Histórico da Versão


  • Fix bug with youtube video downloader

  • Fix a bug with portable version deleting manifest file incorrectly.

  • Update language files.

  • Fix bug with settings page

  • Improve youtube ad block

  • Migrate to Chromium 122.


  • Fix a few crash cases.

  • Fix a crash bug with ad blocker.

  • Fix a bug in bookmark side panel.

  • Migrate to chromium 120


  • Add "Define this word" to context menu to easily look up definition of words using Google.

  • Fix side bookmarks panel.

  • Migrate to chromium 117.


(Chromium 114)

  • Fix a crash case when typing in address box.

  • Fix video download issue with vemeo.com
  • Fix address bar font size.

  • Add hourly weather forecast information to the drop down menu of weather toolbar button.
  • Fix youtube video download issue.


(Chromium 111)

Please note that this version requires Windows 10 or later. Windows 7/8 no longer supported.

  • Fix issue with dedicated search bar.

  • Added "Ask AI about this" to in-page popup menu. You can select any phrase in a web page and ask AI to explain it.

  • Revised design of AI Text Revision panel. Added option "revise with simple and plain language". Removed "custom revise requirements" option to avoid abuse.
  • Fixed a bug about start up in incognito mode.

  • Added a side panel: AI Text Revision. This feature helps you revise and improve text in any language with the help of AI.

  • Fix a bug: side panel can't be closed in some cases.

  • Added "Ask AI" option to the side panel. You can open the side panel and select "Ask AI" option to access it. Or you can add the "Ask AI" button to the toolbar for quicker access. Ask AI is powered by ChatGPT.

38.0 (Last version to support windows 7/8)

(Chromium 109)

  • Renable: Emulate Edge browser user agent when accessing bing.com in order to access bing chat powered by ChatGPT.

  • Disabled edge browser emulation since it caused issues.
  • Fix bookmark side bar background color so that it can follow theme color.

  • Emulate Edge browser user agent when accessing bing.com in order to access bing chat powered by ChatGPT.

  • Fix crash when going full screen with side panel on.

  • Update language file
  • Add back toolbar button to open list of download jobs.

  • Fix bug about enabling microphone on some websites
  • Add menu "Pick a theme color" to the drop down menu of the skin button on the title bar.

  • Fix bug with bookmarks menu in multiple-column mode
  • Fix crash in app mode window.

  • Bug fix: fix loss of bookmarks when cleaning cookies and other site data at exit.

  • Experimental support for energy saver mode: chrome://flags/#battery-saver-mode-available
  • Better Support for COLRv1 Font and Emoji
  • Added option to automatically close idle tabs to reduce tab clutter and save memory. Look for option "Close unloaded idle tabs" in memory management section of settings page. Learn more about this option here.


(Chromium 107)

  • Migrate to new weather API due to cost issues with old weather API. Please update, otherwise, weather feature will stop working.
  • Add support for multiple column bookmark menu (search for "Multi-column bookmark menu" in settings).

  • Added support for record video from any tab, any window or the entire desktop screen. Use menu "Record video"

  • Reduce line height of bookmarks in side panels so that more lines can be shown in a screen.
  • Add menu Privacy->Clear Current Domain Data to clean the data associated with a single domain. The Clear browser data menu is also moved here.

  • Fix a few bugs.
  • adds support for hardware decoding for HEVC


(Chromium 104)

  • Make side panel button a customizable button on the toolbar.
  • Make side panel resizable and able to be located on either side.

  • Enabled reading list feature.

  • Fix bug with endless redirection issue with some http sites

  • Fix bug with google meeting screen sharing

  • Fix bug with youtube video download when not signed in

  • Search image with Google Lens (Right click on an image and select it from popup menu)


(Chromium 101)

  • Fix bug in French language file

  • Make turbocharged download manager window resizable

  • Download Bubble UI (Enable in chrome://flags/#download-bubble)
  • Allow you to add notes to saved passwords. (Enable in slimjet://flags/#password-notes)


(Chromium 98)

  • Add "Copy File" in slimjet://downloads/ page.

  • Fix bug with restore tabs in last session.

  • Fix a bug with bookmark drop down menu.
  • Fix a bug with video decoding.
  • Added option to remove all data and cookied stored by a site: go to chrome://settings/content/all.
  • Better HDR Support for CSS
  • Faster Back and Forward Navigation


(Chromium 94)

  • Upgrade navigations to HTTPS and warn you before loading sites that don't support it. Enable it in Settings > Privacy and Security > Security > Always use secure connections.
  • Desktop Sharing Hub. Turn on options: Desktop Sharing Hub in Omnibox or Desktop Sharing Hub in App Menu in slimjet://flags. It can let you quickly share page to third party websites, generate QR code or send page to your devices.


