Windows XP users should stay with Slimjet 10 for best experience

Despite our efforts, Slimjet 11 still has compatibility issues with Windows XP that we are not able to fix so far due to widespread changes made by the Chrome team to make it incompatible with XP. The issues we are aware of are these:

1. Can’t view PDF with the internal pdf viewer.
2. Can’t install any extensions from the web store.

If these issues don’t bother you, you can stay on Slimjet 11. Otherwise, please install Slimjet 10 instead from this archive directory: . From now on, when users visit with a Windows XP PC, they will be automatically redirected to the download page of Slimjet 10. We will continue to fix bugs for Windows XP users on the Slimjet 10 branch.

20 thoughts on “Windows XP users should stay with Slimjet 10 for best experience”

  1. I am new to Slimjet and I am a conservative user of WIN XP Pro 32bit. I am interested in staying with XP as long as I can. I don’t like the new OS like 8.0, 8.1, and 10.0, because they seem to forget about logic, praticallty and seeming want to flee individualism and choice as well as spying (listening) on you so that they watch collectively so that they are able to influence you always to their thinking (corporations)!

  2. What Chromium needs is the ability to unload new tabs automatically?
    If we open tons of tabs, it bothers our resources when they loads, why not refuse loading until selected? It can really help.
    Also, I hope Slimjet 12 is closer to release.

    1. That option is already available in Slimet. It’s under the memory management section of the settings page.

      1. It doesn’t work how I am requesting, the pages still load a little bit in the new background tabs. I am asking that the tabs don’t load at all, like when you EXIT the browser and open it, the tabs aren’t loaded, I would like this feature for every new tab, and background tab. The function can only be demostrated with BarTab Heavy in Firefox/Pale Moon.

  3. Версия
    При просмотре некоторых FLASH получаю вместо изображения получаю сообщение, что не может быть загружен плагин.
    Например здесь
    Космическая одиссея “Розетты”: найден потерянный модуль “Филы”
    При просмотре этого же в CHROME для XP все нормально

  4. I am having an issue with Slimjet unable to load video plugins all of a sudden. Two days ago, things were fine.. Now for the last two days, I go to any video and it says, “Cannot load plugins”. If there is anyone of Slimjet support looking at this, tell me what to do or tell me when will this be fixed.

    1. Tommie, what is the version of the slimjet you are using? Please also provide at the link to the video so that I can test.

  5. Повторю, что при попытке просмотреть Flash из Например этот
    получаю сообщение “Невозможно загрузить плагин”.
    Версия (на основе Chromium 50.0.2661.75)
    Вы ответите наконец или бесполезно здесь спрашивать и поддержка закрыта?

  6. Версия (на основе Chromium 50.0.2661.75)
    Flash работает!
    Перестало работать Google Translation
    Появляется форма с заголовком Google Translation и очень долго ждет чего-то

    Version (on basis Chromium 50.0.2661.75)
    Flash OK!
    Has ceased to work Google Translation
    There is a form with heading Google Translation and very for a long time waits for something

  7. Стало невозможно запоминать несколько паролей для одного домена на разные страницы авторизации. В чем проблема?
    It became impossible to remember some passwords for one domain on different pages of authorization. In what a problem?

  8. Никто не отвечает…
    Есть ли здесь люди или проект давно заброшен?
    Nobody responds…
    Whether there are here people or the project for a long time is deserted?

  9. I’m on Vista and Slimjet10. Please make the Twitter videos work. I keep getting message “the media could not be played”. Many, many people on Twitter could use Slimjet if videos worked. Most time spent on internet is on Twitter. Otherwise best browser out there, love the extra features that Chrome doesn’t have.

    Also, clicked update a few minutes ago and it said v10.10 is now available so i downloaded it. Then I go look and it downloaded version 12 instead! I wanted to stay on v.10 So something went wrong there.

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