Slimjet Web Browser Download (What's New)

slimjet for windows Windows Version (32 bit)

Stable Release ( )

Web installer ( 0.34MB , 2020-08-17 )

Free web browser download

If you have trouble downloading the browser with the web installer, you can get the offline installer ( 56.04MB ) .

If the primary server is slow, try this link on secondary server.

free internet browser download

If you have trouble downloading the browser with the web installer, you can get the offline installer ( 56.04MB) .

Portable version ( 55.24MB , 2020-08-17 )

NOTE: If you are upgrading from a previous version of Slimjet portable, extract the new version into the same folder as the previous version to pick up the existing settings.

Beta Version (

Web installer ( 0.34MB, 2020-10-22 )

Offline installer ( 60.64MB , 2020-10-22 )

Portable version ( 59.78MB , 2020-10-22 )

Compatible Platforms: Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Windows XP & Vista users, please download Slimjet 10.

32-bit Slimjet Web Browser is recommended for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. If you want to go 64-bit at the cost of more memory usage, you can get 64-bit Slimjet for Windows.

linux Linux Version

We recommend 32-bit slimjet for 32-bit linux and 64-bit slimjet for 64-bit linux. 32-bit slimjet might have missing libraries when running on 64-bit linux.

Stable Version (

Ubuntu, Debian, Mint:

64bit Deb Package(.deb) ( 66.87MB, 2020-08-17, MD5:F48A3E90C2F52AF45032ED51FE307AB9)

32bit Deb Package(.deb) ( 60.48MB , 2020-08-17, MD5:AC53BF154E77C32374C24BFD44A057FE )

Note: Please install the deb package from command line using "sudo dpkg -i filename.deb". The GUI package installer might not work properly.

Other linux distributions (SUSE, CentOS, Fedora, RHEL, Slackware, etc):

64bit Zip Package(tar.xz) ( 69.77MB, 2020-08-17, MD5:0960743738AEBEBF10F0A1B701DA5AB1)

32bit Zip Package(tar.xz) ( 63.63MB , 2020-08-17, MD5:DE1160EDB135C72B7FC9CD48B35158FF )

NOTE (for zip package): Extract the archive into any folder you choose. Run the wrapper script "flashpeak-slimjet" from the terminal for the first time to enable the sand box (admin access required). After that, you can run the wrapper script from a desktop shortcut.

Beta Version (

Debian-based linux (Ubuntu, Debian & others):

64bit Deb Package(.deb) ( 63.64MB, 2020-10-23, MD5:06E2672E5F2BDFD5783928400ACDAC75)

32bit Deb Package(.deb) ( 60.54MB , 2020-10-23, MD5:D1CCD0E400E0F464224C8E6B9396CC29 )

Generic linux (SUSE, CentOS, Mint, Fedora, RHEL, Slackware, etc):

64bit Zip Package(tar.xz) ( 66.66MB, 2020-10-23, MD5:C426305800EFFF95ACDD24701287EB8D)

32bit Zip Package(tar.xz) ( 63.62MB , 2020-10-23, MD5:56BB2E9FB9722E6BA15D1FA039E8D0C3 )

mac osx Mac Version

Stable Version (

64bit DMG Package ( 104.37MB, 2020-08-17)

Beta Version (

64bit DMG Package ( 110.88MB, 2020-10-23)

External Download Mirrors

Note: the versions listed on external download sites might not be the latest

Download browser for free free internet browser downloadfree internet browser download

Earlier Releases

You can download older versions of Slimjet Web Browser here.


Freeware License

Slimjet Web Browser is released under the freeware license. It is free both for personal use and commerical use. It is free to be distributed over the internet and/or through offline distribution channels as long as it is kept in its original form without any change. Bundling Slimjet with other software in another installer is strictly prohibited.

For Software Download Sites

Please use this local download link which automatically balance traffic between different servers if you wish to offer our free web browser for download on your web site.

If your site supports PAD file, use the following PAD file to automatically check for version updates:

SlimBrowser PAD file - internet browser download

You can also find more detailed listing information about Slimjet here.

Thanks for spreading the words about Slimjet, the fastest free web browser for Windows!


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Comments (146)

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Libor Jedlicka says...
perfect, but make the menu and navigation narrow
30th January 2020 9:32am
jam says...
Oh, but cant play games
30th January 2020 8:39am
Turbo Tube says...
Turbocharged Download Manager is no longer working with Youtube Downloaders.
21st January 2020 4:48pm
Adder McCoy says...
I've put this question on internet 27 different times.trying to find out if slimjet browser and downloader app can be installed and used on Android phone?
19th January 2020 3:52am
Norm M. says...
I've looked in the Google Play store. Slimjet is not available for Android. But, there are many web browsers to choose from. You're bound to find something you like.
4th February 2020 3:49pm
None except what i already said, but pay attention to those below as could be part of the problem.
16th January 2020 11:27am
Cant give rating as I dont quite understand the info above. I only know basics, and downloading only when my brother or girlfriend recommends. I've been using it to look up things which I like as get better info, and I like to make folders and save things to go back to. I've been doing it, but became hard for me to bookmark a page into a folder I had made, then not allowing me to make a folder at all, Last night I thought the download wasn't complete to I did it again (as my brother ... Read More
16th January 2020 11:26am
FONZ says...
nice browser, good performance, much better downloader, somewhat recent chromium versions, and also has generalized linux ports.
13th January 2020 2:56am
Ather says...
Nice Website!Slim Jet Browser is a good browser<a href="</a>
10th January 2020 11:57am
Jan Greeff says...
The Slimjet .deb installation packages do not work on Ubuntu 16.04. Likewise, this update .deb did not work. I had to use command line instructions in the site and somehow managed to install Slimjet initially but after running this latest .deb update package the browser remains on the version.
9th January 2020 9:39pm
Skylar the skeleton says...
7th January 2020 9:07am
oBoy says...
REMOVE the new sound control next to the control icon please remove or A D D THE option to REMOVE it.
3rd January 2020 5:46pm
Robert Bogden says...
Trying to deal with an old PC running IE8 on WinXP
2nd January 2020 8:51pm
Facebook says...
There are hundreds of web browsers available online & millions of people use these web browsers to surf the internet. But these days everyone needs to be secure & should use the most secure <a href=""> browsers </a> as the browsers can be hacked easily. Proper Research needed before downloading a web browser with ratings & reviews is a must.
1st January 2020 11:57pm
Bello Ibrahim Bichi says...
Highly appreciable
1st January 2020 12:39pm
Bello Ibrahim Bichi says...
Highly appreciable and commendable
1st January 2020 12:37pm
shademan says...
well done job guys. It is for me the best browser since last 3 years. Many Thanks.
When is the mobile version ready to use? :)
31st December 2019 7:49am
Magellan says...