(Chromium 92)

  • Fix crash when opening youtube.

  • Fix bug with auto update (Need manually update to this version first to fix this).

  • Fix bug with ad blocker.

  • Fix starting issue with linux version.

  • Better control for Picture in Picture video calls
  • Better Transitions for Web Apps


(based on Chromium 90)

  • Fix bug with screenshot tool.

  • Fix a bug with default search engine.

  • Added "Copy link to highlight" to in-page context menu.
  • Added capability to search all open tabs. Click the little downward arrow on the right side of the Tab bar to search.


(based on Chromium 88)

  • Fix a bug about bookmarks bar in auto hide mode
  • Fix a bug about ad blocker.
  • Fix a crash case.

  • Fix a crash case
  • Update language files

  • Fix crash when openning settings page in some locales

  • Added option to hide youtube video download button in settings

  • Added support to copy quickfill passwords to default password manager: type slimjet://copy_quick_fill_passwords into address bar and press enter.

  • Improved support for dark mode them on Windows 10
  • Remove support of ftp protocol
  • Remove support of flash player.
  • Removed quick fill form filler.


(based on Chromium 87)

Notice: QuickFill form filler will be phased out on V30.

  • Update language files

  • Fix crash upon right clicking on the tabs.

  • Fix error with ad blocker on youtube videos.
  • Added option to hide extension drop down button on toolbar (Appearance section of settings page: Show extension drop down button on toolbar)

  • Add support for browser actions from address bar
  • Add API support for Camera pan, tilt, zoom
  • Search tabs from address bar. Just type the domain name or site title to search for a tab from address bar.
  • Throttling JavaScript timer wake-ups in background tabs to once per minute to reduce CPU usage of background tabs. Improves browser performance and boost battery life of laptops.


(based on Chromium 85)

  • Fix bug with default browser setting.

  • Update language files.

  • Fix crash when playing video.

  • “Profile Guided Optimization” brings up to 10% faster page loads.
  • Background tabs are throttled to a maximum of 1 percent CPU time after they’ve been inactive for five minutes or more. 


  • Fixed a bug with playing notification sound when download complete.

  • Fix adblocker issue with blocking youtube video ads.

  • Fix bug with home button
  • Add sound when finishing download files with turbo-charged download manager.

  • Update language files.

  • Fix icon of recently visited sites and most frequently visited sites menu.

  • Add "Copy file" to download shelf context menu.

  • Fix bug about drag & drop text to search.

  • Add support for Tab Groups (Right click on tab and select "Add to group")
  • Allow manage cookies on a per-site basis.
  • Added option to block third-party cookies.
  • Migrate to Chromium 83


  • Update language files.

  • Fix the overlapping between theme button and close button under linux.

  • Fix dependency on libpango on some linux distribution

  • Add option to show side tab bar only when the tabs on the top are crowded (check option "Side Tab Bar->Show when too many").

  • Optimize background and font color of side tab bar under various themes.

  • Fix rendering issue of side tab bar under multiple-screen setup.

  • Fix background color of side tab bar when dark theme is used.

  • Add support for side tab bar. Right click on any tab and select "Side Tab Bar:Enable Tab Bar" to enable the feature. Learn more about side tab bar

  • Fix compatibility with website with https protocol but inscure link to images.

  • Fix issue with default browser setting under linux
  • Fix compability issues with some linux distributions

  • Migrate to Chromium 80


  • Fix some issues with language file manager
  • Updated a few language files

  • Add menu item(Tab Popup) and shortcut key(Ctrl+Q) to go back to last active tab

  • Save flash allowing settings after browser exit.

  • Built in ad blocker now works without the need of additional extension process.

  • Enable quieter prompt to allow notifications for website by default.
  • Fix bug with website auto reload feature.

  • Fix a bug with youtube video download

  • Fix a bug with turbocharged download manager

  • Fix an issue with cached files

  • Update language files
  • Fix a few UI translation issues.

  • Fix a bug with cache directory setting

  • Fix a bug with turbocharged download manager.

24.0 (11/10/19)

  • Fix bug with "Copy file" in turbo charged download manager (10/5/19)

  • Fix a bug with search engine providers. (9/25/19)

  • Fix a bug youtube video downloader (9/17/19)

  • Fix a bug with bookmarking page from address box (9/11/19)

  • Fix gpu process crash under windows 7 (9/5/19)

  • Migrate to Chromium 76
  • Fixed a security issue.

