youtube video crash issue

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youtube video crash issue

Post by lamxuyen1234 »

hi everyone, need help with slimjet...

the problem start quite lately,

Every time i move the mouse(longer than 5 seconds) around the play and volume button area, the youtube video and its entire webpage will not be responding, although the video will keep playing for a while but will eventually freeze...then a pop up occur; "the page has become unresponsive you can wait or kill it"

i have tried clearing history and cache, restart browser and even pc but same problem.

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Re: youtube video crash issue

Post by oftentired »

First thing to do is eliminate extension(s) as the culprit

go into incognito mode and play a YT video and try to recreate the problem from the incognito window, if no problem than the issue arises from an installed extension and you can experiment from that point to figure out which one.
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Re: youtube video crash issue

Post by CrockPot »

Could be related to VP8/VP9 codecs and Op's GPU not able to handle them. Try installing h264ify extension from the web store(sadly it's not maintained anymore but still works,at least on youtube's site),disable those codecs and see if it's better.Also update your GPU driver if needed.