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What is Slimjet?

Slimjet is a free web browser project based on the source code of the open-source Chromium project on which Google's chrome browser is based.

What's the purpose of Slimjet project?

More or less arguably, Google Chrome has the best rendering engine among all the web browsers in terms of performance and support of the latest web standards. Google made a lot of improvements to the open source webkit engine, recently decided to branch off and call it a new name - Blink. Firefox's gecko engine is also excellent but lacks support of multiple-process architecture. Microsoft has made a lot of improvements to the trident engine in recent years but it's so tough to build a real great browser on top of a proprietary engine without access to the source code. Therefore, we decided to go with Chromium and its Blink engine.

Chrome is fast, secure and reliable but seriously suffers from a minimalist design. Don't get us wrong. A minimalist design appeals to a lot of people who just want to surf the internet without even paying attention to the browser itself or thinking about how to make better use of it. However, Chrome's interface is too simple, barely customizable and contains too few options. If you are a user who always wants to do things online in the most efficient way, you will find Chrome is inconvenient and cumbersome to use in many ways.

Therefore, we are going to build Slimjet on top of Chromium code base and add all the necessary features to make it more customizable, more flexible and maxmize the productivity of end uers.

Slimjet Feature List

Here is the tentative list of features that will be supported by Slimjet once it's released:

  1. Make the toolbar fully customizable with many available buttons in addition to the current four buttons: Back, Forward, Stop/Refresh, Home.
    These buttons will let users access various features and functions with a single click.
  2. Add a full menu bar below the current address bar and above the bookmarks menu.
    We believe there are plenty of users who would like to have a traditional menu bar for ease access to many more features.
  3. Makes it easier to save and open a group of sites.
  4. Built-in intelligent form filler (compare to Roboform and Lastpass)
    Allows users to login into favorite online accounts with a single click. Support multiple accounts with the same website. Enhanced security control.
  5. Integrated streaming video and audio downloader
  6. Display local weather forecasting information directly in the browser.
  7. Automatically compress photos to increase photo uploading speed. On-the-fly photo processing before upload.
  8. One-click integration with facebook or other social networking service to make sharing never easier
  9. Allow users to easily download all the links matching a pattern from within a web page
  10. Allow users to clean history or cache file automatically when the browser exits
  11. Translate selected text within a web page with a single click.
  12. Support typing alias instead of long url from address bar.
  13. Support of saving a screenshot image of the current page.
  14. Support of saving a PDF of the current page.
  15. Auto-refresh one or more web pages periodically.
  16. Delete web browser history only from selected domains instead of blowing everything away.
  17. Define and switch between a list of predefined proxies (proxy switcher)
  18. Upload clipboard image or upload screenshot easily.
  19. Add a drop down list to the address bar (omni box) to display a list of previously typed urls.
  20. Add option to open new tab in foreground by default
  21. Ad option to automatically create a new tab when entering a URL from address bar or selecting a bookmark.

So, all sounds good. But when will it be available?

At this moment, the estimated timeframe for the beta version to be available is around the end of April or beginning of May.

(All right, if you really can't wait and don't mind getting your hands dirty, we have an early experiment version which you can play with. Be prepared for exceptions and crashes. If you run into issues, select Help->Online Feedback from the menu to report back.)

Got more ideas about features missing from Chrome? Let us know!

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