23.0 (9/16/19)

  • Fix gpu process crash under windows 7

23.0.11 (8/20/19)

  • Fix bug about youtube video downloader (failed to merge audio & video)

23.0.10 (8/6/19)

  • Fix bug about youtube video downloader (missing available formats and quality)

23.0.9 (7/11/19)

  • Fix bug about playing netflix and amazon video under linux

23.0.8 (7/3/19)

  • Fix bug about full screen mode

23.0.7 (7/2/19)

  • Fix bug about creating shortcuts on desktop.

23.0.6 (6/10/19)

  • Fix another bug about thumbnails in New Tab Page.

23.0.5 (6/10/19)

  • Fix bug about thumbnails in New Tab Page. After update, need click on the site buttons using frequently visited sites to update the thumbnails.

23.0.4 (5/24/19)

  • Fix toolbar background in windows dark mode
  • Fix font size issue on weather and ad blocker toolbar icon.

23.0.3 (5/24/19)

  • Fix music playback on vk.com

23.0.2 (5/22/19)

  • Fix bug with language file manager.

23.0.1 (5/21/19)

  • Migrate to Chromium 74.


22.0.4 (3/13/19)

  • Fix crash when floating bookmark bar is enabled.

22.0.3 (3/10/19)

  • Fix a security issue for Mac and linux version.

22.0.2 (3/8/19)

22.0.1 (3/7/19)

  • Update to Chromium 72.


21.0.8 (12/29/18)

  • Update spanish language file
  • Fix bug about upload clipboard image in context menu (You can quickly upload clipboard image by right clicking on "Choose File" button).

21.0.7 (12/11/18)

  • Fix web page layout issue in popup window.

21.0.6 (12/9/18)

  • Fix bug with crash at some router admin page.

21.0.5 (12/4/18)

  • Fix bug with ad blocker filter selection.

21.0.4 (11/30/18)

  • Adjust toolbar buttons spacing.

21.0.3 (11/27/18)

  • Fix toolbar buttons layout issue
  • Fix bug about option of blocking cross domain referrers.

21.0.2 (11/23/18)

  • Fix position of theme-switching button on Linux.

21.0.1 (11/16/18)

  • Update to Chromium 70.


20.0.5 (10/22/18)

  • Fix web page hanging when transcoding youtube video after download.

20.0.4 (9/14/18)

  • Fix crash with flash when webrtc is disabled.

20.0.3 (9/13/18)

  • Fixed a bug with side bookmark panel.

20.0.2 (8/31/18)

  • Fixed a bug with ad blocker filter list editing

20.0.1 (8/30/18)

  • Migrate to Chromium 68

19.0.9 (7/25/18)

  • Fix bug: tab icon not visible when close button is hidden.
  • Fix bug: bookmark star button missing after typing in dedicated search box

19.0.8 (7/18/18)

  • Fix bug with mp4 codec.

19.0.7 (7/10/18)

  • Fix compatibility issue with linux with libcurl4.

19.0.6 (6/29/18)

  • Fix compatibility issue with msn.com when ad blocker is enabled.

19.0.5 (6/25/18)

  • Fix layout issue with settings page.

19.0.4 (6/17/18)

19.0.3 (6/15/18)

  • Fix video playback issue with youku.com

19.0.2 (5/31/18)

  • Fix bug with side bookmarks panel.
  • Fix bug with download manager.

19.0.1 (5/29/18)

  • Update to Chromium 66.
  • Automatically mute the sound of autoplaying videos


18.0.5 (4/27/18)

  • Language file updates.

18.0.4 (4/17/18)

  • Fix a bug with ad blocker.

18.0.3 (4/9/18)

  • Fix startup issue under Mac.

18.0.2 (3/31/18)

  • Update language files.

18.0.1 (2/15/18)

  • Update to Chromium 64(patch for Spectre and Meltdown bug)
  • Added control to mute entire website
  • HDR support for Windows 10 users


17.0.9 (2/6/18)

  • Language file update.

17.0.8 (2/1/18)

  • Minor performance improvement.

17.0.7 (1/24/18)

  • Fix video playback issue under Mac

17.0.6 (1/17/18)

  • Update language files
  • Fix a bug with youtube video downloader
  • Fix bug with toolbar customization dialog for french UI.

17.0.5 (1/12/18)

  • Update language files

17.0.4 (1/10/18)

  • Update language files
  • Add support to view saved passwords directly from address bar when chrome password manager is used.

17.0.3 (12/31/17)

  • Update language files
  • Fix playback issue with netflix.

17.0.2 (12/23/17)

  • Update language files
  • Fix minor bugs.

17.0.1 (12/18/17)

  • Migrate to Chromium 63
  • Improve youtube video downloader. Added option to save as webm which takes much less time during video merging.


16.0.9 (12/7/17)

  • Fix a bug with video proxy

16.0.8 (11/22/17)

  • Fix a bug with toolbar customization dialog

16.0.7 (11/20/17)

  • Fix a few crash cases.
  • Update toolbar icons

16.0.6 (11/16/17)

  • Fix a bug with video recording
  • Fix compatibility issue with Tampermonkey extension.

