Built-in Ad Blocker and Turbocharged Download Manager

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Slimjet 5.0

Slimjet 5.0 has been released in September, 2015. This new release of Slimjet features the addition of built-in ad blocker and turbocharged download manager. Slimjet 5.0 is built upon Chromium 44. For the full list of new features, options and bug fixes, please visit the "What's New" page. The built-in ad blocker kills all the ads on almost every websites and runs faster than any ad-blocking extensions and plugins available on the market. The turbocharged download manager can boost file download speed by up to 12 times by making parallel connections to the same server.

Built in Ad Blocker

Many users who are fed up of Ads dominating all the websites they visit use 3rd party Ad Blocking Extensions. Examples of such Ad Blocking extensions are "Adblock plus", "AdBlock", "Adguard AdBlocker". However, the ad blocker extensions available in Chrome/Slimjet are based on Javascript API and runs at slower speed compared with native implementation. Also, extensions require an extra process which use extra memory and other system resources. To provide users with ad-free browsing experience with minimum performance degradation, Slimjet implements the Ad blocker natively within the browser itself. The built-in Ad blocker is superior to all the ad blocking extensions in terms of performance and speed. It uses the same community-maintained filtering rules used by other extensions.

Enable Ad Blocker in Slimjet 5.0

To enable ad blocker in Slimjet, select "Ad blocker->Enable ad blocker" from the browser menu.

ad blocker menu

Ad Blocker Options

Select "Ad blocker options" from the ad blocker menu to open the ad blocker options dialog.

ad blocker options dialog


Add one or more predefined filters into the list of selected filters. Or you can add third-party subscriptions by specifying its title and URL. If you see any subscription link starting with "abp:subscription", you can click on it for easy subscription. You can visit the following pages to subscribe to more filter lists:

Please visit this page for detailed help information on ad blocker.

Turbocharged Download Manager

Turbocharged Download Manager boosts file download speeds by making parallel connections to the server. You can easily pause and resume download jobs between sessions. The lack of download resumability in Chrome is major pain in the neck for many users. With the introduction of the turbocharged download manager in Slimjet, the pain has become history.

How to use Turbocharged Download Manager

Simply right click on a file download link and select "Turbocharged download" from the context menu.

turbocharged download manager menu

After that, you will see the following download confirmation dialog,

download confirmation dialog

By default, maximum number of connections are set to 5. You can adjust this value accordingly based on the speed of the server. Use more connections for a slower server which has lower download speed per connection.

If you would like to use the turbocharged download manager as the default downloader, turn on the option "Set the turbocharged download manager as the default downloader" under the "Download" section of the settings page (chrome://settings). When it is set as the default, you can simply left click on any file download link to invoke the turbocharged downloader. In case some servers don't work well with the turbocharged downloader, you can right click on the file download link and select "Save Link As" from the context menu, which will always use the default single-connection downloader.

If you wish to directly open up the turbocharged download manager, select "More tools->Turbocharged download manager" from the main menu. The download manager gives a full list view of all the ongoing or completed download jobs.

full download manager window


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