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QuickFill vs. default password manager

The QuickFill form filler in Slimjet is designed to replace the default password manager available in Chromium. Compared with the default password manager, QuickFill is more convenient and intelligent. The default password manager saves only the login information including user name and password. QuickFill saves all the data in a given web form. QuickFill also saves the web page url together with the form data so that you can complete the sequence of opening web page, filling login information and submitting the form in a single step automatically.

QuickFill is enabled by default in lieu of the default password manager. However, if you wish to use the default password manager instead, turn off the option "Use QuickFill form filler instead of default password manager" in the section "Password and forms" of the settings page.

QuickFill button and menu

If you use the QuickFill form filler, we would recommend adding the QuickFill button to the toolbar. Just click the small right arrow on the right end of the toolbar and select "Customize toolbar..." to bring up the toolbar customization interface. Drag the QuickFill button ()from the list of available toolbar buttons to the list of current toolbar buttons. After the button is added, you can click the button to get the QuickFill menu. The QuickFill menu lists all the saved forms together with other menu items which help you to manage the forms.

Save Form

In most cases, you just fill the login data manually for the first time and then submit the form. Slimjet will detect the form submission and prompt you to save the form.

Auto-save might not work on some web pages. In this case, select "Save form" from the Quick Fill menu to manually save the form data on the current page as a form file. If there are multiple forms on the current page, position the caret inside the form you want to save before selecting the "Save form" menu. You can also right click in any of the text boxes within the form and select "Save form" from the popup menu to save the form.

Fill Form

After a form is saved, you can access it from the list of forms on the QuickFill menu. Selecting the saved form will automatically open the saved page URL, complete the web form with the saved form data and submit the form automatically. If you hold down CTRL key while selecting a saved form, Slimjet will not automatically submit the form for you in case you want to review it or manually input some additional information before submission.

You can also fill a form in the current page manually by selecting "Fill Form" from the QuickFill menu. If there are multiple matched forms found for the current page, a dialog will popup which let you select from a list of matched forms to fill. You can set one of the forms as the default choice for the current top domain.

When you open a web page manually, Slimjet will check against all the save forms. If there is a matched form found, it will be automatically filled. If there are multiple matches found, the form assigned as the default choice will be filled. If no default choice has been defined, the first match found will be filled.

Entire QuickFill Menu

  • Fill Form
    Fill the form in the current page manually.
  • Save Form
    Save the form in the current page as a form file.
  • More
    • Set master password
      Set or change the current master password.
    • Sign off quickfill
      Clear cached master password. You will need enter master password again to access protected forms.
    • Update forms encrypted with old password
      Convert forms copied from another computer or user account which were previously encrypted with another different master password.
    • Random password generator
      Generate a random password so that you can use it to create an account on a website where you don't want to use your regular password.
    • Import forms from other browsers
      Import forms from SlimBrowser or SlimBoat.

QuickFill Options

Go to "Password and forms" section of the settings page to change options about the QuickFill form filler.

  • Use QuickFill form filler instead of default password manager
    Turn off the option if you want to use the default password manager instead of QuickFill.
  • Automatically fill login information
    If this option is on, Slimjet will automatically fill matched forms when you open a web page manually.
  • Prompt the user to save login information
    If this option is on, Slimjet will prompt the user to save the login information as a form file when the form is submitted.

Save Form Dialog

When you save a form manually, you will see the save form dialog. The following options or fields are available in this dialog,

  • Title
    Name of the form as displayed under the QuickFill menu.
  • Folder
    Sub-category in which the form is located under the QuickFill menu.
  • Encrypt with master password
    When this option is on, the form will be encrypted with the master password. You will need enter the master password in order to access the form.
  • Mask Password Fields
    When this option is on, you will not be able to view the plain text of the password fields in the saved form. But you are still able to use the form for auto-filling purpose as usual.
  • Do not submit form
    Do not submit form automatically after the form is completed. You can use this option if the form contains some information that need to be input manually.
  • Auto-fill delay (seconds)
    Special the number of seconds to wait before automatically filling the form. This option is necessary for some web pages where we have to wait some initialization script to load before the form can be filled.
  • Alias
    Create an alias for the form. You can type the alias in the omnibox to quickly open the form.
  • URL
    URL of the page which contains the form to be filled. In some rare cases, you have to manually modify the URL to remove temporary cookie or session information so that you can get back to the same page properly later on.



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