Slimjet Online Help

Introduction to Slimjet

Slimjet is a fast, smart and powerful web browser built on top of the Chromium open-source project (on which Google chrome is based as well). It adds more options to Chromium to make it more flexible and customizable. It also integrates more features to Chromium so that users can get more done in less time without relying on external plugins.

Almost all of the features in Chromium have been kept in Slimjet to ensure compatibility. Most plugins and extensions designed for Chrome should work just fine in Slimjet. You can install any extension and theme from Chrome web store directly onto Slimjet.

Here is a list of important features Slimjet has added on top of the original feature set available in Chromium:

  1. Built in Ad Blocker
  2. QuickFill form filler
  3. Fully customizable toolbar
  4. Convenient Facebook Integration
  5. Tracking prevention
  6. Youtube video downloader
  7. Photo enhancement and framing
  8. Instant photo upload
  9. URL alias
  10. Flexible web page translation
  11. Built-in weather forecast

Since Slimjet is based on Chromium, we won't write additional help documents for the existing features available in Chrome. If you are not familiar with Chrome, refer to the Chrome online help to get more information about the existing features.



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