Youtube Video Converter Download

Billions of people upload and watch youtube videos everyday. Youtube videos can be downloaded and saved to computer hard disk using a suitable downloader.

But, What if you require videos in a particular format? You may want to have video in formats like mp3, mp4, 3gp, flv etc, to play on different devices even on your mobile phones. So, what is the best way to download and convert youtube videos?

Slimjet Youtube video Converter

Slimjet, the fastest web browser gives you an option to download youtube videos converted in any desired format Mp3, Mp4, FLV, 3gp etc.

Slimjet Browser adds a video download button beneath youtube videos as you enjoy your favorite videos.

Youtube Videos Download | Slimjet

Youtube Videos Download

Once you hit the download button a dialog box opens which lets you choose the desirable format.

Youtube Video download format Dialog

Now, download and save Youtube videos with Slimjet Youtube downloader and Youtube video converter easily.

Download Slimjet Browser Today for Free!

Slimjet Web Browser Download

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Comments (11)

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Adam Sheldon says...
As previous commenters have said, it is not possible to download vidoes in Slimjet, because the required transcoder will not download. There's no point saying "the issue has been fixed" when it clearly still exists for some people. Why not offer the facility manually to download the transcoder as an add-on; or better still, include it in the next browser update? Surely it's unhelpful to offer a core feature that won't work without additional downloads, anyway?
2nd September 2017 7:58am
Stephen Cheng says...
Did the download start or just fail in the middle of downloading?
2nd September 2017 10:55am
fedupguy says...
this video transcoder has NEVER installed for me since version 7 of slimjet, i have been reporting this for what seems like forever, and it still does not work

windows7 32 bit
7th July 2017 9:24am
Michael says...
I have downloaded the latest version. When attempting to download a video from Youtube I receive the message "The video transcoder is not yet installed. Click Ok to download and install now." I click Ok and the file downloads but fails to install. I have uninstalled Slimjet, rebooted, reinstalled and I still receive the same error message. I can download videos with a resolution of 720p and below, but not anything at 1080p. I'm running Win7 Ultimate 32-bit. I note this issue has ... Read More
9th June 2017 8:01am
Siva says...
Whenever I try downloading video, it is saying Video Transcoder is not installed. When I try to download the Video Transcoder, it is saying download failed
21st May 2017 8:05pm
Stephen Cheng says...
Please try again. The issue has been fixed.
21st May 2017 10:30pm
Carter says...
I only this program for its youtube downloader yet it wont download... can i maually installthe program
16th May 2017 2:01pm
Andrew says...
The problem with videodownloader. The app requires a Transcoder but it can never download and install it completely.
25th February 2017 12:21pm
Rob says...
The same problem like below with new version
Please fix it
THX alot
8th February 2017 5:07pm
Gabriel says...
Error -> download audio -> youtube:
"Failed to install ffmpeg"

Link win32-static-ffmpeg-2.8.5-win32-static.7z

Windows 7 32bits
2nd January 2017 6:56pm
Posek says...
For Vevo videos on Youtube the app requires a Transcoder but it can never download and install it completely, so Vevo videos on Youtube are out of reach for this browser.
5th December 2016 5:25am
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