FlashText V1.2

FlashText pastes predefined text into any applications in the most convenient way. You can define an unlimited number of entries. Each entry has a name and value. All you need do is activate FlashText by hotkey, select an entry from the entry name list and the value of the entry will be pasted into the current window. FlashText also supports flexible text templates which can generate different text from different parameters supplied by the user.

FlashText is most suitable for occasions with repetitive text like filling web forms and composing business emails. With FlashText, you never need to manually those repetitive text again. Simply retrieve and paste it!

For translators, you can define the entry name to be the original text and the entry value to be the translated text. In this way, you can use FlashText like a dictionary which can automatically paste the translated text for you.

FlashText is released under FREEWARE license.

Quick Start

Run FlashText. Add several entries into the database. Each entry contains an illustrative entry name and the actual value. For example, you can define the following entries,

Entry Name
Entry Value
1003 Wellbirth Road, Apt C
Houston, TX 77345, USA
phone number
Best regards,
John Smith
MyCompany, Inc

First activate the window where you want the text pasted. Then press the activation hotkey (CTRL+F8 as default) to activate FlashText. Select an entry, press ENTER or the paste toolbar button to paste the value of the selected entry into the current window. You can also double-click an entry for quick-paste.

Using Templates

The value of an entry can be a template if you include parameters in it. Each parameter should be placed inside a pair of percentage signs, i.e., %parameter%. The parameter name is not allowed to contain spaces. For example, you can define the following template for an entry named "Order Confirmation",

Dear %ClientName%,

Thanks for ordering %ProductName% and choosing our products. Your order number is %OrderNumber%. Your tracking number is %TrackNumber%. We wish you enjoy using this product. If you have any questions or meet any problems, don't hesitate to let us know.

Best regards,
John Smith

When you paste this entry, you will be prompted to enter the actual value of the parameters. FlashText will automatically generate the final text by replacing the parameters with their actual value.