Popup Blocker

SlimBoat include a popup blocker which automatically suppress obtrusive popup windows. 

  • You can turn on and off popup blocker by selecting "View:Popup Blocker:Enable Popup Blocker" from the menu.
  • When a popup window is blocked by SlimBoat, you will see the "Allow Popup and Reload" button blinking on the status bar. You may hear an optional sound as an audio indication at the same time if you have turned on the related option in tools:options:popup blocker. If you think a desirable popup was blocked, click the "Allow Popup and Reload" button on the status toolbar to temporarily allow popups from the current page and refresh it. If you don't feel like refreshing the current page for fear of losing data or session information, you can click the drop down arrow on the right side of the button and select from the menu "Blocked Popups" which shows a url list of previously blocked popup windows. This will directly re-open the URL of the specified popup window.
  • To permanently allow popups from the active site, select "View->Popup Blocker->Always Allow Popups from This Site" from the menu.
  • To configure the options of the popup blocker, select "Tools:Options" from the menu and go to the page of "Popup Blocker" in the options dialog.




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