What is the shortcut Key to duplicate tabs in Chrome browser

How to duplicate a tab with shortcut key in Chrome?

Unforunately, Chrome doesn't provide a single shortcut key to duplicate the current tab. If you need duplicate tabs frequently every day, it'd be slight pain to do it with the mouse via the context menu on the tabs.

If you have to use keyboard only to duplicate a tab in Chrome, there is a workaround which requires two shortcut keys. You need first use the Alt+D shortcut key to put the focus into the address bar, and then use Alt+Enter to open that URL in a new tab.

If that feels awkward for you, read on and we have a better solution for you.

How to duplicate tabs easily with Slimjet web browser?

Slimjet is a browser based on the Chromium open-source project. Slimjet has everything available in Chrome but offers a lot more features and has much better customizability.

Slimjet has a single shortcut key to duplicate the current tab. Just press CTRL+M to duplicate tabs easily everytime you need it.


If you are not yet an existing Slimjet web browser user, Download Slimjet for FREE Now to start enjoying the "Shortcut key to duplicate tab" feature and a lot more other powerful features available in Slimjet.

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