Slimjet Online Help

Automatic Photo Shrinking

Slimjet can automatically shrink photos to a reasonable resolution enough for web sharing purpose to dramatically cut down the time required to upload the photos to photo sharing web sites. The default target resolution for shrinking is 1M pixels. Usually no more than 2M pixels are needed sincevery few monitors have resolution more than that.

To configure options about automatic photo shrinking, go to the section "Photo processing" in the setting pages. The option "Automatically shrink photo files to make upload faster" is enabled by default. Click the button "Photo shrinking settings" to set the target resolution on a per-domain basis.

After you have enabled automatic photo shrinking and set a proper target resolution for different domains, all you have to do is uploading the photos as usual. The photos will be automatically compressed before they are uploaded. The original photo files will not be affected. The upload time can be usually reduced to only 1/10 of the original time. If you would like to bypass shrinking temporarily, hold CTRL+ALT button when you click the "Open" button in the upload file dialog.


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