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Do you feel bored and frustrated when filling up a form online where you have to type your name and address over and over? Do you also feel the same way when you perform the same function repeately such as logging in to your favorite website? There is now a solution to make your life easier. QuickFill, an automatic form filler included with SlimBoat, will help solve this problem by saving and completing web forms automatically with a couple of easy mouse clicks.

Any data or login information can be saved in a form file once it is entered in any web form, and this can later be accessed from the QuickFill menu. SlimBoat automatically performs the followings three steps without asking for any input from the user: navigating to the web page, using the saved information to fill the web form, and finally submitting the form.

When you run into a blank application form or new account registration form online, QuickFill can help you quickly fill most of the required fields with your personal information. In order for this feature to work, you need first define his/her name, contact address, and other needed information in an identity file. You only have to do this once. Next time you see a blank form that you need fill in, simply select "Fill with Current Identity" from the QuickFill menu and SlimBoat will automatically fill the form using information from the identity file. The QuickFill feature in SlimBoat supports multiple identities. Multiple members from the same family can save time filling online forms together without interfering with each other.

The following are screenshots that demonstrates how the QuickFill form filler works:

1. QuickFill Menu

quick fill menu

2. Saving and filling of form using convenient toolbar buttons.

fill form buttons

3. Edit personal information in the identity file

form filler screenshot

4. Managing all the defined identities

select identity - form filler

5. Fill the form by clicking the fill with identity button.

All fields that are automatically filled have yellow background color.

form filler in action


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