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On top of the existing options available in Chrome, Slimjet has added a lot more options and settings to make the web browser more customizable and flexible to best address the needs of different people. We don't believe in one-size-fit-all. Instead, Slimjet is designed with the best default settings for most people while providing options for users to customize it to suit their own personal preference.

Here is a brief list additional options added in Slimjet to give user more control on the behavior of the web browser,

  • Automatically create a new tab when entering a URL
    Automatically create a new tab when you enter an address from omnibox or select a bookmark.
    This will save you the troubling of having to manually create a new tab each time.
  • Open new tab in foreground by default
    Automatically activate the new tab when you open a link in a new tab from an existing tab.
  • Maximum number of items to show in suggestions list
    Change the number of items shown in the suggestion list dropping down from the omnibox
  • Double click to close site tab
    Allow uers to close a site tab by double clicking on a tab. For some mouses, it's fairly hard to press down on the middle click. This option would come in useful.
  • Always allow out-dated plugins to run
    Some of us just don't want to bother updating the flash or pdf plugins whenever an update is available. This option will help you get rid of the annoying warning messages.
  • Clear selected items at exit
    Allow users to automatically clean the browser history, cache or other data when the web browser quits.
  • Show search engine drop down button
    Show a drop down button listing all the available search engines in the omnibox. This will let users quickly switch between different search engines without opening the settings page.

We will be adding more and more options to this list based on the request from our users. If you happen to know a feature that would be useful to yourself and a significant number of others as well, feel free to let us know via the online feedback channel.

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Comments (2)

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Chuck says...
I can't watch some video because of "Privacy settings" why?
15th March 2021 9:21am
Richard Lim says...
I changed the drop down list to 10 but the actual drop down is still at default of 4.
Or rather, I should say the drop down window size is still 4 though it is possible top scroll down.
I was hoping to avoid scrolling.
It also appears Slimjet has erratic memory for the drop down ( but then all Chromium based browsers have similtr problem in varying degrees)
28th December 2020 2:30am
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