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Youtube Video Downloader

When you visit a video page on the YouTube website, you will see a "Download Video" image button on the left bottom corner of the playing video as shown below,

download youtube video

Just click this button to start downloading the video. For most videos, you will see the "Download Video" come up as shown below,

youtube video download dialog

If you just want to download the video file, select the resolution and format from the list box on the left side and click the "Download Video" button on the right side to download the video on the current page. If you wish to download the video file and also extract the mp3 audio file from the video file, check the option "Extract mp3 audio file from video file" first and then click the "Download Video" button. The extracted audio won't be directly accessible from the download shelf in this case. You can locate the audio file under the same folder as the video file using Windows Explorer.

Some of the videos on YouTube can't be downloaded by selecting one of the available formats. These videos can only be downloaded under the currently-playing resolution. You will get a warning message if you attempt to download such videos when the video is not playing. For such videos, you will have to wait until the video has started playing for at least 5 seconds (not including the video ads before the actual video). If you want to download the video in a resolution different from the default value, you need manually switch to the desired resolution in the video player and wait for the player to finish switching to the new resolution. After that, click the "Download Video" button to start downloading. The audio and video data will be downloaded separately with this method. There will be some additional post-processing to merge the audio and video data after the video and audio data has been downloaded. Please wait until the post-processing is complete before attempting to access the downloaded files. If everything goes well, you will get a mp4 video file and a mp3 file audio file accessible from the download shelf at the end.

If you only want to quickly download the audio track without wasting time downloading the video data, you also have to wait until the video has started playing for at least 5 seconds. After that, click the "Download Audio" button to start downloading the audio track in mp3 format.


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