied theme).
  • Semi-transparent quick-dial buttons when background image is applied.
  • Flexible options to put different types of links on a quick dial button
    1. Pin a manually-specified URL
    2. Automatically use a frequently used site
    3. Pin a saved QuickFill form file
      It lets you log into your favorite online account with a single click on a quick-dial button.
    4. Pin a bookmark folder
      It lets you open all the bookmarks under the folder with a single click on a quick-dial button.
  • Higher resolution thumbnail images
  • Quickly switch between multiple search engines from the search box.

Here is a screenshot of the New Tab page with background video enabled.

A large online video library is available for users to choose their own favorite background videos with beautiful scenery.

Here is a screenshot of the customization dialog in New Tab page,


Here is the dialog which let users to define the link to put on each quick-dial button,

define quick-dial button link


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Comments (6)

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Hermelindo Sevilla says...
With the advent of wider monitors, most websites have vertical strips that are normally white on a default theme.
As a senior my vision is not as good as it once was and the black themes are dreadful for me. In my new tab page I changed that clear color to soft green and they are better on my eyes. I have tried most of the web browers and all seem to have that problem. Is it possible to change the color of those vertical strips?

Thank you,
9th February 2024 9:06am
Steve says...
suddenly new tab is completely blank empty ???
2nd February 2024 6:12am
Hermelindo Sevilla says...
Are you able to set a bakground colour of our choice, just in the dark mode?

It would be greatly appreciated.
25th January 2024 3:00pm
ricky wright dev g 90s says...
now i have to find a chromium clone whichis impossible in 2024 due to cloning and mem leaks across all brands and old browsers wont allow modern secuity 2fa protocol lets scrap slimjet all the rest adn do blockchain one standard govt controlled browser so they dont hijack it and load up with bloatware hear that bill gates divorcee
2nd January 2024 5:58am
Dai Jones says...
Why are the tiles so YUGE? Compare with Chrome (on the Google page): Shortcuts are pleasantly small.

I assumed it would be a setting (i.e., the size of the tiles, small/med/large, but it's not.
20th July 2023 8:35am
Robert says...
How and where do I find the Customize Tabs Page please?
8th July 2023 9:13pm
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