Weather Forecasting

SlimBoat is able to display weather forecasting information on the status bar based on your geographic location. To enable weather information display, go to Tools:Options:Weather, turn on the option "Show Today's weather in status bar". You will be prompted to enter your current location if you haven't done so before.

Weather Options

Go to "Tools:Options:Weather" to configure options for weather forecasting.

  • Show today's weather in status bar
    When this option is on, the weather condition of today will be shown in the status bar at the bottom of SlimBoat window. The weather condition is updated every half an hour.  
  • Unit for displayed temperature
    Choose centigrade or Fahrenheit as the unit for temperature display.
  • Set My Location
    Set your geographic location for weather forecast. If you live in the United States, your 5-digit zip code is the best way to uniquely identify your location for weather forecast. If you live outside the United States, please input your country, city name, province and then click the "Locate" button to determine your geographic zone for weather forecast. If multiple zones are found, you will be prompted to select the zone closest to your actual location. Right now, we have weather data for every city in the United States. However, we only have weather data for most of the major cities outside America. If you can't find a corresponding geographic zone for your home city, please try a larger city around your place.

Weather Information on the status bar

  • You can left click on the weather information displayed on the status bar. You will see a popup dialog which shows the 5-day weather forecast.
  • Right click on the weather information on the status bar to get the following additional menu options
    • 5-Day Weather Forecast
    • Change My Location
    • Hourly Forecast @
    • 10-day Forecast @
    • Visit





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