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Ad Blocker

Enable Ad Blocker

To enable the ad blocker in Slimjet, select "Ad Blocker->Enable Ad Blocker" from the main menu. The same option is also available within the "ad blocker" section of the settings page at slimjet://settings .

Ad Blocker Options

To configure ad blocker options, select "Ad Blocker->Ad Blocker Options" from the main menu and you will see the ad blocker options dialog as shown below,

ad blocker options

Select one more filter lists based on your needs. If you visit English sites only, select "English sites". Otherwise, select "English sites" plus any other language you are reading during your surfing. If you are concerned about being tracked by the advertising companies, select the "Privacy Protection List". You can also add any third-party filter subscriptions by specifying its title and URL at the bottom of the options dialog.

Unblocking a server or a domain

If the ad blocker blocks something by mistake on a certain website, you can whitelist the server by selecting "Ad Blocker: Disable on this site" from the main menu. Or you can whitelist the entire top level domain by selecting "Ad Blocker: Disable on entire domain". The complete white list can be viewed by clicking the "Domain white list" button within the ad blocker options dialog.

Blocking missed ads in a page

If you see a piece of ads missed by the ad blocker on a certain page, you can block it easily. Just select "Select ad components to block..." from the ad blocker menu. Then click on the ads that you want to block. You will see another dialog which shows an automatically generated rule to block this ad as shown below,

block selected ads

Click "Block this ad" and this rule will be added into the "User Filter List" to block this ad automatically next time. The user filter list can be edited by clicking the "User Filter List" button in the ad blocker options dialog.

Getting more filter subscriptions

The filter lists used in Slimjet ad blocker are compatible with the filter lists used in Adblock Plus. You can visit the following pages to subscribe to more filter lists:

You can click on any subscription link starting with "abp:subscribe?" and Slimjet will add the filter list into the list of selected filters.


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