16.0.5 (11/10/17)

  • Fix a bug with video play back.

16.0.3 (11/7/17)

  • Fix a bug with proxy settings.

16.0.2 (11/6/17)

  • Fix video play back on iqiyi.com
  • Fix a bug with mouse gesture

16.0.1 (11/1/17)

  • Fix video play back on Windows 10 with fall creators update.

16.0.0 (10/27/17)

  • Migrate to Chromium 61.


15.1.7 (11/1/17)

  • Fix video play back on Windows 10 with fall creators update.

15.1.6 (10/18/17)

  • Update language files.

15.1.5 (10/9/17)

  • Fix bug with gif animation play control option.

15.1.4 (9/26/17)

  • Fix a bug with youtube video downloader
  • Fix video playback issue on pptv.com

15.1.3 (9/7/17)

  • Add drop down history for dedicated search box.


  • Fix bug: youtube video download button missing with new youtube layout.


  • Update language files.

15.1.0 (8/17/17)

  • New feature: "Record video from current tab" available from the main menu. You can access it quickly by adding the corresponding button onto the toolbar. It allows you to record whatever content in the current tab into a webm video file. Learn more
  • Fix AAC audio playback on some sites.

15.0.5 (8/10/17)

  • Added search box into side bookmark panel.
  • Save screenshot menu now saves the screenshot of the entire page instead of just visible portion
  • Updated Ukranian language file
  • Bug fix: drop down menu from New Tab button no available under Mac

15.0.4 (7/31/17)

  • Fix bug with flash blocking notification.
  • Remove option "force flash player on youtube" since youtube no longer supports flash player.

15.0.3 (7/19/17)

  • Fix bug with ad blocker.

15.0.2 (7/9/17)

  • Fix bug with language file manager
  • Fix bug with side bookmarks panel under linux.
  • Add "Add to Desktop" menu.

15.0.1 (7/8/17)

  • Fix bug with crash dump file generation.

15.0.0 (6/29/17)

  • Migrate to Chromium 59.


14.0.16 (6/14/17)

  • Fixed a bug with webcam support.

14.0.15 (6/14/17)

  • Fixed a bug with video proxy.

14.0.14 (6/7/17)

  • Fixed some issues with QuickFill form filler.

14.0.13 (6/6/17)

  • Bug fix: double sound when forcing flash player on youtube.com.

14.0.12 (6/2/17)

  • Fixed a bug with mp3 decoder

14.0.11 (6/1/17)

  • Fixed a bug with download manager.

14.0.10 (5/24/17)

  • Added support for Mp3 codec under Linux and Mac. (5/18/17)

  • Fix bug: Can't set default browser under Linux
  • Fix bug: tab crash when playing some videos.
  • Fix bug: Can't launch on Mint 17. (5/12/17)

  • Fix bug: Can't cast tab content to TV. (5/12/17)

  • Fix bug: update checker incorrectly downloads Windows version on Linux and Mac
  • Fix bug: iQiyi.com video playback. (5/9/17)

  • Fix bug: can't add more search engines to the search engine drop down menu. (5/2/17)

  • Fix bug associated with opening startup page when starting Slimjet in incognito mode.
  • Fix bug: download youtube video button not visible when force flash player option is enabled. (4/27/17)

  • Fix bug associated with opening home page when openning a new window via program shortcut. (4/26/17)

  • Fix bug associated with startup page. (4/25/17)

  • Fix bug associated with canvas reading exception list. (4/20/17)

  • Fixed a bug with portable version about storage location of user data. (4/19/17)

13.0 (4/6/17)

  • Fix issue with cash flow calculation tool on redfin.com (3/18/17)

  • Add support for external codec libraries (h.264, aac and mp3) on Linux and Mac. (Learn more) (3/7/17)

  • Fix code signing certificate issuse for Mac installer
  • Fixed a bug with drag & drop operation on the bookmarks bar (3/1/17)

  • Fix bug about dedicated search box. (2/28/17)

  • First release for Mac OS X. (2/3/17)

  • Fix a security issue. (1/31/17)

  • Fix bug with video playing with no sound. (1/25/17)

  • Fix bug with youtube video downloader. (1/19/17)

  • Add support for downloading 1080p video from youtube.
  • Fix crash with extensions. (1/17/17)

  • Migrate to Chromium 55.
  • Pepper Flash is no longer bundled with the Windows installer. It will be downloaded automatically upon first use.

