List of Top web Browsers present online

Internet is a Jungle with web Browsers acting as passages to find out what lies inside internet Websites.

There are a lot of browsers with awesome features and popularity. But which ones are the Top Web Browsers? Here we have compiled a list of top web browsers which are feature rich, faster, secure and have user popularity.

Please note that all these web browsers are unique and magnificent in their own way. There is no top browser among them but all these have been chosen based on user friendliness and popular reviews.

List of Top Web Browsers

Google Chrome Google Chrome

Popular Browser by Internet giant Google. Focuses on enhanced performance of web applications. Hundreds of useful extensions can be downloaded for free from Chrome Store and can be used for personal use.

A large array of apps and add ons available at Chrome Store. These adds a considerable amount to the browsing experience of the users.

  • Private browsing
  • Fast Startup
  • Phishing/ Malware Filter

Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox

A web browser designed for simplicity, security, extensibility yet flexibility and power. Available for Linux and android as well. There are lots of plugins and extensions with some powerful developer tools.

Constant updates, high performance delivered and customizable interface is a bliss for advanced users. Firefox allows an open architecture which accepts the installation of themes and extensions. Themes give the browser a customizable new look. Developers can write extensions to make the browser perform functions as desired like check your Gmail account when you open the browser, or block all ads.

  • RSS Headlines
  • Chat Extensions
  • Spam/ Malware Filter

Opera Web Browser Google Chrome

Constantly evolving and improving and the most popular mobile browser, opera has came a long way from being a browser to a full fledged internet suite.

Free fast browser with good support for updates. Features like page zoom and developer shortcuts allow users to have unique experience. There are some compatibility issues found in certain websites but with constant updates these problems are scarce.

  • Email suite
  • Phishing Filter
  • Bit Torrent

Safari Web Browser Safari Web Browser

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple inc. It is the most popular browser with MAC users.

Safari is a clean browser, very fast based on the WebKit rendering engine. Safari comes with the features you want in a modern browser, like tabbed browsing, popup blocking and built-in search functionality. It also has one of the best RSS-reading feature available online, it is easier to keep track a number of websites than using bookmarks.

  • Most Popular Macintosh Browser
  • Import Bookmarks from any browser
  • Private Browsing

Internet Explorer Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer by Microsoft is the default browser for Windows operating system. Its still very popular with many internet users. Startup speed is a big issue with internet explorer.

There are a lot of necessary features like Active X capabilities, SmartScreen Filters, a list of recommended sites and more. Internet Explorer is still considered to be falling behind in the race, but latest editions promise fast load, packed with latest features. We can wait and see if it comes back to top.

  • Add ons
  • Customization options
  • Mouse Gestures

Slimjet Browser Slimjet Web Browser

Slimjet is a powerful and one of the best browsers around. It has in built extensions to ease internet browsing. Powered by Blink Engine, Slimjet supports all Chrome Apps plus a bundle of more extensive build in apps.

Slimjet is as good as Chrome, has powerful and customizable interface like Firefox, reliability features and in built apps which load a power packed browser everytime you use it.

  • Ad blocker & Download Manager
  • Social Sharing and Youtube Downloader
  • Faster, Secure and Reliable

Maxthon Maxthon Web Browser

A fast browser with a lot of features and reliable user interface. Powered by Maxthon Cloud Engine, it offers seamless browsing and downloads. Works on all platforms.

Maxthon has Lots of nifty features, including video-ad fast-forwarding, Speedy performance and Two page rendering engines(Webkit and Trident) for better compatibility.

  • Anti Spyware
  • Pop up Blocker
  • Cloud Browsing

SlimBrowser Slimbrowser Web Browser

A popular choice for users who like speed and security. It is based on Internet Explorer's Trident Engine and is a robust and powerful browser. It flaunts better usability features and speed compared to internet explorer browser.

Slimbrowser takes care of your privacy and security every time you are surfing online. Slimbrowser starts as quickly as possible and allows you to have an amazing web surfing experience.

  • Omni Bar mode
  • Integrated Plugins(Ad Blocker, Photo Salon)
  • Low Crash and Bugs

Netscape Browser Netscape Web Browser

Originally published by AOL, Netscape browser has released latest version based on Mozilla Firefox. It is fast, secure and is a choice of many users online.

  • Dynamic HTML
  • Integrated Search Engine
  • Opensource Development

UC Browser UC Web Browser

A popular browser for both desktop and mobile devices. Tabbed browsing and fast startup make it a popular choice for thousands of users. Full download manager and full screen browsing ads on nicely.

  • Quick browsing
  • Quick Page sharing
  • Multiple Apps

list of Top 10 Web Browsers Online | Feature Reviews

The list of Browsers featured here is based on user reviews, performance reviews, interface, speed and other extensive views towards these browsers. This list is to give internet users more information on which browser has what features.

All these browsers deserve to be in the list of top web browsers because of their unique style, interface, applications and relevant features.

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Maxthon browser
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Great list, but I'm missing Brave browser here? Brave is faster and more private than Chrome while maintaining support for chrome extensions. It is about do dethrone Chrome on android.
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