Menu Functions

Some self-explanatory menu items are not listed here. You can hover mouse over those menu items and see brief help information shown on the browser status bar.  

File Menu

  • New Window
    Create a new browser window which belongs to the same process and shares the same session.
  • New Session
    Create a new browser window in a separate process. All the browser windows in the same process shares the same session.
  • New Tab
    Open a new tab which might go to blank page, home page or tabs page based on the option you choose in options:new tab.
  • New
    • Blank Page
      Open a blank site in a new window
    • Home Page
      Open home page in a new window
    • Duplicate Current Site
      Open the address of the active page in a new window
  • Recently Close Sites
    Show the list of recently closed sites. You can select any one of them to re-open it. Select "Clear this list" to clear this history list. 
  • Restore Sites Open In Last Session
    Restore the sites that were open when SlimBoat was closed in last session. 
  • Close
    Close current tab
  • Close All
    Close all sites including hidden sites. 
  • Close All But Current
    Close all sites except the active one
  • Close Tabs
    • Close Tabs on the Left
      Close all tabs on the left of the current tab.
    • Close Tabs on the Right
      Close all tabs on the right of the current tab.
    • Close Tabs from this Domain
      Close all tabs belong to the same domain as the current tab.
  • Save As
    Save the active page including pictures
  • Save As PDF
    Save the active page as a PDF file
  • Save Screenshot
    Save a screenshot in JPG format of the current web page.
  • Print
  • Print Preview
  • Private Browsing
    Toggle private browsing mode.
  • Hide Browser
    Hide the main browser window.

Edit Menu

  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Paste & Go
    Directly open the address in clipboard.
  • Find
  • Search in Current Site
    Search for keywords within all the cached web pages belonging to the current domain in the default search engine defined for the quick-search box.
  • Undo Last Close
    Re-open last closed site
  • Undo Last Close All
    Re-open all sites before your last close-all operation. 

View Menu

  • Application Styles
    Set the application style of the SlimBoat application.
  • Toolbars
    • Menu Bar
    • Standard Toolbar
    • Address Bar
    • Quick-Search Bar
    • Bookmarks Bar 
    • Tab Bar
    • Status Bar
    • Custom Standard Toolbar...: add/remove buttons on the standard toolbar or custom its style
  • Stop All
    Stop the connection of all sites
  • Refresh All
    Refresh all the sites
  • Auto Refresh
    • Every xxx seconds: auto-refresh the active page every xxx seconds.
    • Set Period...: auto-refresh the active page with specified period
    • Auto Refresh All Pages: auto-refresh all open pages with the same period
    • Stop All: stops all pages from being auto-refreshed
  • Lock Tab
    Lock a tab so that it won't be closed when you carry out a "Close All" operation
  • Zoom
    • Zoom In: Increase the zooming scale of the active page.
    • Zoom Out: Decrease the zooming scale of the active page.
    • Reset Zoom: Show  the active page in the original size
    • Set As Default Zoom Level: Set the zoom level of the active page as the default zoom level for all web pages. To restore the default zoom level to 100%, select "Actual Size" to set the zoom level of the active page to 100% and then select "Set As Default Zoom Level". 
  • View Source
    View the source code of the active page
  • Full Screen
    Switch SlimBoat into full screen mode. Press F11 to switch out of full screen mode.

Bookmarks Menu

  • Add Bookmark
    Add a bookmark linking to the current web site.
  • Manager Bookmarks
    • Organize Bookmarks
      Organize and manage all the bookmarks
    • Import Bookmarks from File
      Import Bookmarks from a bookmark file in HTML format or XBEL format.
    • Import bookmarks from Other Browsers
      Import bookmarks from other browsers installed on your computer.
    • Export Bookmarks
      Export Favorites to a bookmark file in HTML format or XBEL format.

Language Menu

  • Translate Settings
    Change settings for automatic translation of web pages or selected text. The settings include the source language, target language, etc. In most cases, you should be able to set the source language as "Detect Language" so that you can translate from different languages into your own native language without changing any setting. However, if the source language can't be detected automatically, please select a specific source language to ensure correct translation.
  • Translate Current Page
    Translate the active page from the predefined source language into the predefined target language.  
  • Translate Selected Text
    Translate selected text in the active page from the predefined source language into the predefined target language.  Please select a piece of text first before selecting the menu item.
  • Auto Translate Selection
    Automatically translate any selected in the active page from the predefined source language into the predefined target language. Translation is done whenever you select a piece of text and release your mouse button.
  • Interface Language
    Select the interface language of SlimBoat. The effect is immediate. No need to restart SlimBoat. Interested in providing a translation in your own language? Click here
  • Restore to English UI
    Switch the interface language of SlimBoat to English US.
  • Language File Manager