12.0 (1/6/17)

  • Fixed a bug with Chrome Cast support. Now you can cast a Tab to televsion in more ways: 1. Google cast extension icon. 2. Select "Cast..." from the main menu. 3. Right click within a tab and select "Cast..." from the popup menu. (12/21/16)

  • Bug fix: can't use Ctrl+W to close tabs consecutively when floating bookmark bar or side bookmark panel is enabled. (12/19/16)

  • Fix https certificate issue when accessing amazon.com. (12/11/16)

  • Fix https certificate issue
  • Fix bug with facebook video download (12/5/16)

  • Fix https certificate issue under Linux (12/1/16)

  • Fixed a bug with video codes.
  • Automatically clean download manager history when cleaning browser history. (11/21/16)

  • Fixed playback issue of Tencent video. (11/12/16)

  • Fixed audio playback issues for some videos.
  • Fixed bug with cash flow analysis tool on redfin.com. (11/7/16)

  • Fixed audio playback issues for some videos.
  • Fixed a bug with QuickFill form filler. (10/22/16)

  • Fixed a bug with QuickFill form filler. (10/20/16)

  • Fixed a bug about ad blocker which might cause crash when updating Russian sites filter list.
  • Fixed broken link of Arabic sites and Hungarian sites in ad blocker filter lists. (10/18/16)

  • Fixed a bug about the form filler.
  • Revised cash flow analysis tool on redfin.com. (10/11/16)

  • Fix bug about update checking. Users of Slimjet 11 and earlier versions of Slimjet 12 will have to update to this version manually first. (10/10/16)

  • Fix bugs about profile switching icon visibility option and incognito mode special avatar visibility option. (10/6/16)

  • Migrate to Chromium 53.

11.0 (10/4/16)

  • Disabled auto-update of flash plugins for vista users to avoid compatibility issues. (Flash v23 or later doesn't support xp or vista) (10/1/16)

  • Fix video playback issues
  • Fixed crash on autohide bookmark bars. (8/23/16)

  • Fix startup issue under Fedora
  • Fix crash at startup when tab unloading option is enabled under Linux. (8/11/16)

  • Fix bug with display of bookmark bar under Linux
  • Fix bug with exit confirmation dialog. (7/29/16)

  • Update Korean language file (7/19/16)

  • Fix https certificate issue on Windows XP SP2. (7/12/16)

  • Migrate to Chromium 51.
  • Important notice: Java, silverlight and other NPAPI plugins are no longer supported in Slimjet 11. Download Slimjet 10.0.7 if you need access to java, silverlight and other NPAPI plugins.

10.0 (10/20/16)

  • Updated flash to v23. (10/4/16)

  • Disabled auto-update of flash plugins for vista users to avoid compatibility issues. (Flash v23 or later doesn't support xp or vista) (10/3/16)

  • Fixed a bug with youtube video downloader. (7/21/16)

  • Fix https compatibility issue with Windows XP SP2. (6/27/16)

  • Update language files
  • Fixed a bug with crash dump file generation. (6/23/16) (6/1/16) (5/30/16)

  • Fixed invalid https certificate issue on Windows XP. (5/28/16)

  • Fixed video playback issue on some GPU models. (5/24/16)

  • Fix Java support issue on Windows 10.
  • Fixed password saving issue on eBay.com
  • Fixed auto-update issue in 10.0.1 and 10.0.0. Users who are currently using 10.0.0 or 10.0.1 will have to update manually from our site. (5/20/16)

  • Migrated to Chromium 50 (Yes, Slimjet 10 remains compatible with XP and Vista)
  • Fixed bugs with QuickFill form filler on some websites.

9.0 (5/8/16)

  • Fixed bugs with tiling tabs on windows 10.
  • Fixed refreshing issue of the close buttons on the tabs when toggling its visiblity. (4/29/16)

  • Update language files.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs. (4/22/16)

  • Added support to show weather information on new tab page. Click the customize button to change the option. (4/13/16)

  • Bug fix: not loading background tabs when startup option is set to "Continue where you left off". (4/7/16)

  • Fix bug with facebook video download
  • Update language files. (4/6/16)

  • Restored support of silverlight and other NPAPI plugins.
  • Added option to show dedicated search box on the right side of the omnibox for firefox users who like to have it that way (Settings->Show dedicated search box). (3/30/16)

  • Added support to show background videos on the new tab page (Click "Customize" button on the New Tab Page and select "Background Video"). Get more videos from our online video library. (3/25/16)

  • Migrate to Chromium 49

8.0 (3/13/16)

  • Added support for using background video on new tab page (online background video library will be available pretty soon).
  • Adjust layout of the new tab page to allow more viewable portion of the background image/video on the new tab page. (3/8/16)

  • Fixed bug with automatic update on Windows XP (Users who use on XP would have to launch Slimjet manually after update). (3/6/16)

  • Added support for automatic update (Windows version only)
  • Fixed a bug with ad blocker. (2/28/16)

  • Fix "New Tab" button display issue when windows display percentage is set to 150%. (2/22/16)

  • Fix bugs with turbocharged download manager
  • Remove warnings about XP and Vista support. (2/19/16)

  • Migrate to Chromium 48.

