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Ad blocker eliminates annoying and obtrusive ad elements (in the form of text, image, flash animation or iframe) inside web pages so that you are read the information you want without unnecessary distraction. It is designed to be as compatible as technically possible with the popular Ad Blocker Plus Plugin in terms of filtering rules.

The ad components are blocked based on two mechanisms, i.e, URL matching and CSS selector matching. Ad elements with a source URL, i.e., image, flash or iframe, can be easily blocked by specifying a URL pattern to match its URL. For ad elements without a source URL, e.g., text ads, it'd be more convenient to block the corresponding DOM elements via CSS selector. CSS selector is usually an element id in the form of "#id" or a class name in the form of ".classname". But it also supports complex CSS selector querying syntaxes.

The Ad Blocker support multiple pre-defined filter lists, a use-defined filter list and a user-defined domain white list. Ad elements matching the URL patterns from the filter list will not be downloaded and therefore save you bandwidth. Ad elements matching the CSS selector patterns from the filter list are hidden after the page is completely loaded. You might have chance to see them for a short duration while the page is loading. CSS selector filtering has no impact on bandwidth.

You can enable/disable ad blocker completely by selecting "Tools:Ad blocker:Enable Ad blocker" from the menu. You can also enable/disable ad blocker on the current domain by selecting the menu "Tools:Ad Blocker:Disable Ad Blocker on Current Domain".

Ad Blocker Options

To configure more options of the Ad blocker, select "Tools:Ad Blocker:Ad Blocker Options" from the menu. The following options are available:

  • Enable Ad Blocker

  • Remove space taken by blocked hidden ads
    When this option is on, the space taken by blocked ads will be eliminated. Otherwise, the empty space taken by hidden ads will be kept. If you want to keep the original layout of the web page, you can turn off this option. 

  • Use Filter List: Edit the user-defined filter list.

  • Domain White List: Edit the list of domains on which the ad blocker will not be applied.

  • Pre-defined filtering list
    Select one or more pre-defined filtering list to be used by the ad blocker. Don't select more lists than necessary. Otherwise, it might take a significantly longer time for the browser to open web pages. Do not select EasyList and Fanboy's list at the same time since they are both English lists and have a lot of overlap.

The filtering rule syntax is based on the Ad Blocker Plus filtering rule syntax (some of the uncommonly used syntaxes are not yet supported).


EasyList (English Sites) is provided by The EasyList authors (

Fanboy's list (English Sites and Adult Sites), Japanese Sites (Fanboy's Japanese), Korean Sites (Fanboy's Korean), Polish Sites (Fanboy's Polish), Swedish Sites (Fanboy's Swedish), Turkish Sites (Fanboy's Turkish), Portuguese & Spanish Sites (Fanboy's Espanol/Portuguese) are provided by fanboy and Nitrox from .

German Sites (EasyList Germany) is a subscription written by the EasyList authors MonztA, Famlam and Khrin that specifically removes adverts on German language websites. (Homepage:

Italian Sites (EasyList Italy) is a subscription written by the EasyList author Khrin that specifically removes adverts on Italian language websites. (Homepage:

Dutch Sites (DutchAdblockList) is a subscription written by the EasyList author Famlam that specifically removes adverts on Dutch language websites. (Homepage:

French Sites (Liste FR) is written by Lian, Crits and smed79 that specifically removes adverts on French language websites. (Homepage: )

China Sites (China List) is provided by the China List team members from

Romanian Sites (RO List) is provided by MenetZ, Zoso from .

Arabian Sites (Liste AR) is provided by smed79 from .

Hungarian Sites (hufilter) is provided by Szabo Peter from .

Spanish Sites (Filtros Nauscopicos) is provided by maty from

Russian Sites (RU AdList) is provided by Lain_13 from



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