Magellan 2.0 is some vulnerabilities that exist in SQLite (Former was: Magellan 1.0 ). These vulnerabilities were found by Tencent Blade Team and verified to be able to exploit remote code execution in Chromium render process.

Browsers with WebSQL enabled that meet one of the following conditions may be affected by Magellan:

Chrome/Chromium prior to version 79.0.3945.79
29th December 2019 5:56pm
bjerre bjeff says...
t crashes on large files or many pages when saving as pdf. otherwise this is the best browser. I'm running linux ubuntu 19.10
29th December 2019 4:35am
oBoy says...
the new sound control next to the control icon suxxxx please remove or ***** option to remove
23rd December 2019 12:57pm
Deb says...
MD5 not consistent with statement

I do not smoke Stable Version ( = 39a48ea935604491773e4658f57eb69e
23rd December 2019 7:35am
Consuela flores says...
I like the fast track nternet
19th December 2019 11:39pm
angry says...
You are release outdated version of chrome for everytime, and today you are released 25.0 (Beta), but again outdated. Chrome 79 released but you are use chrome 78. Slimjet are you kidding? I want to use latest chromium function like 'Tab Freezer' etc.. but i m waiting for months, beacuse you are released old chorimum. enough! really enough. Upgrade to 79 and re-release 25.0 (Beta) If you dont, I switching to Brave Browser, modern and upgraded latest chromium version, everytime. You ... Read More
17th December 2019 6:33am
illedelinux says...
It's better that the Slimjet comes from behind, making it stable.
17th December 2019 12:26pm
aarya nanda says...
15th December 2019 5:43pm
mulugeta girma says...
i like to download new vedio
14th December 2019 5:39am
illedelinux says...
It does not click links without stopping the mouse.
Other than that, excellent browser.
12th December 2019 12:02am
unsecure browser says...
10th December 2019 2:50pm
Leo Konikov says...
Ad blocker doesn't work
9th December 2019 1:34am
gate atje says...
Semi? Mac the knife....
9th December 2019 12:05am
No Internet says...
After upgrading to, there was no Internet.

Downgrading to fixed the problem.
2nd December 2019 9:34am
Daniel Kamara says...
I have enjoyed working on this engine. It is fast.
2nd December 2019 6:54am
Aceofcaydes says...
Is there a version of this that would work for a chromebook/computer with chrome os? (if so, email me at with info about it)
26th November 2019 9:32am
Pakipak says...
I think this is a bit fair than other internet browser. You may also like <a href="" rel="ugc">Pinoy Channel</a> on our website without any login details and charge speacially Pinoy Teleserye (over seaz Philippines Workers).
26th November 2019 4:34am
mal aml says...
23rd November 2019 4:41pm
yunis says...
no comment
22nd November 2019 6:12am
Oluchi says...
I think this is a bit fair than other internet browser
21st November 2019 4:19pm
loan offer says...
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11th November 2019 8:50pm
Lenin Rivera says...
Error message update slimjet in google account
11th November 2019 12:00pm
TFC-Group says...
Slimjet for MacOS doe not play audio on websites other than Youtube. Does not play Twitter content, and Flash doesn't work. Other than that, it fairly decent :).
2nd November 2019 12:25am
TFC-Group says...
Slimjet for MacOS doe not play audio on websites other than Youtube. Does not play Twitter content, and Flash doesn't work. Other than that, it fairly decent :).
1st November 2019 4:09pm
PLEASE UPDATE TO 78.0.3904.87 Chrome Zero-Day Bug with Exploit in the Wild Gets A Patch Google on Thursday night started to roll out an update for Chrome that patches two use-after-free vulnerabilities, one of them having at least one exploit in the wild. Both security issues are serious as they could be leveraged to take control of a vulnerable system, reads an alert from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Exploit in the wild Google says it is aware that one of the ... Read More
1st November 2019 6:48am
Tommy says...
Current version: cannot play videos on Mac OS Catalina!
30th October 2019 4:08am
gate atje says...
hey Bobby, what's a Mac?
9th December 2019 12:01am
gate atje says...
hey TOMMY, just what is a Mac?
9th December 2019 12:03am
Read Down Below says...
Here, let me clean the screen. That last review was n-a-s-t-y
29th October 2019 7:39pm
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