weather informationWeather Condition and Weather Forecast

Slimjet provides a built-in weather forecast feature so that you can view your local weather condition directly in the browser without opening any website. All you have to do is add the weather button onto the navigation toolbar and set up your location information. After that, you will see your local weather condition and current temperature directly on the button as shown below,

weather button

If you hover the mouse pointer on the button, you will see a text display of the current weather condition, including the temperature range of the day. If you left click on the weather button, you will get the 7-day weather forecast information in a dialog,

weather forecast information

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Comments (3)

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fred bisard says...
easy as pie to remove weather thing. just go to setting/customize toolbar. a windows pops up. drag weather from left side to right side. done.
29th December 2018 9:09am
Elwood says...
OK I discovered it just now how it is part of the toolbar buttons.

My fault, but I think it could be a bit more intuitive because I wasted some time figuring it out.
8th March 2018 7:16am
Elwood says...
To activate it, just go to

No way to deactivate it.

After many years using Slimjet when it got activated today I thought it was malware because not idea of why suddenly I had that extension there and why I couldn't remove it.
8th March 2018 7:07am
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