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Version History



  • Fix youtube video downloader issue.


  • Added option to disable SSL 3.0 protocol to avoid POODLE attack. SSL 3.0 protocol is disabled by default. If you wish to connect to legacy websites supporting only SSL 3.0, you can turn it on in Tools:options:security.


  • Add support for DuckDuckGo search engine


  • Update language files
  • Update adblock filter list url


  • Update Turkish language file.
  • Fixed bug in form filler.


  • Fixed bug in form filler
  • Fixed playback issue of qq video and sohu video.


  • Moved youtube video download button to left bottom side of the playing video.


  • Bug fix: youtube video download button missing when signed in.


  • Bug fix: youtube video download button missing.


  • Bug fix: youtube video download button missing.


  • Added option to set application font.
  • Bug fix: window position not saved properly on Mac.


  • Disable "startup minimized in system tray" on linux and mac.
  • Update language files.


  • Added support for editing title of the quick-dial buttons on the New Tab page.
  • Fixed Yahoo email compatibility warning.


  • Fixed weather forecast issue.


  • Fixed compatibility warning on Google Drive site.
  • Added error information page for web sites that can't be opened.
  • Fixed a bug when updating the screenshot of quickdial buttons.


  • Fixed display issue of www.freestockcharts.com when ad blocker is enabled.


  • Update language files.


  • Added Finnish language file
  • Bug fix: new tab option not working correctly when openning bookmark links.
  • Added "Remove job and delete file" to mini download manager context menu.


  • Bug fix: cookie exception sites not saved properly
  • Fixed youtube video download issues when html5 feature is eanabled.
  • Renamed some of the language files.


  • Update language files
  • Rebuild Windows version with VS2010.


  • Bug fix: Bookmarks menu not clickable under Mac
  • Added menu "View:Toolbars:Lock Toolbar".
  • Bug fix: unable to change tabs page background color


  • Added support for submitting language files directly from language file manager.
  • Bug fix: quickfill form filler not working properly with some sites
  • Fixed a bug with groups organizer
  • Bug fix: ctrl+= shortcut not working for zoom-in.
  • Added support for disabling ad blocker on top level domain (Tools:Ad Blocker:Disable Ad Blocker on Top Level Domain)
  • Fixed a bug associated with file name detection in download manager.
  • Completed Portuguese Brazilian language file.


  • Fixed mouse-hovering highlighting issue on tabs page
  • Add support for opening groups and forms from tabs page.
  • Added support for reordering the sites defined in the tabs page.


  • Add support for bookmarks and history side panel.
  • Change: don't show "open all bookmarks" at the top level of bookmark menu.
  • Added context menu for bookmarks menu so that you can edit or delete bookmarks by right clicking on the bookmarks menu.
  • Added more ad blocker filter lists for other languages.
  • Added find capability in source code viewer.


  • Bug fix: row and column count setting on quickdial page not saved properly.


  • Updated the design of quickdial page (about:tabs) to support setting the number of rows and columns, specifying background color and background image
  • Allow web inspector to be docked into the main window
  • Improved startup speed when quickdial page is set as homepage.
  • Removed toolbar borders
  • Added option to show bookmark menu as single column scrollable menu.
  • Added support of "Pin It" operation for pinterest.com. Accessible from menu "Tools:Share This Page:Pin It". A toolbar button is also available.
  • Added support for sorting bookmarks by name in bookmark organizer dialog.
  • Added toolbar button for menu "File->Send Shortcut to Desktop".


  • Fix facebook.com display issue
  • Added support to convert downloaded youtube video files into mp3 files under Mac and Linux.


  • Bug fix: when changing search engine in tabs page, the current keyword is lost.
  • Fixed a few Ad blocker internal bugs.
  • Print preview dialog not translated properly
  • Added more available toolbar buttons. Customize standard toolbar to see the extra buttons.
  • Bug fix: download confirmation dialogs not positioned properly on multi-monitor configurations.


  • Add support for local directory browsing
  • Fixed bug associated with the display of title of PDF files and text files.
  • Bug fix: execute javascript from address bar with urls starting with "javascript:"
  • Added Turkish language file.


