Quick Search Bar

The Quick Search bar in SlimBoat lets you directly send queries to search engines or other searchable web sites without connecting to their home pages first.

Using Quick-Search Bar

To carry out a search, simply enter keywords in the keyword field and press ENTER key. If you have already copied the keywords you want to search onto clipboard, simply right click in the search box and select "Paste & Search" from the popup menu. Click the icon with a drop down arrow on the left side of search box to access the list of available search engines.

Create Your Own Search Engine

SlimBoat can help you create your own search engine automatically. Please observe the following steps to create your own search engine:

  1. Open the web page of the search engine or any other searchable website, e.g., http://www.google.com 
  2. Click inside the input box where you are expected to type the words to search for. Keep the blinking caret inside the input box.
  3. Click the dropdown arrow near the icon at the left end of the quick-search bar to get the list of search engines. Select "Create your own search engine" towards the end of the menu. You will see a dialog showing the extracted search engine data after extraction is done automatically.
  4. Review the data and make manual modifications if necessary.  Click "Save As" button to save the data as a search engine definition file.
  5. The new search engine will be immediately available from the drop-down list of engines.




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