7.0 (2/13/16)

  • Fixed a bug with ad blocker. (2/9/16)

  • Fixed a bug with ad blocker. (2/6/16)

  • Added option not to show confirmation dialog before downloading file with turbocharged download manager under Settings->Download.
  • Update language files.
  • Fixed download issue with baidu cloud storage.
  • Fixed tab activation issue by mouse clicks on the tab bar. (2/2/16)

  • Bug fix: special avatar button in incognito mode not displayed correctly.
  • Bug fix: fix some bugs with ad blocker. (1/28/16)

  • Fixed bug: unintended message boxes when updating ad blocker filter.
  • Fixed bug with playback of very short videos. (1/26/16) (1/21/16) (1/12/16) (1/7/16)

  • Migrated to Chromium 47.

6.0 (1/3/16)

  • Fixed a bug with turbocharged download manager when downloading html files. (12/31/2015)

  • Fixed a bug with turbocharged download manager when downloading html files.
  • Update language files. (12/21/2015)

  • Fixed a crash case at first run on Windows 8/8.1.
  • Update language files. (12/18/2015)

  • Fixed a bug with tencent video playback.
  • Add integration support for Screencastify extension (Select "Record video from current tab" from the menu to install the extension).
  • Fixed a crash case with ad blocker.
  • Fixed a bug with turbocharged download manager. (12/8/2015)

  • Update language files
  • Fix a couple of crash cases.
  • Disable "Eagleget downloader" extension due to compatibility issue. (12/4/2015)

  • Update language files.
  • Fixed another bug with form filler. (12/2/2015)

  • Make all the sections in the settings page collapsible for easier viewing.
  • Improved QuickFill Form filler.
  • Automatically reload current tab after allowing a plugin to run.
  • Show the number of blocked urls on the ad blocker button (hidden elements are not counted due to performance reason)
  • Misc bug fixes. (11/23/2015)

  • Update language files
  • Fix a crash case with codec. (11/20/2015)

  • Update language files
  • Fix an internal bug with codecs.
  • Added support to temporarily bypass turbocharged download manager by holding Alt key. (11/18/2015)

  • Update language files.
  • Fix a crash case with ad blocker. (11/14/2015) (11/7/2015)

5.0 (11/8/2015)

  • Fixed crash when signing into eBay. (11/3/2015)

  • Fix a bug with turbocharged download manager. (11/2/2015)

  • Fix miscellanous crash cases
  • Update language files. (10/28/2015)

  • Update language files
  • Fix a bug with autofill. (10/26/2015)

  • Update language files.
  • Fix potential crash with turbocharged downloader
  • Fix potential crash with ad blocker
  • Fix bug: QuickFill doesn't prompt saving login information on Yahoo email. (10/18/2015)

  • Update language files
  • Fixed localization issue in turbocharged downloader. (10/17/2015)

  • Fixed bugs and improved the design of turbocharged downloader
  • Fixed bug with youtube video downloader
  • Automatically use turbocharged downloader to download youtube videos faster.

  • Added option to change default maximum number of connections for turbocharged downloader
  • Fixed a bug in ad blocker related to element hiding.
  • Remember last save folder in turbocharged downloader confirmation dialog.

  • Added support for generating renderer dump files.
  • Added option to set turbocharged download manager as the default downloader (under Download section of the settings page).
  • Fixed more bugs with ad blocker.

  • Fixed more bugs with ad blocker.

  • Fixed more bugs with ad blocker.
  • Fixed bugs with form saving dialog of form filler.
  • Completed Arabic and Japanese language file (Thanks to mfmd and Yuki Nagatomo).

  • Fixed crash when too many big ad block filter lists are selected.
  • Fixed a bug with interpretation of ad blocker rules.

  • Add support for subscribing additional filter lists with built-in ad blocker. (Check Ad Blocker Options dialog)
  • Fix more bugs with ad blocker.
  • Avoid blocking reading from html canvas for extension scripts
  • Revised QuickFill save form interface from info bar to a small dialog at the right bottom corner of the browser window.

  • Migrate to Chromium 44
  • Added built-in ad blocker (accessible from "Ad Blocker" under the main menu or the corresponding toolbar button")
  • Added turbocharged download manager which use parallel connections to boost file download speeds up to 12x. (Select "Turbocharged download" from the context menu when you right click on a link).