  • Update language files.
  • Minor bug fix in ad blocker.


  • Add menu Tools:SlimBoat data folder
  • Bug fix: ctrl+f wouldn't bring up the find dialog when the menu bar is hidden.
  • Save crash dump file when SlimBoat crashes (Windows version only)
  • Add option to extract mp3 audio file from downloaded youtube video file
  • Bug fix: default zoom setting not applied correctly in some cases.
  • Fix tooltip color issue under linux in GTK+ application style.


  • Bug fix: searching for multiple keywords via the search box in tabs page wasn't done correctly.
  • Completed French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Korean language files.
  • Added option to add "Do Not Track" header into http request in tools:options:privacy
  • Fixed tooltip color under GTK+ style in linux version.
  • Bug fix: entering a local directory in address bar crashed slimboat.


  • Rebuild linux version under Ubuntu 10.04 to ensure compatibility with linux distributions using glibc 2.11 or higher.
  • Fixed translation issue of application name
  • Modified Window menu to show the list of main windows as well as the tabs within the current main window.
  • Added the list of main windows to the dock menu under Mac.
  • Fixed the display issue of youtube download video button on linux and Mac


  • Fixed ssl errors due to missing root ssl certificates on puppy linux
  • Adjusted default font size on puppy linux.


  • Added setting to change mousewheel scrolling speed under Mac and Linux (Tools:options:mouse)
  • Reduced height of find bar in Mac version
  • Add brackets around temperature display for negative temperatures
  • Bug fix: Can't input characters with ATL key for some European keyboard layouts.
  • Add menu: Help->Find Us on Facebook
  • Bug fix: Bookmarks were added into wrong folder when bookmark bar is not visible.
  • Fixed some buy in interpretation of ad blocker exception rules.


  • Fix bookmark bar height issue when there are no bookmarks.
  • Fix jpeg library version issue in linux version.
  • Bug fix: opening external html files doesn't work correctly in some cases.


  • Fix default browser setting issue under Windows 8
  • New Feature: Send link by email
  • Bug fix: tab bar position not saved properly
  • Fixed a bug related with CSS filtering in ad blocker feature.


  • Automatically fill forms when a matching saved form is detected.
  • Save user agent settings on a per-domain basis
  • Fixed context menu in online email composer text area.
  • Added menu "File->Save Shortcut"


  • Fixed crash under Mac OS X 10.6.x.


  • Fixed connection issue to https://service.oneaccount.com


  • Upgrade to QT 4.8.3 on Mac and Linux version.
  • Fixed a bug with flash rendering on Mac and linux.
  • Bug fix: web page stuck after saving a screenshot image.
  • Fixed ssl error on yahoo email login page.
  • Fixed a crash case associated with quickfill form filler.
  • Update language files.


  • Upgrade to QT 4.8.3 on Windows version.
  • Fixed SSL errors in QT 4.8
  • Fixed flash video scrolling issues in QT 4.8
  • A lot of other smaller bug fixes.


  • 20+ bug fixes
  • Added option to block all gif images in ad blocker.


  • Fixed map dragging issue flightradar24.com
  • Fixed firefox bookmark import issue on Windows XP
  • Changed default bookmark export format to HTML
  • Fixed quickfill autosave prompt box location issue
  • Fixed a bug with proxy setting.


  • Fixed SlimBoat activation issue when clicking external links.
  • Fixed bug with renaming quickfill form files.


  • Fixed a couple of bugs with QuickFill form filler.
  • Fixed ssl library issue.


  • Added ad blocker
  • Added option not to automatically load flash objects to save memory and bandwidth consumed by flash ads. You can click on the flash objects to manually load the flash object.
  • Bug fix: weather forecasting feature
  • Added support to download youtube video


Build 012

  • Fixed crash with softpedia.com
  • Add menu "Open All Bookmarks" to the bookmark menu.

Build 010

  • Upgraded to QTWebkit 2.2.0
  • Fixed crash with pages using java applet
  • Other misc bug fixes.

Build 001

The first release includes the following major features

  • Site group
  • QuickFill form filler
  • Popup blocker
  • Weather forecasting information
  • Download manager
  • Facebook and other web service integration
  • Web page translation


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