XP support will be dropped in Slimjet 12

We managed to support Windows XP in Slimjet 11 with significant efforts invested. However, based on the way the Chrome team has been quickly introducing more and more XP-incompatible code into the Chromium code base, it doesn’t make sense for us to spend a lot of time every time to find every little changes and undo them in order to support XP. Therefore, we have decided to stop supporting XP when we migrate to Slimjet 12 running on Chromium 52.

XP users can continue to download Slimjet 11 from the early version archive. If there is a critical security issue with Slimjet 11, we will update it into the Slimjet 11 branch.

As for Vista support, based on the current estimate, supporting Vista takes much less effort. However, I guess much fewer people use Vista anyway.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and support.

6 thoughts on “XP support will be dropped in Slimjet 12”

  1. There’s a fair number of us out there using Vista, most on hardware which is significantly newer than the machines sold with XP. Heck, I run Vista x86 with 32GB RAM. It’s truly the Ultimate OS! 😉

    Most of the issues actually only impact XP. Be sure to define NTDDI_VERSION appropriately, so compilation produces working data structures.

    If you start seeing hard dependencies on DX11/DirectWrite and you don’t want to maintain the patches, bear in mind that these are provided by the Platform Update for Vista/Server 2008 and its supplement, which you could test for and link to if not installed. It’s fair enough to say “we only support an up-to-date Vista” – which is essentially Windows 7.

    Vista officially loses extended support in 2017, but its server edition continues until 2020, so it might be possible to keep it running with security patches until then. Whether this will be as easy as it was for XP is less certain.

  2. Hi there, any chance there will be an OS X binary any time soon — or possibly one which we could build with homebrew?

  3. We are currently working on the Mac version. It might take a few months to get it out.

  4. You guys can compile Wine for linux files to implement modern functions on xp even dx10/11wrapper made out of wine for better graphics acceleration. That Your wish what you guys want
    Thanks For continued effort

  5. Спасибо за отличный браузер!
    Будет жаль, если вы прекратите поддержку XP.
    Думаю, что не менее 50% пользователей ей пользуются и будут пользоваться.
    10-я версия WIN не слишком хороша.
    Т.е. не поддерживая ХР Вы очень ограничите число пользователей вашего браузера

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