Throws Windows 7 out of the browser

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Throws Windows 7 out of the browser

Post by Slava911 »

An error occurs in the latest version of the browser on Windows 7, and the browser shuts down.
I downloaded the rainbow theme and added the LGBT news extension, and if you go to torrent sites, it gives an error. Will your old browser be upgraded to Windows 7?
And does the city of your state support the LGBT regime or is it forbidden to appear in this state ?
The design of the browser reminds me of this very theme of rainbow life and the feeling of the energy of extrasensory perception of same-sex beings.
It's just that in Belarus and neighboring Russia you are thrown into prisons and psychiatric hospitals if you are a representative of the LGBT community.

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Re: Throws Windows 7 out of the browser

Post by oftentired »

Slimjet users running Windows 7 or 8 will have best possible results running version 38. See link below. Any versions after 38 used on Win 7/8 will have problems.
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32 Bit SJ on Win 11

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