weather informationWeather Condition and Weather Forecast

Slimjet provides a built-in weather forecast feature so that you can view your local weather condition directly in the browser without opening any website. All you have to do is add the weather button onto the navigation toolbar and set up your location information. After that, you will see your local weather condition and current temperature directly on the button as shown below,

weather button

If you hover the mouse pointer on the button, you will see a text display of the current weather condition, including the temperature range of the day. If you left click on the weather button, you will get the 7-day weather forecast information in a dialog,

weather forecast information

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Comments (3)

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Sharon Hill says...
I would like to say if the weather forecast could be more tailored to my specific area it would be more accurate. However, going by zip code gives me a temperature that is from a lower region in the valley than I am and varies sometimes quite a bit as I am more in the countryside than in the town.
12th December 2016 9:15pm
Eric Barnes says...
I downloaded this browser from the internet, in English, and all the instructions to make changes are in French.

When I tried to install the weather or meteo icon the toolbar shows "N/A".

Can you help me solve this problem?
8th October 2016 9:15am
Ron White says...
You instructions shouldn't say things like " all you have to do is add the weather button onto the navigation toolbar..." without at least pointing people to instructions on how to add a button to a toolbar. What seem to be obvious tasks to you are not for newbies, and you can lose potential users. Just check out Ed's comment below.
23rd July 2016 6:48pm
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