Slimjet Web Browser Download (What's New)

slimjet for windows Windows Version (32 bit)

Stable Release ( )

Web installer ( 0.34MB , 2020-05-29 )

Free web browser download

If you have trouble downloading the browser with the web installer, you can get the offline installer ( 52.95MB ) .

If the primary server is slow, try this link on secondary server.

free internet browser download

If you have trouble downloading the browser with the web installer, you can get the offline installer ( 52.95MB) .

Portable version ( 52.2MB , 2020-05-29 )

NOTE: If you are upgrading from a previous version of Slimjet portable, extract the new version into the same folder as the previous version to pick up the existing settings.

Compatible Platforms: Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Windows XP & Vista users, please download Slimjet 10.

32-bit Slimjet Web Browser is recommended for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. If you want to go 64-bit at the cost of more memory usage, you can get 64-bit Slimjet for Windows.

linux Linux Version

We recommend 32-bit slimjet for 32-bit linux and 64-bit slimjet for 64-bit linux. 32-bit slimjet might have missing libraries when running on 64-bit linux.

Stable Version (

Ubuntu, Debian, Mint:

64bit Deb Package(.deb) ( 61.33MB, 2020-05-29, MD5:1EAFD860518D6908B15C246DDAF9F9DE)

32bit Deb Package(.deb) ( 57.42MB , 2020-05-29, MD5:A4F8DB68E9601B423C68B6B9965D3AD0 )

Note: Please install the deb package from command line using "sudo dpkg -i filename.deb". The GUI package installer might not work properly.

Other linux distributions (SUSE, CentOS, Fedora, RHEL, Slackware, etc):

64bit Zip Package(tar.xz) ( 67.45MB, 2020-05-29, MD5:5428E82A2C0E866E2726FA0D14E1B05D)

32bit Zip Package(tar.xz) ( 63.68MB , 2020-05-29, MD5:151DDB9E2D41D4B13DE4E00E9D4F8E0B )

NOTE (for zip package): Extract the archive into any folder you choose. Run the wrapper script "flashpeak-slimjet" from the terminal for the first time to enable the sand box (admin access required). After that, you can run the wrapper script from a desktop shortcut.

mac osx Mac Version

Stable Version (

64bit DMG Package ( 100.18MB, 2020-05-29)

External Download Mirrors

Note: the versions listed on external download sites might not be the latest

Download browser for free free internet browser downloadfree internet browser download

Earlier Releases

You can download older versions of Slimjet Web Browser here.


Freeware License

Slimjet Web Browser is released under the freeware license. It is free both for personal use and commerical use. It is free to be distributed over the internet and/or through offline distribution channels as long as it is kept in its original form without any change. Bundling Slimjet with other software in another installer is strictly prohibited.

For Software Download Sites

Please use this local download link which automatically balance traffic between different servers if you wish to offer our free web browser for download on your web site.

If your site supports PAD file, use the following PAD file to automatically check for version updates:

SlimBrowser PAD file - internet browser download

You can also find more detailed listing information about Slimjet here.

Thanks for spreading the words about Slimjet, the fastest free web browser for Windows!


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Comments (159)

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4/5 (145)
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Read Down Below says...
Here, let me clean the screen. That last review was n-a-s-t-y
29th October 2019 7:39pm
charles elliott says...
looking forward to trying this out , i presently use opera , brave browser and Firefox browsers
26th October 2019 9:05pm
Fares says...
I hope add dark mode to all sites
26th October 2019 7:17pm
ramu kaviyoor says...
I have set as home page. SJ starts with a blank page!
25th October 2019 6:39am
deb says...
to Google-chrome!
24th October 2019 1:35pm
Peter says...
Slimjet is excellent. I just love the way it works.
24th October 2019 11:40am
deb says...
Stable Version (
slimjet offers to upgrade to Google-chrome!
floating notification.
24th October 2019 9:14am
theuser says...
Chrome 78 stable released.

please update
22nd October 2019 2:31pm
Elizabeth A Grasso says...
Hope it works better than Chrome
22nd October 2019 3:22am
max says...
Can somebody help me how to add into the ads blocker:
13th October 2019 5:57am
ogunllana abiola says...
12th October 2019 1:32pm
Filehippo says...
Very Nice Software I uploaded it to my web Visit for More Software
10th October 2019 12:24pm
handsome says...
sometimes not working in the facebook
10th October 2019 6:09am
marek says...
Does it work with Mac 10.4.11?
9th October 2019 7:56am
Jc booker says...
No comment
8th October 2019 1:16pm
Nolan says...
29th September 2019 10:46am
handsome says...
best browser in the world becasue faster , stable , safe easy usage and comfortably
18th September 2019 11:43pm
mila says...
no comment
10th September 2019 10:30pm
NOW UPDATE 77.0.3865.75 Stable


Critical CVE-2019-5870:

High CVE-2019-5871

High CVE-2019-5872

High CVE-2019-5873

High CVE-2019-5874

High CVE-2019-5875

High CVE-2019-5876

High CVE-2019-5877
10th September 2019 2:54pm
CVE-2019-5869 says...
UPDATE TO 76.0.3809.132 BEACUSE:

