Update from the last hour 8-7-20

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Update from the last hour 8-7-20

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A fresh update from Slimjet came today which was rife with bugs. I can no longer select individual tabs, nor close each individual tab by its X icon close box. And when my cursor rolls over the pop out bookmarks side menu double arrows in my bookmarks tool bar, a box pops up and asks if I want to open all of my bookmarks all at once. Slightly broken today. This browser was so sweet until I accepted an update from Slimjet. Now it's unusable.

Did you have a disgruntled update employee recently fired? I think I donated to this project too fast. Regretting it.

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Re: Update from the last hour 8-7-20

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This is not a bug yet.

Uninstall Slimjet, download a fresh version from the download page, do not use the webinstaller; grab the offline installer instead, and reinstall.
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