  • Make flash player updatable as an component (Visit chrome://components )
  • Updated flash player to

  • Added "Scan link with Virustotal" to context menu.
  • Updated flash player to

  • Fixed a crashing bug when typing in omnibox
  • Fixed a bug with form filler.
  • Updated language files.

  • Added support for "Auto hide on side" for the side bookmarks bar.
  • Fixed navigational buttons on the left side when moving other toolbar buttons to the right side.
  • Improve intelligence level of QuickFill form filler.

  • Fix youku video playback issue
  • Update flash to

  • Bug fix: side bookmark bar or side bookmark panel not hidden in full screen mode.
  • Update language files.

  • Fixed audio playback issue with facebook videos.

  • Fix bug with mp3 decoder.

  • Fixed incorrect displayed default value for minimum SSL version.
  • Changed default value of NPAPI support to ON.

  • Fix bug with video playback on Windows 8.

  • Fix bug with context menu under Linux.

  • Fix crash when uploading file in Windows XP.
  • Bug fix: fail to launch under Linux.

  • Upgrade to Chromium 42 code base
  • Added option to disable fullscreen notice in Settings->Misc.


  • Fix crash when uploading file in Windows XP.

  • Remove unique media device id when webrtc is disabled to enhance privacy protection
  • Fix crash when uploading photoes or documents directly from android phone or digitial camera.

  • Fixed bug about video/audio out-of-sync problem when playing html5 mp4 video.
  • Added option "Confirm when closing browser window with multiple tabs" under Settings->Misc.
  • Fixed bug with youtube video downloader.

  • Added option to disable WebRTC under Settings->security for users who are concerned about IP leakage via WebRTC

  • Update flash plugin to
  • Added support for h.264, AAC and mp3 codec for Windows Vista or later.
  • Added support for widevine CDM on Windows platform.

  • Update flash plugin to
  • Fix some minor bugs.

  • Update language files
  • Fix some minor bugs.

  • Fix netflix playback issue

  • Settings page not loaded properly for non-English users.

  • Migrate to Chromium 40.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Google cast extension.


  • Fix some bugs with the bookmarks side panel.
  • Update language files.

  • Fix netflix video playback error when playing from DVD queue.

  • Bug fix: youtube video download button missing.

  • Bug fix: unable to open settings page on linux for users using a local other than English US.
  • Fix layout issue of the info bar which shows version update information.

  • Add support for middle-clicking to open site in new tab in "Recently visited sites" and "Most frequently visited sites" menu.
  • Default behavior change: Middle clicking a link in bookmark menu, bookmark bar, "Recently visited sites" and "Most frequently visited sites" menu opens the link in a foreground new tab by default. Hold shift while middle-clicking to open the link in a background new tab.
  • Fixed translation issue and display issue of the customization dialog and url editing dialog in the new tabs page.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs about the "Download all links" dialog.

  • Bug fix: Netflix video streaming not working.
  • Bug fix: mouse gesture settings dialog not working in some non-English interface.

  • Bug fix: unable to install video transcoder when downloading youtube video.

  • Update language files.
  • First beta version for linux.

  • Fix possible crash when opening the online feedback page.

  • Bug fix: opening url from omnibox suggestion list didn't follow the option of automatic new tab creation.

  • Bug fix: open bookmark from bookmark menu didn't follow the option of automatic new tab creation.

  • Added "Open with..." menu to downloaded files on the download shelf so that you can open it with different programs.
  • Added support for fully customizable mouse gestures. Check "Settings: Mouse Gestures"
  • Fixed a crash case in bookmark side panel.
  • Fixed a crash case with QuickFill
  • Redesigned the color selection dialog in new tab page.


  • Update language files.

  • Migrated to Chromium 38.
  • Added support for suppressing repeated warnings about sites using self-signed SSL certificates.
  • Added basic support for mouse gesture.
  • Added option to always print using system dialog, i.e, bypass the print preview dialog.
  • Bug fix: translation popup window not working on some websites.

  • Fixed many errors in and completed German language files (Thanks to Wolfgang Hubertus)
  • Fixed a bug with replacing yahoo search engine result indirect link.
  • Fixed a bug with dragging text to search.