High CVE-2019-5869

A Vulnerability in Google Chrome Could Allow for Arbitrary Code Execution
7th September 2019 5:34am
tom says...
3rd September 2019 1:10pm
Rakesh says...
2nd time downloading SLIMJET apps.
1st September 2019 11:14am
Dr.Ramachandrudu says...
Recently one update installed after that the browser not opened at all.I uninstalled & reinstalled 3 to 4 times but no use. If it doesnot open all of my Bookmarks will be lost .So today I installed 64bit browser even then no use So Kindly do the needful soon
Associate Professor
Govt.Medical College,
30th August 2019 12:45am
Michael says...
Hands down the best browser i have tried, excellent ram usage which this was what i was looking for to switch from ff and chrome. Congratulations to the team that built the browser.
22nd August 2019 4:27am
qwerty says...
Is any a plan to release slimjet with FOSS license?
20th August 2019 4:53pm
qwerty says...
It would be great if that happened :-D
20th August 2019 4:57pm
JT says...
Is ANYONE ELSE getting the
WARNING of this being a Malicious File???

I gave it a 5 cuz I'm hoping it'll be as good as so many are saying but machine is running good right now and dont want to mess it up!!

20th August 2019 7:26am
najibullah says...
this is the best browser i have ever seen
15th August 2019 9:38pm
najibullah says...
i would like have best browser
15th August 2019 9:28pm
najibullah says...
i wish it would be the best browser so that could solve my problem for easier search
15th August 2019 9:23pm
Kent W De Shane says...
Do they have this for Android phones?
10th August 2019 3:24am
Kent W De Shane says...
Do they have this for Android phones?
15th August 2019 5:26am
Yarakoglu says...
Add open bookmarks in background setting pls.

when browsing in a bookmark folder in bookmark menu pressing Middle Mouse button (or CTRL+LMButton) should open clicked bookmark in background. and Menu list should stay open.

for example take a look at firefox's about:config tweak : browser.bookmarks.openInTabClosesMenu or opera browser.
5th August 2019 9:38am
Spazmonkey says...
Best web browserI've used so far and I am a browserphiliac.
I've had them all since Mosaic and this one is at the zenith of browser evolution.
3rd August 2019 8:43am
Swaroopa says...
It’s good
31st July 2019 1:16pm
allnamhero says...
the last 32-bit workable version on linux mint is wtf? should we throw away any hope and stop use it? or we do not know the some main bourgeois secret?
25th July 2019 11:48am
Francis Zafuto says...
I love this!!!!
24th July 2019 5:15pm
22nd July 2019 1:46am
22nd July 2019 1:45am
fredbisard says...
i'll give this 5 stars but only if using it on 64bit machines as the 32bit hasn't been able to play html5 videos in linux mint for the last 4 versions, otherwise, i would've rated it a 1 (dreadful) this issue is very well documented in the slimjet forum also.
16th July 2019 8:05am
Slimer says...
I was liking it before but now so so with new versions... Downloading videos from Ytube is getting bad and bad with newer versions: most the time it is not working with error messages: "This video has to be downloaded via a different method. Please play the video with your desired resolution for at least 5 seconds. If you have switched resolution, wait until the resolution switching is complete. After that, click this button again to start download. Please do not play two videos at the ... Read More
13th July 2019 4:47pm
cyrus says...
Yes its good
11th July 2019 12:33am
cyrus says...
11th July 2019 12:32am
cyrus says...
11th July 2019 12:31am
jim says...
Plays the best in browser streaming video of them all and is sharper on old and new videos alike with more vibrant colors. It does load slower than IE browser from from the desktop but once loaded its about the same as IE and beats the rest. For me its a keeper. Biggest drawback is that it is not integrated with Ccleaner and is much trouble to find to clear the cache.
8th July 2019 7:54pm
UR Marak says...
Everyone should like it.
6th July 2019 4:36am
UR Marak says...
It is liked by me.
6th July 2019 4:33am
voukenas demetre says...
i love it
30th June 2019 10:16am
voukenas demetre says...
very good
30th June 2019 10:14am
voukenas demetre says...
i love it
30th June 2019 10:13am
p. kyrmitzakis says...
good 1
26th June 2019 5:31pm
Kathy says...
Crashes constantly
23rd June 2019 8:09am
Bow says...
I upgraded to for Debian but now I can't download youtube videos. It always pop ""The video transcoder is being installed. Please wait until it finishes installation".

And when I put link to be downloaded to Turbocharged DM, it always pop "User name or password is invalid!"
19th June 2019 9:28am
by ctrl+left click on the bookmarks menu toolbar, it always switches to the new tab and not opening it in background.
By the way, thanks for a truly great browser.
17th June 2019 4:53am
Saadullah says...
Clarification: it's for opening bookmarks for the bookmarks toolbar and folders present therein. When opening by ctrl+left click, it already opens in foreground.
8th July 2019 6:00pm
bytom2009 says...
you can not download version
15th June 2019 3:45am
calanna says...
Excellent! Tank you for add
11th June 2019 2:54am
Art says...
Looking forward to a good searching tool without ads.
7th June 2019 6:55pm
Art says...
Looking forward to a good searching tool without ads.
7th June 2019 6:54pm
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