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The download manager in SlimBoat makes it easy for you to download files and manager download history. It also gives you the capability to resume unfinished downloads. When you download a file in SlimBoat, a tiny download window showing the progress of all active download jobs will pop up at the bottom-right corner of the main window. You can right click on the items in this tiny download window to get a popup menu which let you perform various operations on the download jobs. From the popup menu, you can select "Open Download Manager" to open the full-size download manager window. The download manager can also be directly opened via the menu "Tools: Download Manager". The download manager window shows more detailed information about each download job and maintains a full list of download history. To configure options for the download manager, select "Tools: Options" from the menu and go to the section "Download Manager".

One of the powerful features of the download manager is that it allows you to download all the links matching a specific pattern within a web page. You can select menu "Tools: Download All From Current Page" to carry out such an operation.



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