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In Slimjet, the New Tab page has been greatly enhanced to increase both flexibility and usability, compared with what's available in the Chrome browser. Here is the list of enhancement we've made to the Slimjet New Tab page,

  • Customizable rows and columns.
  • Customizable background color, image and video (indepedent from the currently-applied theme).
  • Semi-transparent quick-dial buttons when background image is applied.
  • Flexible options to put different types of links on a quick dial button
    1. Pin a manually-specified URL
    2. Automatically use a frequently used site
    3. Pin a saved QuickFill form file
      It lets you log into your favorite online account with a single click on a quick-dial button.
    4. Pin a bookmark folder
      It lets you open all the bookmarks under the folder with a single click on a quick-dial button.
  • Higher resolution thumbnail images
  • Quickly switch between multiple search engines from the search box.

Here is a screenshot of the New Tab page with background video enabled.

A large online video library is available for users to choose their own favorite background videos with beautiful scenery.

Here is a screenshot of the customization dialog in New Tab page,


Here is the dialog which let users to define the link to put on each quick-dial button,

define quick-dial button link


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Comments (2)

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John says...
The font is too big on my tiles. For instance, my Google News page title is Goo... this is not sat. Also the tiles are so big, I have 4 rows and 8 columns to match Firefox. The window will not resize infinitely in width. I would like to have the titles below each tile, and have the tile image fill it's square with little or no border (too much border now)
15th September 2021 11:33am
Stephen says...
how to resize the columns size . they are too big and taking up too much of the background
7th October 2020 6:04am
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