5 Best Medium Sized Coolers for Your Joyous Picnic

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5 Best Medium Sized Coolers for Your Joyous Picnic

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First, we have to make it clear what a "medium-sized" cooler is. We define it as one with a storage capacity from 36 to 60 quarts. Coolers in this category have a pretty reliable usable space, while maintaining mobility. They are suitable for a family trip of about three or four days. You could also consider owning some of them to serve a group on a company trip, with a cooler in each car.

Since there is enough room for extra features, you can find things such as handles, drainage plugs, multi-tiered pockets, etc. in those coolers. They play a somewhat important role in deciding if a product is one of the best in the competitive market.

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05 Best Medium-sized Coolers 2019: Your Helpful Shopping Guide

Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler

Since Yeti is one of the most well-known names in the industry, we could somehow rest assured when buying a product from them. Besides, the Tundra series has gained considerable reputation, which is outstanding among the related products of the same manufacturer.

The Yeti Tundra 65 is a simple rotomolded cooler that keeps your food and drinks at a safe temperature for consumption while maintaining the best taste. It also comes with sturdy, easy-to-use latches to save the contents from spilling when moving on bumpy roads. Besides, there is a removable basket included to keep items like bread, sandwiches, fresh fruits and vegetables dry.

While Yeti has claimed that the cooler can store up to 65 quarts, we have tried and found out that the real usable space is less than 60 quarts. That's why it's in the list of best small coolers. However, it's a reasonable size, so you could load it without someone's help and grab things at the bottom quickly.

Things we liked:

Incredible insulation

Excellent durability

Easy to use

Things we didn't like:

Less usable space than advertised


Igloo MaxCold Cooler 50-quart

At the first look, you will see that the Igloo MaxCold cooler is just a traditional cold chest with a navy body and a blue lid. It features an efficient drainage spout, a set of handles, and a latch to secure the cover. With the price of less than $50, this cooler is more than what you could expect.

This cooler's design makes it easy for you to carry. Moreover, it's sturdy enough for a man to sit on. For a camping trip, it serves excellently as a food and drinks storage with an extra seat near the campfire. The real capacity of this Igloo MaxCold is just about 47 quarts. If you try to stuff it with more things, there are chances they will overflow on the way. However, the overall quality and such a reasonable price could justify the flaw.

Things we liked:

Simple, efficient design

Decent performance for such low price

Comfortable to carry

Things we didn't like:

Less spacious than claimed

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Best coolers on the market Thekinglive

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Coleman Xtreme Medium Cooler

Coleman has stayed in the market for decades owing to its products' unbeatable durability. The Xtreme is one of their outstanding models. It comes with incredible insulation walls and lid, which lengthens the ice retention period to make your fun time outside last longer. Besides, you get a handy set of comfort-grip handles to move the cooler around easily. No matter whether you are on an extended camping trip, a BBQ party, or a beach visit, it's relatively comfortable to drag the Coleman Xtreme Medium Cooler along with you wherever you go.

Moreover, there is a seat lid provided with the cooler, which could support up to 250 pounds. It means you will always have an extra seat on the trip. There are also cup-holders, so your beer or beverages won't spill.

Things we liked:

Quite spacious

Handy lid with cup holders attached

Reasonable price

Things we didn't like

The seal needs improvement

Bison Medium Cooler 50 Quarts

Our first impression of Bison Medium Cooler 50 Quarts is the durable, rotomolded construction. Because this model is in the Gen 2 series, it has many improved features compared to Bison Gen 1 ones. More precisely, the cooler comes with two larger drain plugs for faster cleaning, ergonomic grab handles for better mobility, and larger lid locks.

Bison Medium Cooler 50 Quarts' walls are products of pressure-injection technology, which means its ice retention period is incredible. There is also a double-wall silicone gasket, so the cooler is tightly sealed to maintain the low temperature inside. The only thing we don't like about the model is the wheels, or the lack thereof. Such a sturdy unit with anti-skid feet needs something to make it easier to move around.

Things we liked:

Snuggly-fitting lid

Extra insulation walls

Handrail available allowing easy moving

Things we didn't like:

Needs wheels to improve moving around

ORCA 58 Quart Medium Cooler


The Orca cooler is a worthy investment for people who love camping. With the generous size and sturdy build, it makes a reliable companion during the journey. The lid comes with a gasket to ensure incredible sealing when locked. Besides, it features a set of flex-grip handles for you to move the cooler around comfortably.

Being one of the high-end coolers in the market, the Orca is made from rotomolded plastic, just like the Bison above. It means while the plastic is poured into the mold, it is being spun. The rotation makes the plastic set evenly, in turn, boosts the insulation. The cooler's walls are also much more durable, thanks to the technology used. Orca has set a pretty high price for their excellent product. However, we should give them credit for the lifetime warranty that they offer.

Things we liked:


Excellent capacity

Perfect gasket sealing

Things we didn't like:

A bit expensive

The Verdict

That's all we have to say in our 5 best medium-sized cooler reviews Image Best Ice Cooler Reviews - Top Best Ice Chests And Cooler. They are, of course, the best until now, before the emerging technology gives us more brilliant models. Have you got any helpful information for your next shopping trip? We hope you will find the perfect companion for some fun-filled picnic trips.
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Re: Flashpeak Slimjet Security Updates

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I think it is important to establish some sort of baseline for the comparison so I'll start with that.

Difficult to compare them side by side since they use two different engines to run the show.

Regarding security, Firefox, based on the gecko engine, is rated slightly higher than Chromium. And Google rates a few points lower than Chromium. Slimjet is based on the same engine as Chromium and Google. So while Slimjet was not specifically rated by the source I was looking at I'm sure it falls somewhere in the same range as Chromium and Google. That is, somewhat lower than Firefox for a base security rating.

That being said we could easily make an assumption that unrated Slimjet, out of the box (so to speak), begins with a security rating lower than Firefox. And we could stop there and just make the assumption that Firefox will always being somewhat more secure than Slimjet.

And a comment, Firefox with regular "security" updates, appears to be maintained with an above average level of diligence.

Now to just speak to Slimjet security. When Slimjet pushes a major update that brings a new version of Chromium with it, from the perspective of "security updates", you will have the most secure Slimjet you can get. As time passes and Chromium releases an update that Slimjet skips over and more time passes and another Chromium updated comes out and then finally at some point after that Slimjet pushes the update with Chromium being behind 1 or more major updates during the interval. We have a period of time where Slimjet will have potentially lapsed in "security" due to the lag. That potential depends on what security updates may or may not have been involved.

So the answer to your question is not set in stone. When Slimjet is current and up to date with the Chromium version it is a decently secure browser. When it starts to lag behind one or more Chromium version, it is possible it will be missing one or more important security "updates" that have been rolled into a more recent Chromium update.

I've never been so concerned about it being a problem for me that I lose sleep at night over it.
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