Site Groups

The use of site groups enables you to open a number of sites in one time.

Groups Menu

All the functions for site group operation are under <Groups> menu of the main menu.

  • Organize Group...
    Use group organizer to manage and create site groups.

  • Add To Group...
    Add the current site into a group with the group organizer
  • Save All Open Sites As Group...
    Save all open sites as a group. If you save into an existing group, the existing entries will be overwritten.
  • Open Group
    Open an existing group file
  • Open Members Inside Group
    Open only selected members inside a site group.
  • [All the existing groups]
    All the existing groups will be listed at the bottom of the <Groups> menu. Selecting any of them will open all of the sites contained in that group. If you hold down SHIFT key while selecting a group to open, you will be prompted to open only selected members inside the group.

Group Organizer

Selecting "Groups->Group Organizer..." will activate the group organizer dialog. On the left-top part are shown all the existing groups. Click at any existing group and all the contained sites will be shown in the list box to the right. The buttons located at the left-bottom part of the dialog are for group operations. The buttons located at the right bottom part can be used to manipulate the sites within a group. The functions of the buttons are explained below,

Group Operations

  • Add Group: Create a new group under the selected folder
  • Add Folder: Create a new folder under the selected folder
  • Rename: Rename the selected site group or folder
  • Delete: Delete the selected group or folder

Site Operations

  • Add: Enter an address in the edit box below the site list and click 'Add' button to add it into the current group
  • Change: Replace the selected site with the address filled in the site edit box
  • Delete: Delete the selected site in the site list box from the current group
  • Open: Open the selected site in the site list box in SlimBoat.
  • Set As Active Tab: Set the selected site as the active tab which remains in foreground after the group of the sites has been opened in order.
  • Get Current Site: Automatically fill the address of the current site in the site edit box. 
  • Move Up: move the selected site one position up in the list. 
  • Move Down: move the selected site on position down in the list. 

All groups are stored under the "groups" subdirectory of SlimBoat installation directory. You can also manage all the group files(*.sgp) with Windows explorer. You can edit a group file (*.sgp) with notepad. 

Using built-in commands or aliases in a group

You can use built-in commands or aliases as a virtual site in a group. For example, you can define a group containing the following three entries,

  1. : An actual site
  2. openform : open the quickfill form file
  3. fb: an alias for




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