  • CRITICAL SECURITY UPDATE: Set default SSL minimum to TLS 1.0 as a response to the Poodle bites exploit of SSL 3.0
  • Privacy protection enhancements (Privacy section)
    • Added option to hide the special avatar button in incognito mode to make incognito mode less conspicuous.
      Simply click on the avatar button in incognito mode and select "Hide this icon" from the popup menu to hide it.
    • Added a series of anti-tracking options (Learn more)
      • Block cross-domain HTTP referrer
      • Block social network javascript on third-party websites
      • Block Google ads on third-party websites
      • Replace indirect link in search engine results with direct link to original site

  • Updated flash player to
  • Added option to close tab by right click (Tab options section)
  • Added option to support "drag & drop text to search" for selected text in the current search engine (Misc section)
  • Added option to control whether to create new browser window when clicking on program shortcut (Misc section).
  • Added toolbar button to search for keywords within the current site using Google site search.
  • Improved loading speed of New Tab page.
  • Added a "List of tabs" button when the tab bar is full of tabs. You can click this button to get a drop down list showing the full title of all the tabs.
  • Bug fix: Hiding status message in full screen mode.
  • Bug fix: remember save path when saving screenshot images.
  • Bug fix: bookmark side panel lost after resizing the width to zero.
  • Bug fix: Opening from bookmark side panel should follow tab creation option.

  • Performance optimization.
  • Reduced size of installation package.
  • Added button on the caption bar to change themes quickly.
  • Added option "Don't show floating url in fullscreen mode" in misc section of the settings page.

  • Update language files
  • Upgrade flash player to
  • Added menu "Save as PDF" to save the current web page as a PDF file quickly.

  • Bug fix: fixed crash when memory optimization option is turned on.
  • Bug fix: user agent string not updated properly.
  • Update some language files.

  • Migrated to Chromium 37.
  • Added support for DirectWrite.
  • Added option to automatically optimize memory usage under Misc section of settings page.
  • Added "Bookmark this page" and "Bookmark this link" to context menu within the web page.
  • Added "Reopen closed tab" as an available toolbar button.
  • Added option to change cache folder and set cache under cache options of settings page.
  • Added option to hide the close button on the tabs.
  • Bug fix: page opened in wrong tab when bookmarks bar is in auto-hide mode.
  • Fix a bug with tab activation settings.

  • Updated Polish language file
  • Added option "Show url at left-bottom corner when hovering mouse on a link" in "Misc" section of the settings page.

  • Update language files.

  • Added option to support auto-hiding the bookmarks bar.
  • Added menu "Get more extensions" under "Tools" menu.
  • Updated pepper flash to
  • Fixed the display of about:memory page
  • Added option to disable confirmation page when opening a large number of bookmarks at the same time.
  • Fixed bug with video conversion after downloading youtube video.

  • Migrated to Chromium 36.
  • Added support for scrolling tabs with mouse wheel.
  • Added option to disable desktop notification (the white bell icon in the system tray) under Privacy section of settings page. You can also right click on the bell icon in the system tray and select "Disable desktop notification" from the menu to quickly get rid of the icon if you find it annoying.
  • Added option to force flash player (instead of html5) on youtube
  • Updated PDF plugin to support full text search inside PDF.


  • Updated pepper flash to
  • Fixed translation issues of some UI text
  • Updated Polish language file


  • Update language files.
  • Added support for pepper flash.


  • Update language files
  • Improved QuickFill form filler compatibility
  • Added tab context menu "Convert to App Window"


  • Update language files.
  • Fixed a bug with autofill.


  • Added option "Start up in incognito mode" in settings->privacy
  • Added menu item "Close all tabs from this domain" to tab context menu.
  • Added "Delete" to context menu of matched forms in the suggestion list of omnibox to quickly delete a form file.
  • Improved QuickFill form filler to work with more web sites.
  • Added "check all" button to select all matched items when searching history.
  • Added support for tiling tabs in metro mode.


  • Fixed crash when attempting to install ad blocker plugin.


  • Add support for search by voice on the new tab page.
  • Added option to place new tab from an existing tab at the end of all tabs.
  • Added bookmarks side panel.
  • Added support for backing up forms to zip file and restoring forms from zip file (Accessible from More->Backup forms/Restore forms from the drop down menu under the QuickFill button).
  • Added drop down menu from the new tab button (+). Right click on the new tab button to access the menu which shows all the sites defined on the new tab page.
  • Preliminary support for high-dpi mode.


  • Migrated to Chromium 35.0.1916.114.
  • Added option to open all popups in new tab instead (under settings:tab options)
  • Added option to show toolbar buttons on the right side of the omnibox (under settings:appearance).
  • All toolbar buttons include back/forward/reload are now customizable.
  • Added drop down menu when right clicking on the new tab button to let you quickly access the quickdial sites without having a new tab page first.


  • Added menu "Send link by email" under "Share this page" into the popup menu when right clicking on a tab.
  • Make quickdial buttons semi-transparent when background image is applied.


  • Add option not to close browser when closing last tab.
  • Hide close/edit/refresh buttons on the quick dial buttons in the New tab page
  • Added support for importing SlimBrowser groups as bookmark folders.
  • Added option to control which page to open when creating a new tab (New tab page, home page or blank page).