Make use of the bookmarks side panel that should have been there in Chrome

Did you know Slimjet supports a bookmarks side panel/bar that is not available in Chrome and most other Chromium-based browsers?

Select Bookmarks->Show bookmarks side panel from the main menu to show the bookmarks side panel as shown below,


The advantage of a side panel is that it should show many more bookmarks that the horizontal bookmark bar. Many people has asked for a multiple-row bookmarks bar in order to have quick access to more bookmarks. The side panel is a great alternative way to solve the problem. You can show about 50 bookmarks/folders if you have a monitor with a vertical resolution of 1200. Nowadays, most monitors have more enough width that typically needed for most web pages. So, it actually makes more sense to let the bookmarks side panel to fill up the extra width than let the previous vertical space taken away by the horizontal bookmarks bar.