Support of Java and NPAPI will be discontinued in Slimjet 11

Due to the efforts required to continue support of Java and NPAPI, and considering the small percentage of users who actually need this, we plan to discontinue support of Java and NPAPI in Slimjet 11 (based on Chromium 51).

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9 thoughts on “Support of Java and NPAPI will be discontinued in Slimjet 11

  1. Jim

    Do NOT drop support for NPAPI plug-ins! That is the main reason why I use Slimjet over Chrome or plain Chromium. Otherwise I might as well just stick with Chrome since it is a newer build that SLimjet and Chrome also fully support HTML5 codecs which Slimjet (and plain Chromium) do not have.

  2. spotify95

    Not recommended to drop support for these plugins whatsoever. The whole reason why I went from Chrome to Slimjet was for support of these NPAPI based plugins!
    Looks like I’ll be forever on Slimjet 10 unless you decide to support NPAPI again.

  3. Jeff

    I found Slimjet due to Chrome eliminating support for npapi. I would love to know how you can say “small percentage of users who actually need this.” For me I use it for my IP cameras that will never be upgraded to not use npapi. So as of now I will go back to chrome since I do not gain anything with slimjet.

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