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Tracking Prevention Options

Slimjet has included a list of tracking prevention options to stop the Internet companies and advertising businesses from tracking your browsing activities. To access the tracking prevention options, select "Settings" from the main menu to open the settings page. Click the "Show advanced settings" link at the bottom to show the advanced settings. Then scroll down to the "Tracking prevention options" subsection under the "Privacy" section.

Send a "Do Not Track" request with your browsing traffic

Send a "Do Not Track" http header with your browsing traffic. However, it's mostly up to the website owner to decide whether they would respect this request. As the largest advertiser on Internet, Google DOES NOT respect this request. Despite being a very popular option among most browsers, it's the least effective one.

Learn more information about "Do Not Track" request.

Block cross-domain HTTP referrer

When you navigate from a web page to another, the web server of the destination web page receives the URL of the original web page as the "referrer". This will tell the destination web server which web site you visited before coming to the destination page. When this option is turned on, no referrer information will be sent when the source web page and the destination web page comes from different domains.

Navigation activities between web pages within the same domain are not affected since many web pages check for same-site referring url to avoid being spammed. The web server knows all your browsing trace on this particular server anyway from the server log.

This option might affect the proper operation of some web sites which checks for referrer between different domains. If it causes problem for you, you should disable this option.

Block social network javascript on third-party websites

When this option is turned on, most social network javascript (from Facebook, Twitter, Google+) used on third-party websites will be blocked. The social networking sharing widgets/buttons ("Share", "Recommend", "Like", "Follow", "+1", etc) will not be visible on third-party website as a result. If these scripts are not blocked, companies like Facebook will know what websites you have visited. When you are back on Facebook website, Facebook will send you targeted ads based on the websites you have visited.

Block Google ads on third-party websites

Many third-party web sites show Google ads based on Google's adsense technology. When you visit such web sites and view the ads served by Google, Google automatically knows you have visited these web sites by associating your browsing activity with your IP address. Google will use these information to send you highly-targeted ads even when you browse some other web sites. That's how you get tracked even if you are not using Google as a search engine. Turning on this option will block all the Google's ads on third-party websites and prevent Google from knowing your browsing activities.

Replace indirect link in search engine results with direct link to original site

Some search engines (most notably Google) use indirect links in their search results instead of direct links to the original web sites. Whenever you click on any of the search result, your clicking activity associated with your IP address and other browsing identifications will be recorded by their server. When this option is turned on, the indirect link will be replaced with the direct link to the original web site when you click on a search result. It prevents you from being tracked by the search engine companies and speeds up the navigation by eliminating unnecessary indirection.

Disable Reading from HTML5 Canvas

Turn on this option to disable javascript from exporting the pixels contained in a HTML5 canvas element, which will prevent any canvas fingerprinting attempts.

NOTE: Currently this option works on Google and Yahoo search results. Bing already uses direct links. It doesn't work for Baidu and Yandex which use encoded or hashed url parameter.


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