Groups Menu

Please refer to the section Site Group

QuickFill Menu

Please refer to the section QuickFill

Tools Menu

  • Set As Default Browser
    Set SlimBoat as the default browser.
  • Facebook
    • Share My Status
      Write whatever is on your mind and post it onto your facebook wall.
    • Share This Page
      Share the current page on facebook.
    • Share Selected Text
      Share selected text within the current page on facebook
  • Share This Page
    Share the current page on various web services.
  • Enable Web Inspector
    Enable web inspector on the current tab.
  • Inspect Current Page
    Open the web inspector which allows you to inspect the web elements and debug the script execution on the current web site. You need select the menu "Enable Web Inspector" first before you can open the web inspector.
  • User Agent
    Change the user agent string of SlimBoat to emulate other browsers. This can be used as a workaround to solve compatibility issues with some special websites.
  • View History
    View the browsing history of SlimBoat.
  • Download Manager
    Open the download manager
  • Download All from Current Page
    Download all links matching a specific URL pattern from the current page.
  • Popup Blocker
    • Restore Blocked Popups
      Restore blocked popup windows from the current web page by temporarily allowing popups in the current web page and reloading the current web page.
    • Blocked Popups
      Restore a single popup window from the list of blocked URLs.
    • Always Allow Popups from This Site
      Add the domain name of the active tab into the allow list of the popup blocker.
    • Always Block Popups from This Site
      Add the domain of the active tab into the block list of the popup blocker.
    • Edit Allow List
      Edit the allow list of popup blocker.
    • Edit Block List
      Edit the block list of popup blocker.
    • Enable Popup Blocker
      Enable popup blocker
  • Ad Block
    • Enable Ad Blocker
    • Disable Ad Blocker on Current Domain
      Add the current domain into the domain white list of the ad blocker.
    • Ad Blocker Options
  • Download Control
    The following download control options only apply to the active tab. For default download control options which apply to all tabs, change them in the [Download Control] section of the options dialog. In the following menu items, (Global) means that the option applies to IE and any IE-based browsers. (Apply to All) means the option applies to all the site windows currently open in SlimBoat.
    • Show Pictures
    • Enable Plugin
      Enable plugins such as flash player, shockwave player, etc.
    • Enable JavaScript
    • Enable Java Applet
  • Privacy
    • Clean Trace
      • Clean Trace By Domain
        Clean everything including history, cookies and cached files associated with a specified domain
      • Clean Address Bar History
        Clean all the URLs typed into the address box
      • Clean Quick-Search History
        Clean the keyword history on the quick-search bar.
      • Clean History
        Clean browser history
      • Clean Cookies
        Clean all cached cookies.
      • Clean Icon Cache
        Clean the icon cache folder under SlimBoat data folder.
      • Clean Cached Files
        Clean all pages, images and other files in cache.
      • Clean Cache Authentication Information
        Clean the user name and password information previously input to log into http or ftp sites which require authentication. Here the authentication information refers to the login information you have to input in a popup dialog before the web page shows up. It does not include the login information you type within the forms inside web pages.
      • Clean Preselected Items
        Clean items preselected in the privacy page of the options dialog.
      • Clean All Trace
        Clean everything including history, cookies and cached files. 
    • Auto Lock Browser
      When this option is enabled, SlimBoat will be automatically locked if there is no user activity on the computer for a certain length of time. You need enter the master password to unlock the browser.
    • Lock Browser Now
      Immediately lock the web browser by hiding the main browser window and displaying a password box for you to unlock it.
    • Set Master Password...
      Set the master password. The master password is used to protect your privacy regarding SlimBoat usage. You need enter your master password for authentication when you want to unlock the browser after it's auto-locked due to long-time idleness, or if you want to access the quickfill form files protected with master password.
  • Proxies
    • Organize Proxies
      Organize the list of pre-defined proxies
    • Disable Proxy
      Disable the use of proxy without clearing information about proxy server address and port. 
    • The List of Proxies
      Select any of the pre-defined proxy to set it as the current proxy
  • Alias Definitions
  • Assigned Site Names
  • Options
    Open SlimBoat options dialog.
  • Reset all settings
    Reset all the program settings. Personal data won't be affected.
  • Internet Options
    Open Internet Explorer options dialog. This menu item has the same function as the tools->internet options in Internet Explorer.




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