Youtube mp3 Video downloader

If you watch & listen your favorite songs on youtube frequently there is a high chance you want to download these songs in mp3 format.

To download youtube video songs in mp3 format you do not need a special youtube mp3 video downloader. You need a fast downloader which lets you download video as mp3 right in youtube itself!

download youtube videos as mp3

download youtube videos as mp3

How to select and download Youtube videos as mp3 with Slimjet youtube mp3 downloader

  • Click the "Download Video" button beneath the video
  • Once the dialog box pops up select mp3 format
  • Youtube mp3 video downloader dialog box

    Youtube mp3 download dialog box

    You are just one step away from using this youtube mp3 downloader by Slimjet.

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Comments (2)

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sachin says...
i am not getting that download mp3 directly shows me to download vedio in mp4 or webm should i enable that mp3 option to download
11th March 2019 6:49am
Rico Sabo says...
I haven't used it yet
24th May 2018 1:23am
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