Phase out of QuickFill Form filler

We are planning to remove the QuickFill form filler starting from V30. At the beginning, QuickFill had many advantages over the default password manager. Over time, with the on-going improvement of the Chrome password manager, it no longer makes sense to keep supporting a separate form filler like QuickFill. The biggest disadvantage of QuickFill is that it is not able to sync across difference devices like the default password manager. Being able to sync across devices is more important than ever with all the difference devices people are using.

We have provided an easy way to copy your saved passwords from QuickFill to the default password manager. First, make sure the QuickFill button is visible on the toolbar. If not, you can customize the toolbar and add it. Then click the QuickFill Button and select “More->Copy passwords to default password manager” from the drop down menu. That will complete the migration of data. After that, turn off the option “Use QuickFill form filler instead of default password manager” in the settings page.