Side bookmarks bar is finally here in Slimjet web browser

Side bookmarks bar is added in Slimjet so that users can have more bookmarks visible at the same time for one-click access.

We have added support to show the bookmarks bar on the side of the web browser window in Slimjet To activate the side bookmarks bar, select “Bookmarks->Show bookmarks bar->Show on side” from the main menu. You can also access it from the context menu when you right click on the bookmarks bar.

Here is a screenshot of it:


You might ask why we are adding this feature since we already have the tree-based side bookmarks panel. Well, we think the tree-based side bookmark panel is not convenient enough. If you want to access the bookmarks within a subfolder, you need click the + sign on the left side of the folder to expand it first. In comparison, the side bookmarks bar acts just like the top bookmarks bar, using the same popup menu to access bookmarks within folders and subfolders. You only have to move the mouse to navigate into subfolders without any additional clicking. Compared with the top bookmarks bar, the side bookmarks bar can show about twice as many bookmarks at the same time, making them available within one-click access.

There are people who might argue that the side bookmarks bar take more space from your screen. The truth is, nowadays most monitors have wide 16:9 ratio. When you view a web page, you usually have more than enough screen width you can use. On the height side, every little space is more precious. Therefore, it actually makes more sense for most people to use a vertical bookmarks bar on the side than a horizontal bookmarks bar on the top. However, we do understand the power of tradition and habits. We still keep the top bookmarks bar as the default layout and leave side bookmarks as an option for advanced users who want to have more bookmarks within one-click access.

There are a lot users who also requested for the top bookmarks bar to support multiple row so that it can show more bookmarks. We say side bookmarks bar is a better solution to the problem.

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10 thoughts on “Side bookmarks bar is finally here in Slimjet web browser”

  1. At present, the keyboard shortcut for Bookmarks ( CTRL+I) makes the new style Side Bookmarks Bar disappear necessitating a return to the menu. Is it possible to have a different shortcut show the new bar? Maybe CTRL+B which I believe is not in use?

  2. It’s a somewhat useful added option. It would be far more useful if the side-bookmarks-bar was auto-hidable, also. I do not like the space that the side-bookmarks-bar takes up; it is not easily closed, either. Ctrl-I (bookmarks panel) is better for this because it is easily closed.

    1. There is the shortcut key ctrl+shift+b to toggle the visibility of the side bookmarks bar.

  3. I see little clicking advantage with the bookmarks sidebar versus the bookmarks panel, also. I still have to click to see the contents of a folder; once I click on a bookmark in that folder, I still must click on another folder name to see its contents and open of the bookmarks there, also.

    All in all, the Bookmarks Sidebar (which cannot quickly/easily be closed) will not be used here. It’s not as functional or as productive as the Bookmarks Panel or the auto-hidable Bookmarks bar at the top.

  4. A great idea in general but it would make even more sense to include the auto-hide option of the top bar as well. I always liked the similar side panel option in opera, so if you just move you mouse to the left edge of the browser the bookmarks panel is visible and hides automatically when you move the mouse somewhere else.

    1. That is a great idea. We will add the autohide option in the near future.

  5. Welcome addition – but needs to go further – See OLD Opera 12.xx (Presto) browser version – Floating toolbar, All bookmarks – not just bookmark bar, tree view for bookmarks, Sort by created, viewed date, Support for notes

  6. well, great idea, but it doesn’t work correctly for me – win7 64bit, version 32bit, with option “show on side” or “show on side hidden” – it abscures almost all content of web page! and that even with my bookmarks’ names really short!

    I installed that version after installing previously older 64bit version, then I unninstalled 64bit version and cleaned register. maybe that’s the problem? maybe clean reinstall can help…

    thx in advance for any help or advise!

    1. You should be able to resize the width of the side bookmarks bar by dragging on the right edge of the side bar.

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